When BMW set out to make the S1000RR superbike, they put the Japanese 4 squarely in their sights. There can be little doubt that zie Germans succeed in making a bike that can compete with the liter bike incumbents. While we’re not sure if the S1000RR is completely up to the hype with its alleged 183hp dyno figures, one thing is for certain: The BMW S1000RR has plenty of power on tap.

While we hear at A&R prefer to think of that power going towards canyon carving adventures or helping us become Sunday morning track day heroes, for some that power is better suited for lofting a front (or rear) wheel, and practicing cursive calligraphy on a tarmac surface. What we believe to be the first BMW S1000RR stunting video can be found after the jump.

Source: StuntRide via MotoBlog.it

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: BMW S1000RR Stunting: Warning The Video You Are About to See Might Offend You – http://bit.ly/df8N1c #motorcycle

  • Ha ha… “zie Germans.”
    I wonder if his mama knows he rides like that. If so, I bet she cries herself to sleep every night.

  • @chazferrari Watch this vid of BMW S1000RR http://bit.ly/df8N1c #motorcycle

  • Collyer

    Way to make the S1000RR seem as common as every GSXR/R6/ZXR in southern California.
    Sure, stunting has it’s place. So does the carnival.
    And the punk/hipster/street attitude? ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  • Chuck

    There, their, which to use, which to use

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  • Jim

    Eh, stunting is empty calories but they were in a parking lot so no big deal. BMW prominently has used stunting in the promotion of the F800, so is this a surprise?

  • Ulynut

    I like the way he loads it into the truck.

  • I can’t believe you guys are hating on this; It was a well edited clip and even if the riding is not the same brand that you use to define yourselves as unique and talented individuals was top notch. Do any of you think for even a fleeting second that the ability required to ride this smoothly couldn’t be translated to a canyon (which is illegal, where as riding in a lot is not) or a race track? It’s all throttle, clutch and brake regardless of what venue you apply it in.

  • Alex

    That man has skills! The riding was good, the location was great (not on the road with others) but I can’t help but wonder how long until the videos showing how the new S1000RR comes apart after crashing one while stunting comes out?

  • Maillot

    This should further endear BMW to the Ride To The Gay Bar But Nowhere Else market.

  • JR

    I agree with Bill. They are doing it in a safe place, and, some of us hate to admit it, but they are far better than we (definitely me) will ever be.

    It’s pretty amazing how well they can balance and control the throttle to maintain slow smooth wheelies.

  • tc

    Funny how scared people discount the stunters, their use of machinery and right to ride extreme. The ski industry had a similar opposition to snowboarders in the 80’s and 90’s. Good thing too, Snowboarding saved and financed both industries. Snowboarders now out number skiers and helped increase ski performance design by forcing radical design changes in ski shapes.
    Motorcycle design is pushed forward by radical use and desired performance increases.
    Racing , Stunting, etc. is a win-win for everyone!
    These guys are pushing performance to the edge in different ways, old guys like me could not imagine 20 years ago.
    I love that the guy is not afraid to flog an expensive performance bike to new potential. If something fails….BMW gets data that may address a concern for the rest of us, in the long run.

  • RR

    Brian and tc read my mind i completely agree well said.