This might be the most intense video we have ever seen, which says a lot considering the recent events in NYC. Riding through traffic in São Paulo on his Honda CB600F Hornet, this Brazilian motorcyclist gets a surprise as he merger into a new lane, as pair of hijackers pull-up next to him on another bike, grab for his handlebars, and demand to have his motorcycle at gunpoint.

Offering no contest to the bikejackers and their desire for his motorcycle, the rest is all a bit shocking as it unfolds in the middle of the busy intersection. Catching everything with a helmet-mounted camera, we imagine this footage will end up as evidence in a Brazilian court, as an off-duty police officer jumps out of his car and fires two shots at one of the robbers.

Dropping to the ground after being shot, the thief’s partner takes off on the getaway motorcycle. Police cars then arrive to sort out the situation, and deal with the assailant. From what we understand he survived his injuries. Nevertheless, what follows below may disturb some readers. In other news, who steals a motorcycle wearing sandals???

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  • Eduardo L. V. T.

    Not just sandals, but also not wearing helmets both thieves, that’s against the law here.

    There is another video of a biker on a highway inside the metropolitan area of São Paulo I guess, being stripped of his goods, including suit, also at gun point but now a coordinated action of three thieves. That happens more often on highways where there is not much traffic or people to see what’s happening. Thieves with big bikes stealing other bikes.

    Really, this time the thief, which by the looks is just a boy, survived and on his next time (which I’m certain will happen) he’ll not hesitate to shoot the biker.

  • Richard Mushet

    Very scary stuff. Pure good luck that the off-duty officer appeared on the scene at that time, or that would’ve been no bike instead of just a dropped bike.

    Just out of interest, where was the kid shot? And did the off-duty officer shoot him with a rubber band gun?

  • To me it looks like he took a hit to the arm. I haven’t scrubbed through looking for entry wounds though. I did note though that when the office shot, the kid had his gun drawn on the officer (had previously put it in his waistband). Lucky to be alive.

  • JS

    I especially like the lack of concern to give medical treatment to the scumbag lying on the ground (let the fucker bleed). Very refreshing to see the criminal being treated as such unlike here in the UK where the rights of criminals seems to take precedence over their victims.

  • smiler

    Shoot first, ask questions later in action.

  • Fred Santos

    This is very commom here, specailly in São Paulo.
    The thiefs loves the following Hondas: Hornet, CB250 Twister and the NX400 Falcon, and most the 4 cylinder 600+ bikes.

    It’s very dangerous have a “big bike” in SP. Where i lives (Fortaleza – Ceará) is less dangerous, the bandits prefers the smalls ones.

  • Fred Santos


    After the cop shoots the robber, the biker says: Thank you, cop. This m**f**ker will steal on hell now.

  • Nice

    One more reason to stay out of Brazil

  • Ricardo

    Please, it’s not ‘São Paolo’, it’s ‘São Paulo’.


  • Brandon

    Oh jeez, looks like Youtube removed the video now…

  • j.davis
  • L2C

    “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

  • L2C

    Just saw the LiveLeak post. It says the bandit died.

  • *Unfortunately* the police officer did his job as it should be done. For me, that scumbag deserved no more than two in the chest and one in the head. To make sure he wouldn’t attempt to do it again.

    Almost a year and a half ago here in Rio de Janeiro – and I remember the date quite well because later in the morning ESPN broadcasted WSBK’s Aragon round – two m*therf***ers in a Honda CG approached me almost the same way – big difference was the absence of an intersection and that we were both cruising along: the passenger flashed a gun and yelled “para! para!” (stop! stop).

    Yes, I know I shouldn’t react and instead of running away I should proceed as our colleague in the video… Luckily I’m here to write this to you – really don’t know whether I was saved by my Ninjette’s speed or the gun was a fake. Despite that and after going through such a situation I think the motto has a real point: “bandido bom é bandido morto” (good thief is a dead one).

  • Grimey Benson

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    If a thief is willing to take your life to steal something, they better be ready to have the same violence delivered upon their person.

  • Sportster

    I believe that it’s a staged video. I mean, the vic wearing a helmet cam and capturing it all?!? And a uniformed cop right there? Come on!!!
    That said, the awareness of what regularly goes on in Brazil needs to be seen and learned by the rest of the World. Unfortunately, too, is that the video now teaches new perps how to do it.

  • Chaz Michael michaels

    That did not seem staged at all.

    If sentiments for the bandit turn to “he didn’t deserve to die” I would disagree. Anyone who can commit such a brazen crime isn’t a wayward choirboy. A fitting end.

    It was shocking, definitely.

    How do these little #uckers wind up with guns in their hands?

  • AWESOME!!!

  • Mariani

    You need to understand how things are here in this country.

    The government banned gun ownership, and this kind of crime sky-rocketed ever since (the gun ban is working well as you see there).

    If you think the UK government protects criminals, you have NO IDEA (!) how things work here in Brazil.

    I’m surprised that the little fucker didn’t simply shoot the guy for the sake of doing so, as they often do.

    This is one of the reasons why I ‘m yet to own a motorcycle.

    Not a chance, though, not here.

    I’m leaving to Europe for that. I’m leaving to Europe so I can properly start a life, come to think of it.

    Brazil is only a good country if you are a criminal yourself.

    Shame on us.

  • Slangbuster

    “Where’s a cop when you need one?”…..Oh, wait. Good job boys!

  • jet

    Wanna play………Gotta pay……love it..

  • Cris

    I Love the fact that parts of the law abiding pubic believe that this video wil teach them how to do it
    As if pointing a gun and saying “gimmy”needs a step by step instruction
    Justice is what this video shows and what the law used to be used to provide. so when these 2 stars align
    i say hallelujah
    It should be the public priority all over the world to help side with the victims

  • LoneStarBR

    Yea – this doesn’t happen too much in Texas. I live in North Texas and this idiot would either been killed by the victim, a few bystanders or the cop – this is another testament to flaws of restrictive gun laws. Only the little fuckers have them when you outlaw them from law loving folks. I understand the gun haters thinking more guns =more gun deaths – at it does – but with the right people armed, its more of the bad guys!

  • Norm G.

    proof, having/owning a gun don’t mean dick if somebody/LEO/whoever gets the drop on you. he was on the ground before he even heard the shots.

  • Norm G.

    re: “The government banned gun ownership, and this kind of crime sky-rocketed ever since (the gun ban is working well as you see there).”

    Norm G. adds to do list entry for the morning of tues Oct. 15th…

    item #6, have secretary call travel agent and cancel air and room reservations for Rio 2016.

  • meatspin

    they used to hang horse thieves

  • shinigam

    Rio is already a disaster for the Olympic Games, this just adds to the “wonderful” image.

  • Ian

    I have called Brazil an emerging market for motorcycles several times on this website. I guess I was wrong. Who would want to own a bike when things like this are happening all the time.

    Good luck to all those people riding around for the Brazilian round of Moto GP.

  • Alasdair

    I don’t agree with all the comments against gun control legislation as here in Aus nobody has guns except the police, some farmers and some of the underworld guys (who basically fight amongst themselves and leave the rest of us alone) so consequently we very rarely have any crime where guns are involved. Maybe we don’t really have a car / bike jacking either because it’s hard to jack a car / bike without a gun in the first place. If you want to shoot recreationally you can do so at shooting clubs where your gun stays when you finish. Just another reason why Australia is such an awesome place to live.

  • Leonard Rockstein

    @Norm G.

    Come On. You don’t have a secretary. You spend far too much time commenting (and commenting on the comments) on A&R to be doing something important enough to require having a secretary.

    And as I’m commenting on your comments of the comments, I don’t as well.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Come On. You don’t have a secretary.”

    of course not, that’s a joke.

    re: “You spend far too much time commenting (and commenting on the comments) on A&R to be doing something important enough to require having a secretary.”

    the secretary frees me up. :) besides, everyone knows there isn’t an exec in any company ANYWHERE that actually does fuck all.

  • Mike

    Notice at about 3:06
    one of the undercover? cops with eh white shoes tries to destroy the camera?

    Then later you will see him standing aside & careful not to get in the cameras line of sight?

    Weird….but then so is the whole thing eh?

  • This Incident is very Normal in our country(philippines) Everyday there are an average of 15-20 Bike jacking, whether on the the Road or in the Parking area,… Comprehensive insurance company are closing, and others are on bankrupt status.. Im not making any hoax.. this is true,