Carbon monocoque frame, turbo-boosted v-twin motor, single-sided swingarm, duolever front suspension geometry, and premium components — that’s what French firm Boxer Design’s SuperBob is made of. You’ll either love or hate the SuperBob’s general aesthetic, but you have to admit up close, the details of the sport-naked are superb. Based around an 88° 997cc v-twin motor that was developed by French firm Technologies (the same company behind the stillborn Inmotec MotoGP project’s motor), the Boxer Design SuperBob massages its peak power output to 158hp, thanks to some light turbo work (6-9 psi).

440 lbs ready to ride (385 lbs dry), the SuperBob is a fairly light twin, though heavier than you’d expect (the Ducati 1199 Panigale, with its aluminum monocoque frame, tips the scales 20 lbs lighter). Adorning the French motorcycle are all the usual suspects: Brembo, Öhlins, Marchesini, etc. Making 92 lbs•ft of torque at 8,000 rpm, Boxer Design envisions the SuperBob being more well-suited for city duty than the track, though we imagine some crafty owners could figure out ways to coax more boost from the motorcycle’s turbocharger.

Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show as a concept, Boxer Design says the bike could be ready for production within two years. We don’t know if the monocoque frame fade will be heating up or fizzling out by then, but hopefully the French firm gets a few units to market sooner than that timeframe. No word on pricing, but “not” and “cheap” come to mind.

Source: Boxer Design

  • luke

    fu*king amazing styling.

  • JR

    Nice suspension!

  • RSVDan

    Love it. It’s far from cookie cutter both in design and engineering. They are reporting 17k pounds over on MCV, which is not out of the norm for a machine like this. Let’s hope it’s just not more vaporware.

  • Westward

    Looks like a cross between a Diavel and Monster. I’m all for radical design, can’t wait to feel one in person…

  • 76

    elemental, progressive and a nice balance of detail, even more importantly, a bike that actually looks and hopefully feels like a motorcycle… cheers to the designer on this one for finding the right mix, looking forward to more cocktails from who ever did this one

  • Love it, first bike thats wowed me in a while!!

  • Skeptical

    Carbon Monocoque frame had a bad reputation in “feeling the front” from GP11. Add to that duolever front end which eliminates all the feel if there left any. Apart from all that, 158 horses with that gigantic sprocket at the back?? That should be made for stunter fellas!

    But anyways, none of which may hide how much effort and courage to put bringing up this sexy concept.

  • AK

    I think people need to stop comparing GP bike with road going bikes.

  • Damo



    The way people talk I fell like I should walk outside and see people taking 120 mph 90 degree turns everywhere! Knee dragging on the way to Dunkin Donuts, yeah!

  • like … but would like more, if they had called it “Super Dave”

  • Westward

    +1 @ AK

    I have never seen a MotoGP racer ever really drag his knee. Their knees are usually tucked in so tight, as to achieve a maximum lean, that it may scrape, as there is no more space between the bike and the ground. Every time I see an ad or a pic of a guy dragging his by throwing it out with the bike tilted, I can’t help but think to myself, what a display of ambition with no talent…

    The only time I have ever seen a pro racer drag his knee, was in an attempt to save himself from a crash.

    Want to really impress, don’t drag anything, scrape elbow like Stoner, Spies and Hopkins…

  • 76

    +1 AK says

    why keep comparing a bike that one of the most definable features of it is its tires (bridgestones) that no body in the motorcycle public can buy period. Manufac cant even buy those tires, they have to be part of the series to receive their predetermined allocation.

    On top of that, its a exclusive naked, much more of a street affair type concept, how many people are turning in on the street on the limit while trail breaking?… and if you are well good luck cause it wont be for long

  • Tom

    It’s not that large of a sprocket considering it has a belt final drive. Look at the Buell, my 1125CR has a 76t rear sprocket. They just can’t handle the small radii that chains do.


    That strip of leather or whatever it is running over the tank is fresh. Looks to be useful as a tank protector as well.

  • MikeD

    Is nice looking if anything BUT no grounf breaking at anything.
    Initially i got a bit xcited thinking they went the different(most efficient way) with the turbo’s location AND HOW the xhaust was feeded to it, but after looking hard at other pictures online it seems the heads are conventional flowing pieces instead of the reverse flow kind that i had wished they used here ( a la latest BMW M5 S63TU 4.4L V8 )…no ugly xposed right side header pipes, just a down pipe and very little to no turbo LAG…(o_O)
    Meh, what do i know…i don’t built custom motorcycles for a living anyways…lol.

  • Jake Fox

    I really like it! Gorgeous!

  • Alex

    This front suspension not duolever, that Hossack suspension!

  • Duolever is the commercial name for the Hossack/Fior suspension design.

  • @Skeptical – test riders of the Vyrus state they have only experienced one other bike that stops as impressively as the Vyrus, the BMW K13ooR which has a doulever. Front-end “feel” is circumstantial & one front-end design works better in some circumstances than others. We have the benefit of watching teles and alternatives improve.

    Will Ducati use an alternative front-end on future versions of the Panigale in their quest to reduce weight even further? remember the Aprilia FV2 concept.

  • Bob

    Doug, thanks for the memory refresh on the FV2. That was a gorgeous bike I’d gladly choose over the new Tuono RSV4 any day. I believe the FV was simply a parallelogram linkage, not much different that some mountain bikes had 10 years ago. The Hossack style, while physically not as strong, is better at optimizing geometry during turning and braking.

  • Yeah, the I don’t think the FV2 has the Hossack steering mechanism, but it does have a similar “frameless

  • (phone was not cooperating)…

    the FV2 has a frameless chassis where the two sub frames attach to the engine

  • hi !
    my firsts words was “impossible is not french” when i saw this Bike in Paris Motor Show.
    About the price i would like to say the same thing because it’s quite cheap if we look at the price of 19 900 euros announced by Thierry Henriette(Boxer Design Boss)

    so … yes France love mootrbikes and now, we have a so good one to ride …