For almost two years now, we have been waiting for Bottpower to finished its BOTT XR1 custom motorcycle. Starting with an air-cooled v-twin motor from a Buell XB, the BOTT XR1 is the perfect intersection of old-school flat tracking and high-tech street shredding — we’re not sure if we should strap on a steel shoe, or get some fresh knee pucks. Available as a stand alone machine from Bottpower, the Spanish firm also plans on making a kit for XB owners.

Built with an ample amount of carbon fiber, Bottpower used the stock eight-piston Buell 1125R Brake system (with ISR levers for the front brake and clutch). For the rear suspension an Öhlins shock has been implemented, while the under-slung exhaust is from Torque Hammer. The flat handlebar is by Easton, while the gauges are from Motogadget. If don’t have a street tracker on your holiday wish list, we suggest a revision. Tasty photos after the jump.

Source: Bottpower

  • Crsh&Brn

    Life is cruel! Teased for almost two years then this just six days before the end of the world. Even if the Mayans were wrong, I’m still left with one heck of a dilemma. Do I ask Santa for the kit or an XB doner for next Christmas?

  • Crsh&Brn

    Make that “donor”.

  • when and how much to chicago kit price bike price also please tyler

  • when and how much cash to chicago thanks tyler

  • alexm

    I still like the Magpul ronin version better but I do always enjoy bottpowers work especially in Moto2 with things like the hollow stem for true ram air etc.

  • Andrew

    if it’s meant for the track, why does it have lights?
    If it’s meant for the street, why doesn’t it have a seat (with padding, I mean)?

    … and if I were asking Santa for anything related to this bike, the choice is easy: I’d ask for a round headlight to replace that awful thing they stuck up there!
    I’m sure it’s a great bike for someone, but definitely not for me.

  • JoeD

    Definately needs some adjustments. The number plate motif reminds me of some Kit Krap seen on the car side. Add on fugly.

  • Johndo

    Simple, badass. I’d remove the side number plate, but for the rest it just looks very high end and must be at the top of the grin scale!

  • JeCo

    Would make replacing intake seals and adjusting TPS a lot easier..

    Post a price and if they plan on having a US distro so I can decide to save for this.

  • Skuzzy

    Everything besides the face is glorious

  • “Everything besides the face is glorious”

    I have to agree with that. Nice bit of kit, that!

  • Dr. Gellar

    Uuuum, hello….Harley Davidson…your XR1200 should be more (much more) like THIS bike.

    Like some of you, there are a few things (minor stuff) here and there on this bike I wish were different, but overall…this bike is awesome! Good job Bottpower.. :-)

  • wolfi

    Great Bike!
    Design is perfect and fits absolutely to a V-Twin.
    I have two Buells an the the Bott XR1 is on top of my wish list for next bike.
    Well done Bott-Team!
    I wish you success and the future drivers max fun.