The eagle eyes over at the Italian magazine Motociclismo have caught BMW testing the naked-bike version of the BMW S1000RR out in Italy. A machine that has long been rumored, and expected to be the encore production of the Germany company’s very successful superbike project, the streetfightered RR is expected to have the same four-cylinder superbike motor, though likely in a lower state of tune.

Dressed in BMW’s typical black and white swirl camouflage, it is hard to see all the details of the new motorcycle, though the front fairing looks ahem interesting. Building off an already existing model, a naked RR is the logical next machine to come from zie Germans, and if it debuts as a 2014 machine, then we can expect to see it at the EICMA show in Milan later this year in November (there is no INTERMOT show this year).


  • Sbraz

    Which is the sense of it???
    No point for a bike like that…

  • JoeD

    Many of us prefer the trimmed down look. A mechanical treat for the eys. Servicing my Benelli is a breeze comparred to fully faired bikes

  • akatsuki

    JoeD – why not just strip the fairings then?

  • Faust


    Because a naked version typically means more usable power and better ergos. Have you just never heard of the Tuono? The Streetfighter? The Z1000? Nakeds are also usually significantly cheaper than the bikes they are derived from. A Tuono costs a grand less than the RSV4. So if you were to just “strip the fairings”, you would pay full price for an S1000RR, just to take everything off, have to buy different rear sets, different handlebars, (you can see in the pic they are not clip ons) an aftermarket headlight assembly, a fly screen, and you wouldn’t have the partial fairing seen here that covers your coolant tank and other stuff you don’t really want to see. Or you could just buy this bike when it comes out. What makes more sense to you?

  • paulus – Thailand

    Personally, I like naked bikes.
    Nakeds tend to be more usable and more practical for everyday riding and touring…. more fun in general.

    As the biking population gets older… ‘arse up/wrists down’ gets less sustainable LOL

  • Damo

    I hope that headlight set up is just a prototype/placeholder.


  • Brandon

    did the passenger flip off the camera?

  • jet

    1 Word , Ugly….Bird beak nose…lol

  • SquidleyMcSquidson

    You know what else has a beak nose? BMW’s best selling R1200 series… Is there a reason they wouldn’t stick with what works? They sell tons of those.

  • “Is there a reason they wouldn’t stick with what works? They sell tons of those.”

    A nice SPORT-touring version of an R90RS with USD forks, modern rear suspension, half-fairing and a sane seating position would be most welcome. BMW’s current crop of naked bikes are FUGLY!

    IMO and all that.

  • MikeD

    I wouldn’t be caught riding it UNLESS it had A BEAK. I DEMAND A BEAK.
    B.S-ing aside, from the looks of it it looks like a fine contestant for the ” A FACE ONLY A MOTHER CAN LOVE” award. . . right next to the TUONO and the STELVIO.

    Let’s wait for EICMA and give it the benefit of the doubt.

    Apart from the Brutale what the hell is wrong with designers and the blind MOFOS upstairs that sign off and approve these FUGLY projects now a days ? Pumping out nakeds that look like UBER CRAP !


    Wish harder, A LOT harder, ’cause i’m affraid those are there to stay. LOL.


    It makes no sense to you so it shouldn’t exist, according to that principle the world as we know would be one GRAY DULL place to live.
    I own a naked myself, SADLY it don’t fit me anymore……….i do too many freeway miles at high speed, it’s taking a toll on my out of shape body…………but that’s doesn’t make it a bad bike to deny it’s place on the motorcycling world.
    Shit, if it were up to me i would love to have right now one of those overkill K1600GT considered by many as too much motorcycle for too much $$$$ with way too many bells and whistles.

    Different horses(bikes) for different courses(riders). (~_^)


    Easy with those comments or else the BMW Mob will come to your house in the middle of the night, drag your current NON-BMW bike out to the middle of the street and set it on fire before your very own eyes.

  • @Mike:

    Truth be told, I be jonesing for a GS650GSS (Sertão). The adventure bug’s bitten hard after prowling ADVrider for a few months. Beside that, though, I freely confess to becoming a curmudgeonly luddite. The best looking bike I’ve seen in the last year is the new Royal Enfield Continental GT. Classic lines. (Classic tech, too. LOL)

  • Brijesh jagan

    might have to wait to see what the final product would end up looking like.. not a bad start. currently ride a K1200R , absolutely love it, what i was really hoping for was a K1600R, and if it ever makes it State side!!

  • akatsuki

    I guess my view is that if you are looking for all that comfort stuff – go buy a MTS1200 or F800. I just don’t get the streetfighter thing – it is just a compromised sportbike.

  • CTK

    @akatsuki- its pretty simple- some people want the thrills and performance of a sport bike without the torture rack ergonomics. Personally I find adventure bikes to be hideous, and the F800 is just a really slow, heavy and ugly streetfighter. Bikes like the FZ1 and Z1000 have endured for very good reasons.

    My only gripe with streetfighters is the complete lack of wind protection. Kind of important on a bike w/even just 100RWHP. I would love (and am making) a half-faired bike, but one that isn’t quite as bolt upright and dorky as an FZ1, or as pointless for wind protection as something like a Tuono. But we will see. A streetfighter is a sportbike, just with different ergonomics and plastic

  • SquidleyMcSquidson

    And I don’t get Harleys. If you don’t like it, don’t buy one. You shouldn’t have to deal with a dramatic reduction in performance just to get some extra comfort. An F800R has 86 hp… How is that comparable to this bike? It may shock people, but there are those out there who want performance AND comfort. Go to a track day and look around, you’d be stunned at the kind of bikes that track day enthusiasts bring out. I regularly see Tuonos, touring BMWs, monsters, VFRs, and a ton of other stuff I didn’t expect. Buy the bikes you want and let other people decide what works for them. Unless they are on a Harley, that’s just stoooooopid! (That was obviously a joke….)

  • SquidleyMcSquidson


    +1, I completely forgot about the FZ1

  • MikeD

    Brijesh jagan says:

    ” what i was really hoping for was a K1600R, and if it ever makes it State side!! ”

    You have spoken truly like a “MadMan” \(^_^)/. . . and you have my support 200%. . . let’s hope now BMW has the b@lls to pull something as non-rational as it.