A part of Brammo’s announcement that it will be entering the electric dirt bike scene, the Brammo Engage is the cornerstone of the Ashland, Oregon company’s off-road line. Featuring the S.M.R.E. designed Integrated Electronic Transmission (IET), Brammo is not only getting into the dirt bike and supermoto scene with the Engage (going squarely after players like Zero and Quantya), but is raising the ante by offering a six-speed transmission specifically designed for electric motors.

Details and specifics are still coming together about the Brammo Engage, and even the photos given to the press are of pre-production machines that are based-off S.M.R.E. prototypes. However, early speculation is that the IET system will also feature regenerative braking, another first for the Oregonian company. Photos, video, and more after the jump.

In total, three Engage models will be offered: the Brammo Engage MX (a full-sized MX style dirt bike), the Brammo Engage SMR (a race-oriented supermoto), and the Brammo Engage SMS (a street-legal supermoto). Brammo is also seemingly testing the water with the Brammo Entice, a mini moto style electric motorcycle that it will be racing at the AMA Mini Moto SX in Las Vegas this week (Brammo is also competing with its Engage MX dirt bike).

No word on availability yet, but interested riders can pre-order a machine from Brammo.com, with anticipated prices being the following:

  • Engage MX – Full-sized dirt bike competing in MiniMotoSX – Anticipated Price $9,995
  • Engage SMR – Supermoto Racing – Anticipated Price $9,995
  • Engage SMS – Supermoto – Anticipated Price $11,995
  • Encite MMX PRO – Mini-dirtbike competing in MiniMotoSX – No Price Announced

Photos of the Pre-Production Brammo Engage Prototype:

Source: Brammo

  • Steve

    Oh Yes!

  • Man, what a change from 1 year ago when gears and regen were deemed useless (or not worth the effort) for electric drive motorcycles.

    Bike looks awesome!

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  • MikeD

    Hey Brammo, KTM called…it wants it’s style back… (^_^ )

  • gnmac

    Dude, that “box” in the frame looks so lame – c’mon at least try to package the battery in some half-sexy looking case…but not a freakin’ box! Sheeeeeezzzzzzz, more reason to stay w/ a real engine!

  • GeddyT

    Price is comparable to a European enduro, so not the end of the world.

    1.) How long could one ride HARD on this before the battery is dead? If you can’t do a 50 mile desert loop or 25 miles of technical woodsy mountain singletrack, I’d never make it back to the truck around here.

    2.) How much does it weigh?

    3.) Who makes the suspension/brakes?

    4.) What is the weight?

    5.) Is the battery hot-swappable?

    6.) Why would I pre-order an electric bike without knowing the answers to the above questions?

  • GeddyT

    Whoops, asked about weight twice. Well that’s how important it is!…

  • gnmac, I think part of the issue here is that these are pre-production prototypes, not the final designs. This bikes look to be identical to what SMRE built, I don’t know why Brammo is showing them now if it intends to work its own design aesthetic into them. Probably has something to do with money.

  • Ulysses Rider

    I agree with gnmac and GeddyT. Why ride an electric bike with ugly square boxes where a powerful and light 300 to 500 two-stroke engine makes more sense? So what if it smokes a little? Commercial jet planes, diesel locomotives, and large 18 wheeled trucks all produce (belch) black smoke that is allegedly (bull crap) causing global warming, and ruining the planet. Great, lets put batteries on a 747 jet liner and see how much thrust it produces. Well, how about the space shuttle? Could batteries lift it into orbit? I think not and all this electric bike and car crap is just that- CRAP! Bring back the two-strokes.

  • MikeD

    I’ll begin to consider anything electric the day that i can recharge a battery pack as soon as i currently fill 4 1/2 Gallons of gasoline “anywhere” i turn my head to and get the same acceleration and range out of it, till then for lack of a better educated form of xpressing myself how i feel about it i will join Ulysses Rider and call it all….still Crap.
    I know u can’t run before crawling, standing, falling but im just not ready to give up my ICE and swallow the upgrade. Let others be Guinea Pigs…and their Dollars.
    I would rather see advances on BioFuels than this ” We want to be Green Hipster Kool Aid/Electric B.S” thats still a gazillion years away from truly pulling it’s Shiznit togheter.

  • jackie

    Beyond the horrid square block interrupting the lines of the design, it looks pretty good.

    Seems to follow the lines of Beta’s enduro. Still a bit pricey.

  • rashomon

    Given the incredibly prototype nature of the bikes unveiled, I’d have to call this a FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) to preempt sales of Zero electric dirt bikes. They’re taking pre-orders with no announced production date? Unbelievable.