Still fairly new to the road racing scene, Brandon Cretu is a three-time Isle of Man TT racer, and for 2012 the young racer was one of only two Americans on the Macau GP grid.

Coming off a big crash at the TT during the fourth lap of the Superbike race, we are still pretty amazed that Cretu made the trek down to Macau, let alone got back in the saddle for another road race this season. Road racers, they’re a special breed apparently.

Slapping some GoPros to his Hel Performance Honda CBR1000RR, Cretu gives another perspective of what a lap around Macau is like (read his race report here).

Source: Brandon Cretu

  • BBQdog

    Motorvideo’s without motor sound suck big time. I am sorry ….

  • Damo

    Nice to some Americans still getting into true road racing. They have to travel abroad to do this type of thing as we would never get this type of race sanctioned in the US.

  • Gonzo

    If Baltimore and DC can bring in F1 cars, I see no reason why they wouldn’t do this. It would just take a marketing team throwing the right numbers at a city council to make it happen.

  • JW

    Utterly dumbfounded jackass music

  • Mike

    I wish Brandon great luck and saftey for the up coming of 2013,thanks guys fantastic vid…..Mike ,Kingsburg,Ca.

  • Damo


    It won’t happen there. Motorcycle racing has a completely different set of requirements for run off area and such. F1 is a beast of a different color.

  • buellracerx

    Brandon, you are the sh*t.

    Dennie – shake & bake!