Brutus, This Is What Half an ATV Looks Like

11/15/2012 @ 3:43 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

You know that scene in Crocodile Dundee where Mick says, “that’s not a knife, this is a knife!” and whips out a big-ass bowie blade? That’s the inner-dialogue¬†Alessandro Tartarini (of modern Lambretta fame) must have had as he designed the simply named “Brutus” motorcycle concept. Likened to being half an ATV, the main calling in life¬†for the Brutus is to go where no other motorcycle dare dream.

Helping it achieve that lofty goal, the Brutus has a massive 750cc water-cooled single-cylinder motor, which is rated at around 50hp, and is paired with a CVT transmission. 14″ wheels are mated to Maxxis Big Horn tires, which give the two-wheeler that Bigfoot look, though we were surprised to learn that the Brutus is only one-wheel drive.

Expected to debut a production model later this year, with public availability in Spring 2013, the Brutus will come with a bevy of options, including sidecar, ski, and fire-fighting configurations. Massively over built, the Brutus is completely ridiculous in almost every way, yet the idea of monster-trucking our way through the most rugged terrain seems oddly appealing. Hrmmm…

Source: EICMA

  • Damo

    Probably not going to go too far with what appears to be about 2 inches of front end suspension travel.

    Would be fun to commute to the office on that though.

  • Naw, there’s nearly 7″ of travel there…now clearance with the front fender is a totally different matter.

  • Damo


    Doh! That’s what meant.

  • Jake F.

    Brutus – The less effective solution to problems that were solved long ago.

  • Jake F.

    Strike that.

    Brutus – The less effective, less practical, more expensive solution to problems that were solved long ago.

  • Kurt

    Ummm… can you say, “Yamaha TW 200”? The Trailway was and is a fully capable vehicle. This seems to be a result of the “Bigger is Better” mentality. However, anyone who rode the TW or the competing Honda BigWheel can tell you… the smaller displacement engines are perfectly suited to the task. When crawling the kinds of obstacles and tackling the types of terrain that these bikes are designed for, you dont want a fire-breathing 750 spewing rocks and dirt in all directions. You want a nice, smooth, controllable 200-400 with smooth power delivery and a great bottom end torque curve. This bike, as cool as the design may be, is the combat equivalent of a tank in a firefight. You may accomplish the task, but at the cost of only being able to utilize 15% of the intended capabilities of the system. Sick looking bike… but, overkill. IMHO.

  • ToddyO

    To Jake F.

    I’m not being snarky, really, I’m not. What is “the solution to the problems that were solved long ago” that you are referring to?

    I live in Montana, and I like to get into the mountains. But where I want to go does not allow ATVs, only single track vehicles (if any motorized vehicles are allowed at all – a lot of it is horse-packing only). A small enduro or dirt-bike works, but they break your ba**s with high, narrow and hard seats, and have short range. Some people use Rokons or old Tote-Gotes, but they are very slow and nearly as uncomfortable as a dirt bike. But they can haul out your deer or elk or bear.

    I’d love a motorized mule that has modern power and technology, serious range, an ATV like seat and some comfort and convenience for long hunting trips. I’ve been looking for some kind of two wheeled Jeep for some time, and this comes pretty close. Bet I can’t afford it, though

  • nick

    Anyone see any foot controls?

  • Jake F.


    There are any number of dual-sport or enduro bikes currently on the market to suit your purpose. Don’t like the factory seat? There are several companies in the business of making comfortable custom seats. Plus, the pics shown here don’t exactly convey a comfortable, cushy ride. We don’t know what the range of this bike is just yet, but I’d bet a fair chunk of change it’ll be thirstier and with a shorter range than many other two-wheeled alternatives.

  • jackie

    Transformers. More than meets the eye. Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons…

  • Jay

    this reminds me of what a honda ruckus would look like if you threw in a 750cc engine and big fatties on it.

  • Dr. Gellar

    I’m sorry…hahaha, but I love this bike. Yeeeah…it might look like overkill of sorts, but so what. It just looks cool.. :-) I agree with Jensen….if this is to be a more practical sort of machine (if that is actually possible), then I’d think you’d want it to have a 2WD option.

  • Emptybee

    Looks like the spawn of a Honda Rukus and a Rokon Ranger. At least the Rokon is 2WD.

  • MikeD

    I like it.

    TW200 was my first thought. LOL. No clutch, perfect for urban dicing…more street biased tires wouldn’t hurt while at the same time giving back more front wheel travel….OR slap longer suspenders(up front at least).

    But w/o an average 6′ human standing next to it i don’t have a clue as too how big or small this is.
    No fuel capacity, speed, nothing ? I’ll reserve further skinning of this til i see some specs.

    How much would this thing cost ?

  • I know some places in South Florida where this would be the perfect vehicle, places where four wheelers are too wide to get through, and standard dirt bikes sink up to their axles and spin. Now it just needs a couple of inflatable floats, and a snorkel for the air intake, to get it through the deeper holes, and you’re all set. :-)

    It’s a design that is really only suitable for some very extreme environments close to the equator, and close to the Poles. And I agree that the addition of a driven front wheel would be more practical and preferable in such environments. But if you want hold wheel stands on the tundra to impress those polar bears, this is the bike for you.

  • F

    Is there a website for the Brutus, too bad it aint 2 wheel drive…’s definitely cool