BMW S1000RR Priced at $13,800 for USA

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BMW has finally gotten around to setting the MSRP on its highly anticipated S1000RR sportbike. Priced in-line to compete with the major Japanese manufacturers, the S1000RR is going for a measly $13,800.

For that price you’ll receive a bike with 193hp at the crank, a dry weight of 404lbs, and a headlight only a mother could love. For an additional $1,000, you can get the S1000RR with ABS brakes, ¬†and only sacrifice an additional 5.5lbs of that curb weight.

Other options include an ABS/Dynamic Traction Control combo at $1,480, a quick shifter for $450, obligatory BMW alarm option at $395, and if you want a color that you can live with, then the red, white, and blue, BMW Racing color scheme will set you back an additional $750. Expect to see the bike in your local dealer around December of this year.

We had originally predicted the the S1000RR to come in around $14,500, we were off by $700, but the new BMW does fit in nicely as we predicted with the gap between the Japanese and Italian manufacturers, as shown below:

Price comparison (non-ABS):

Ducati 1198S – $21,795
Ducati 1198 – $16495
Ducati 848 – $13,995
BMW S1000RR – $13,800
Suzuki GSX-R1000 – $12,899
Yamaha R1 – $12,390
Honda CBR1000RR – $11,999

Price comparison (ABS):

BMW S1000RR – $14,800
Honda CBR1000RR – $13,999

Source: HFL

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  • Sami

    How come Americans can buy Europeans bikes as S1000RR so cheap, as most europeans pay 22000 $ and we Finnish with our high taxes MSRP is 32267$

  • StraightUp

    Because you have to pay for healthcare someway……..

  • Sami

    Maybe so? Are you American?

  • nutty

    europe also has major cities and a functioning rail network, built before the advent of the motor car that people can actually use.