Getting ready for the first practice session of the 2011 TTXGP season, the Brammo Empulse RR is on hand at Infineon now we got a chance to take some photos and talk to Director of Product Development Brian Wismann. We already brought you the first photo of the revised Empulse RR, standing in front of the Brammo offices in Ashland, Oregon, where we saw the newly revised race livery (now in Brammo Racing Green). Photos and details of the Brammo Empulse RR after the jump.

Getting a chance to see the bike in-person now, we can tell that more than just paint has been added to the Brammo race bike, as Wismann walked us through the numerous revisions he and his team have undertaken on the Empulse RR. Most pronounced probably is the bodywork, which incorporates a self-supporting carbon fiber tail section that has an added lip to help support the rider. The tank shape has also been revised to be wider and more lower-torso friendly under braking.

The new design also helps a rider hang off the bike through long sweepers, not to mention adds to the aesthetic. Other improvements include improved venting through the radiators, a taller windscreen and forward profile, and improved aerodynamics. We’ll see how the Empulse RR goes around Infineon later today with Steve Atlas on-board, but won’t be able to compare it to the Lightning bikes until Saturday, as Flying Banana is still coming together at the last minute.

Photos: Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • I need a moment…
    You should have posted a NSFW tag here. Pure Empulse RR Porn. Excellent photos, sir.

  • Thanks Harry. There’s there three booty shots in the gallery….we all know you’re an ass man.

  • MikeD

    GOOD LOOKING Bike ! Keep at it guys, one day it will be as “easy” (able to be recharge as fast as filling a 5.0gl gas tank ALMOST anywhere) to live with one of these as our current gas powered ones.
    ’till that happens…i’ll keep burning good-old-93 Premiun.

    Keep at it ! Nothing good comes from sitting on our fat butts and not trying. Banzai !

  • Isaac Chavira

    Awesome bike and technology however I would re-design that nose! Jensen expect some mail with a render =o).

  • Although I remain committed to the idea that the TT course, after all these years, is still a better benchmark of a street motorcycle’s practical performance, I have to admit that shortening race distances has allowed for some _great_ looking bikes. If the lightened Lightning looks anywhere near as good in the metal as those sketches, it’s much improved, too.

    Shame they will not get to square off with the Mission this weekend. I’m glad that the TTXGP – FIM reconciliation progresses, and we’ll presumably see two of the top three ‘series’ combine for several ‘all-star’ races. Is there any chance Czysz can build a (presumably lighter, and less I-am-a-man-astride-nothing-but-batteries-looking) ‘short-course’ version of his TT Zero racer and participate?

    For now, I’m likin’ the more compact, less battery-laden look of the short-course bikes. One key to bringing fans and ‘real’ motorcyclists around is simply making the bikes look cool. No matter how fast bikes like Chip Yates’ oddball creation ever get, they’ll always be held back from widespread acceptance by their dork factor.