BMW R1200GS Successor to be Unveiled October 2nd

08/30/2012 @ 9:54 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

We have known for some time now that BMW was working on a successor to its wildly popular BMW R1200GS motorcycle. Expected to be a water-cooled boxer-twin, the new GS is an incredibly important machine for the German brand, and BMW is wasting no time hyping its unveiling. Set to break cover in just over a month at the INTERMOT show in Cologne, our wait to see the next iteration of the GS line is now almost at an end.

While the new GS will be the star of the show, INTERMOT will also be our first chance at seeing the BMW F700GS and BMW HP4, the suped-up S1000RR with semi-active suspension. With its air-cooled design an important feature of the current GS, it will be interesting to see the response from adventure riders when details of BMW’s new bike come to fruition. Will the GS continue to define the adventure-touring segment, or have zie Germans strayed too far from the winning formula?

Time will tell of course, but stay tuned October 2nd for full-details on the new BMW GS. We will of course be working to bring those details to you sooner, if possible.

Source: BMW

  • dream bikes

    BMW also launch for 2013 at INTERMOT the news F 900 GT and S1000RS naked… and some prototype of little scooter at EICMA… and perhaps a TT version of F800GS…

  • Keith

    a nice light FSVO lite 800-900cc water cooled boxer would be sweet…might actually convince me I need a bmw.

  • Tim

    How would a 800-900 boxer be better than the current F800 series?

  • Kevin

    Well, it would be 3 times wider than the F bike… said better.

  • MikeD

    Im cool with water-cooling [no pun intended]. I had a 1982 GS1100G [1076cc air-cooled] and was always wondering at the red-ligths if it would burst into flames with a 5.5gl tank of fuel on top of an aluminium furnace at “God-knows-X-Temperature”.
    I have always thougth about it as: If she ain’t moving she’s just getting HOTTER. Specially on my rain-forest neck of the woods.

    Call me anal, but i like to have as much control and information over and about what the bike is doing as i can.
    Besides weigth and additional parts to fail and replace the pluses are more than the minuses.
    Longer engine life, more efficiency for the same given cc’s, quieter engine, lower emissions.
    I can see how u don’t want a Rad, W/P , Hose, etc failing in the middle of nowhere but…this one just can’t be helped…
    It’s like sex with Koby, u can kick and scream all u want, but is going to happen. (O_O)

  • Keith

    because the current f800 series is a stinker and uninspiring on so many levels that I didn’t bother with more than a glance. Yes I know those who have them…they all wish they’d got a KTM instead. 8^)

  • Damo

    I am very curious about the naked version of the S1000RR. Once I am done with my RC51 I am going back to riding sport standards. I am all too often stuck at lower speeds on my travels around the Northeast and I am getting tired of shuffling my race rep around at sub-80 Mph.

    I got a chance to take my old Honda 919 Hornet out the other day (I sold it to a friend) and I was surprised how much I missed it.

    I am really thinking about a Tuono, Streetfighte 848, Speed Triple, Superduke or the new 848 Hypermotard (depending how it turns out). This would definitely add another choice to the mix.

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  • MikeD

    According to they are going to unveil too:

    Standard bike spin off of the Lo Rider concept of 2009. No funky BMW front suspension, spoked wheels, new frame, etc.

    Naked Version of S1000RR.

    New BMW F 800 ST. There will be no F 800 GT discussed nor will use the engine “pumped” Husqvarna Naked 900. But will have a new protective fairing much better and probably with electric windshield. To keep the belt transmission, unlike the “sisters” R and GS for which the chain is preferred; This will establish enhanced more new font of ST.

    And the ALL MIGTHY Cruncher S1000RR HP4.