BMW S600RR Existence Denied – There is No Spoon

05/06/2010 @ 6:07 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

BMW has reported put the kibosh on any rumors that the Bavarian brand is working on a 600cc-ish sportbike to compliment its now wildly popular 2010 BMW S1000RR superbike. MCN is reporting that BMW has acquired the domain name of merely as a defensive IP strategy, and currently has no plans to pursue a follow-up to the S1000RR.

BMW is reported as saying that “developing a 600 supersport bike is more or less as expensive as a 1000cc superbike; the production costs aren’t very much lower but the retail price would be.” BMW goes on to cite that because of the lower margins in the middleweight market, the development costs would out-shadow sales returns, making the venture less appealing from an ROI perspective.

While the points are all well and true by BMW, there still remains strong arguments for why the Bavarians should still pursue a middleweight sportbike. For starters 600’s serve as an entry point for liter-bike sales, and help bring in customers that otherwise would not have bought a motorcycle from the German manufacturer.

Clearly from its statement, BMW is choosing to ignore this theory of product segmentation, which leaves the company the option of taking a different approach to middleweight motorcycles. When rumors initially hit about the S600RR, there was speculation about a possible three cylinder, 675cc configuration. With exotic designs like the concept above, BMW could possibly ask for a premium on a machine that separates itself from the Japanese 600’s…of course this ethos would be counter to their current game plan with the S1000RR. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Source: MCN; Photo: Bako

  • james Farley

    I miss my BMW alas the wife made me get rid of it when we tied the knot. Something about not getting something until I get rid of something.


  • CBR600RR 09

    ….You let your wife hold “something” over you until you sold your bike?? WOW!!! My wife used to hate motorbikes and tried that on me. She now knows better and in fact loves motorbikes, is an avid Casey fan and Pillions with me any chance she gets.

    Oh and I still get “something”

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  • Ryan

    Wow! Sucks for you. I am happily married to my wife and I had to “convince” her that it is just in my blood. All she does now is limit my time on the bike (trackdays really).

    Came into the marriage with 2 bikes and less than two years there are four now!

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  • @James,

    Dude… nip it in the bud now or you’ll be forever “whipped”.

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  • BikePilot

    A 675cc triple would be interesting. I don’t think there’s a racing class for it right now, but if they were to lop a cylinder off the 1000 to make a 750cc, short stroke triple, that would be quite an interesting machine.

  • Jaybond

    BikePilot, there’s already a class where 675cc triple bike can compete, that is World Supersport, and Triumph 675cc bike has been joining it the past two seasons..
    As for the BMW 600cc , I would envision it to be a conventional In Line 4 cylinder machine to compete with the Japanese.

  • luckyguy19


    No pussy, I mean no pussy is worth getting rid of something you love. There’s no excuse for a woman demanding her husband give up riding. The world is full of confident women who will not make such demands. I would have laughed in her face. What right does a wife have to limit your riding or demand you stop??? I can’t belive men marry women like that, she’s got your balls in a vice for the rest of your marriage. Just because you start a family, dosen’t mean you should have to give up doing something you love.

    BTW, I’ve been happily married for 7 years. 3 bikes in the garage, I ride when I want, as much as I want. My wife respects me and knows that if I’m happy, I will choose to spend more time at home to be with her and our daughter. I ride dirt twice a week, and ride street commuting, and some evenings after work, trackdays a couple of times a year. I’ve also started desert racing this year. I have very good life insurance that will take care of them should anything happen to me. If I stop riding then I’m not the same man my wife chose to marry.

  • luckyguy19

    back on topic,

    A 675 triple can race in World Supersport. I would love for BMW to produce this bike with the same specs as the 1000rr, including the traction control and abs. This would make a better around town bike than the 1000.

  • This picture was made for Moto Journal by Bako Design&Com’ ( in September 2008 in order to illustrate spyshot.

  • BMW’s 675 could also differentiate itself with an alternative front-end.* James Parker’s latest design on the GSX-RADD 1000 dropped 22 pounds from the stock bike. Dropping a similar amount of weight from the 600 cc range of bikes would be impressive. In-line 4’s haven’t reduced that much weight since the early 90s

    *hopefully the buying public would be open to this type of design when considering the weight reduction and (at least) on-par suspension performance with the current teles

  • juan

    In the 2011 catalogue doen’t appear the f800s !!