Video: BMW R1200GS vs. BMW HP4 on the Track

06/04/2013 @ 12:21 am, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS


I am just wrapping up my thoughts on the new liquid-cooled 2013 BMW R1200GS, but before I post up the ride review, I thought I would share this little gem of a video that BMW Motorrad USA showed us at the US media launch for the R1200GS. Filmed at the Circuito de Almería in Spain, a new BMW R1200GS gives chase to a BMW HP4, and interesting results ensue.

Now I’m not saying that the R1200GS is a more capable track bike than the HP4, a fast rider on any bike is still a fast rider, after all. But, you have to be impressed by the GS here, it certainly wasn’t losing any ground to the HP4 (except maybe on the straight). As for the the nitty gritty, the R1200GS rider clocked a sub-two-minute lap time, an entirely respectable time at the Spanish circuit, which sees WSBK-spec machines lap in the 1:35 range.

BMW Motorrad says the 2013 BMW R1200GS is like the Swiss Army knife of the motorcycle world, and with some on-track chops like this, we might just have to agree. For those that are wondering, it rides nice on the road and trails as well. Video after the jump, and look for the review this week.

Source: BMW Motorrad USA

  • Jake F.

    Multistrada singing, “Anything you can do, I can do better!”
    See, this is why the decision is so hard!

  • kww

    So where is there no R12S model again?

  • Starmag

    Competent though it may be, after watching Ewan and Charlie burst their spleens picking theirs up a thousand times, for true off road adventure I’d rather have a XR, DR, or KLR than a GS. I’m sure it makes a great comfortable-riding-position street bike though. I’m aware the GS can go off-road, I just wouldn’t want to with it.

  • Motobell

    I rented the top kitted 2013 R1200GS and the 2013 Multistrada GrandTurismo back to back swapping eith by buddy over 3 days across Italy, Switzerland and Monaco, French riviera loop of 1300kms – this was 3 weeks ago begore the monaco F1 gramd Prix. Yes got the ride the track as it was being built.

    Both bikes had the semi active dynamic suspension – the electronics and electronic suspension working together makes everything I have ridden feel like a flip phone versus this an iPhone. ( I currently own a Ducati Streetfighter S, 996, Monster900 and a FJR1300)

    I was left with few things:
    – These two bikes are easily the best two all round bikes in the world right now that despite my utter dislike for tall rounder bike concept – I have a short 30″ inseam
    – the BMW exceeded my expectation more – the multi performed like you expect a Ducati to, but the Beemer was a revelation in the twisties despite being on inferior rubber and larger front wheel. Never once did I wish I the had the other bike for this conditions I was in – we did everything in perfect dry to pouring rain, warm to cold, you get it – yes no dirt
    – what would the Beemer feel like with 17″ wheels up front and wider sport bike wheel at back? I will never go offload anyway
    – damn, if they can the Multi this good, I will take 3 bikes in 1 versus 4in1 attempt – drop the enduro mode give me a proper ST – lower the height, make better panniers that don’t have right side space eaten up by exhaust, add cruise control
    – me holding out for someone to build a proper sport touring bike to replace my FJR is pointless – I just buy one these and figure out effective way to lower by 1.5″ and another .5″ in seat – solo riding was no problem except backing up, lifting off of stand etc and I will not feel safe on either with my wife on back and fully loaded up pulling off to a side gravel road.

    If you have 32″ inseam plus go buy buy either the GS or the MultiGT – you will not miss your sport bikes on the road – they are both unbelievable – rate of progress in motorcycling is awesome.

  • GM

    Sorry if I missed something, but was this supposed to be an actual race? If it was, I’m still not going to buy a GS and now I’m definitely not going to buy an HP4!

  • FafPak

    Excellent! The less demand there is, the lower the markup will be since the HP4 are a limited production model. Spread the word GM, spread the word, not to buy!! >:)

  • @Jake: Man, Tracy backing that Multistrada into the corner was just crazy good. Unreal.

    @kww: An R12S would be lovely! Classic lines with the upgraded boxer motor, USD fork and up-to-date rear suspension …. *swoon*

  • paulus – Thailand

    It does not surprise me at all.
    ‘Practical’ Nakeds are almost as competent as their super-sports relations.
    Adventure bikes are equally as good in all but the extremes of track riding.
    i have ridden sand and dirt on my B-King.
    Hell, Nick Sanders toured the world on his new R1 (deserts also), just to prove a point…

    Most bikes are far more capable than believed.

  • 2ndclass

    This is like Trackdays 101: never underestimate the bloke on the GS.

  • mxs

    The GS guy was better rider or he simply knew the the particular track. You can easily see how he sets up correctly for turns and hugs the apexes …. nevertheless interesting revelation for some I am sure. It made me smile.

  • Bill

    The HP4 was obliviously just a camera bike. But still really impressive stuff from the GS rider, reminds me of the YouTube vid with the guy on the Goldwing tearing it up on the Tail of the Dragon.

  • Monkey Painter

    Those downshifts were disgusting.

  • FafPak


    I thought it was always the guy on the 2-fiddy with the corner speed? :)

  • INSULTING! *HP4 looks down contemptuously at GS, spits in its eye and kicks sand in its face*

    I could put my mother on the HP4, and you could put Mark Marquez on the GS, and it would still be a slaughter, with mommy having a beer at the pub with me, while Marquez is still chugging for the finish line. :D

  • Norm G.

    re: “@GM
    Excellent! The less demand there is, the lower the markup will be since the HP4 are a limited production model.”

    hey, good luck with that.

  • Norm G.

    re: “never underestimate the bloke on the GS.”

    more like never underestimate the bloke on a boxer.

    this was before a lot of your time, but some of you may remember there used to be a series a decade ago known as the boxer cup. it in fact was a support race to MotoGP. guys who used to run in that series as well as motorrad’s HP2 endurance team… ie. penzkofer (ret), cooper, kern, parriot etc, are still out there.

  • Total unknowns such as Luca Cadalora and Randy Mamola have been known to ride around on boxers and dragging hard bits. :-D

  • Len

    Maybe having a competent rider (or one that was trying) on the HP4 would help illustrate the differences in potential of these bikes.