Buell Builds Last Motorcycle Before Closing

11/19/2009 @ 4:30 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS


The last Buell rolled off the East Troy, Wisconsin assembly line this past November 12th, thus closing the final chapter for the American street bike company. After creating 136,923 motorcycles over the last 26 years, it is a Buell Lightning XB12Scg that will be the last motorcycle to bear Erik Buell’s name.

On October 15, 2009 Harley-Davidson, Inc. announced that Buell motorcycles would be officially closed for business come December 18th of this year. Also seeing the axe in that announcement was MV Agusta, which is up for sale, with many suspecting a return to Italian soil in the company’s future.

Both companies fell victim to Harley-Davidson’s rapidly deteriorating net income, which has seen declines upwards of 71% from last year’s numbers. The loss has caused the Milwaukee brand to circle the wagons around its core business and profit centers, unfortunately at the expense of shutting down Buell Motorcycles.

Source: Harley-Davison

  • Lionel

    Sad… But at least the last one is a nice one.

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber Buell Builds Last Motorcycle Before Closing http://bit.ly/28A7TH

  • tim

    I just read your comments on the Kneeslider. I think you’ve absolutely nailed it.

    All very well to wring hands, and feel sorry for Erik Buell and the people involvec, but I think your analysis is spot on.

    If i owned stock in HD (I dont) I would be sending bottles of wine to the CEO and board about now. $1B in borrowed money? How the hell does that happen!!

  • PTO

    ” it is a Buell Lightning XB12Scg that will be the last motorcycle to bear Erik Buell’s name.” Unless you have plans to murder the man yourself, this is a particularly venal piece of conjecture disguised as reporting. It is your opinion, and tacking it onto the factual half of the sentence: ” After creating 136,923 motorcycles over the last 26 years” does nothing to imbue it with truth.

    Regardless of the merits or mistakes of the man’s past accomplishments or your tumescent ardor for HD’s stock value, wishing an inventor a future in which his name never appears on another motorcycle might well have been the cruellest dig you could scrape out. I myself have no need to wish failure on HD in order to wish future success to Erik Buell and the possibility of a motorcycle landscape with more than one American brand in it.

  • Buell builds last motorcycle before shutdown. http://bit.ly/14dFJG

  • BikePilot

    I haven’t actually checked, but I suspect HD owns the Buell Trademark – the statement in the article that this is the last bike to bear Erik Buell’s name is likely true if HD does not bring back or sell the brand. This has very little to do with whether Mr. Buell will design or produce bikes again in the future. Careful our you’ll hurt yourself making such a large jump to a conclusion.

  • PTO

    Ms Gun did not write ‘might be the last bike to bear his name’, she wrote ‘will’. Phrasing your conjecture as fact does not make it so. I think Erik’s name ‘might’ appear on some motorcycle sometime in the future. Anyone who conjectures otherwise is equally entitled to their opinion, but those who throw around words like ‘will’ and, as you do, ‘true’, is merely using rhetoric to try and add seriousness to their opinions. Phrase it however you and she may, neither of you is any more entitled to know the future than me, and her negativity is the real message, couched disengenously as reporting. Reporters report, predictors predict, but only the arrogant will TELL the future.

  • Jenny Gun

    I am from the future. Luckily, all of this works out reasonably well.

  • That scg rolled off the line 29 oct. A picture of it and Henry Duga (seen in the background of this photo) was posted on BadWeatherBikers that evening.

  • IceBreaker406

    I’ve known Erik Buell since the late 1970s when he got going in a one car garage
    out in Mukwagano Wisconsin. Everybody back then thought he was a raving
    mad lunatic for building Sportster powered bikes that handled and stopped like
    real sport bikes. I kept saying “he’s on to something and I hope he succeeds”.
    Well, he did succeed and a few years ago in Libertyville H-D at a BuellRide
    I asked him if he ever had a chance to talk to John Britten and try to get
    a joint project going with him.
    How sadly prophetic in a way, H-D doing Buell in…

    Keep going Erik they can’t keep a great man and a great bike down!!!!