Buell Closeouts: Get’em While They’re Hot!

10/17/2009 @ 6:54 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


If you have time this weekend, you might want to take a stop by your local Buell dealer for a screaming deal. We just got this photo sent to us via A&R Streetlevel, and after calling a few shops in the SF/Bay Area we’ve heard some great prices and negotiating salesman on the other end of the phone. We’ve even heard of deals as low at $3,995 for an 1125CR. At that price, it doesn’t matter if Harley-Davidson honors Buell’s warranties, you can by enough parts bikes to your heart’s content.

The result of these low prices of course, has been a terrific rush of customers to Buell dealerships. As one dealership here in the East Bay told us, “we wish we had this sort of level of interest earlier, perhaps then Buells wouldn’t have been axed by Harley.” We’ve always been critical of Buell here at A&R, expecting the best from the brand that represented the American sportbike scene, but at these prices there seems to be little reason not to snatch up an 1125CR, or whatever your poison may be.

After all Buell warranties are guaranteed, as are service and parts, and where else can you get a liter bike for under $7,000 OTD? Throw in the fact that you’ll get the sales tax back on your 2009 tax return, and we can see why there’s a gold Buell Rush going on.

By the way, if anyone knows where we can get our hands on a crushed Buell Blast, please tip us off, or leave a comment.

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  • Buell Closeouts: Get'em While They're Hot!: After releasing grim third-quarter financials today, Harley-.. http://bit.ly/2YpjKG

  • I thought Buells had hit bottom in the UK but States are givin em away: http://bit.ly/tkMSg

  • It is unfortunate that a brand like buell be forced to close. I hope that some other company in the sector can continue to purchase and production

  • jeff

    just saw “new” buell pricing in los angeles.

    $5000 off msrp

  • Persoanlly I can see Buell being refinanced and carrying on. Way too much developments in the last year or so to scrap! Better buy one now while the pricing is so low, I’m sure they will return ! Expect an announcement real soon! A merger with….. later Ian

  • Leute, kauft #Buell. In USA gibt's neue Maschinen für 4.999 US-Dollar. http://bit.ly/tkMSg

  • gil

    a wise friend once said “you can never be too old to have not owned a buell”…

  • Of anders een Buell voor $5000 http://bit.ly/tkMSg @tjiluptjilup