Spy Shots: BMW NineT Spotted in the Wild

09/25/2013 @ 12:23 pm, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS

Ganzseitiges Foto

At the EICMA show last year, BMW Motorrad announced that it would make another air-cooled model, in order to commemorate the 90 years that the German OEM has been producing two-wheelers.

Expected to be the production version of the company’s LoRider concept, we got our first taste of what BMW had in store for us with the BMW Concept Ninety — which had its retro goodness co-developed with America’s own Roland Sands.

Now seemingly ready for a true production model, BMW Motorrad has been caught testing the BMW NineT street bike inside the Lake Garda region in Italy.

Obviously fitted with the venerable 1,200cc air-cooled boxer twin that has made the GS and RT such steady steeds, the NineT uses classic motorcycle aesthetics, mated to classic BMW design pieces.

Shaft-driven and fitted with telescopic forks, the full retro effect is a bit intriguing on the BMW NineT. From what we can see in these photos, the bike fits the silhouette quite well from BMW’s announcement last year, with its long fuel tank and cafe racer style tail.

The aesthetic gets a bit confused with the bulky shaft drive, but we think the model will strike a chord for riders looking for an uncluttered street-naked from the German marque.

Further details are light at this point, but BMW is expected to release more information by mid-October, and we certainly will have a better glimpse of the machine at the 2013 EICMA show.

Ganzseitiges Foto

Ganzseitiges Foto

Source: Motorrad Magazin

  • MrDefo

    I love the low-maintenance of shaft drives, maybe the size of the engine will make up for the weight.

    I’ve always liked the way BMWs are put together. This is a little…boring to me, honestly, but I’m sure the production bike will be much more intruiging.

  • paulus – Thailand

    It is a BMW version of a Ducati monster.
    It does not scream ‘retro’… but it is a nice naked bike alternative to a sports or adventure ride.

  • JoeD

    Nicely done. I want to see one live and better yet, test ride.

  • Sentinel

    I am VERY interested in how this bike turns out!

    Is this a soon to be released 2014 model?

  • Steve

    looks like different exhaust systems…. the top pic has a higher pipe, the bottom has dual outlet lower pipe…

  • 2ndclass

    I’d say that high-mount pipe will be an optional Akrapovic jobbie


    Hummmm, I was expecting, well, something more exciting. I would pick a Moto Guzzi Griso over this, prob pay less too.

  • jackie

    Those look great. I’d go for the high-mount pipe myself.

    I’d sell my Monster evo for that. I love boxer engines.

  • EPF

    Spoked wheels and chrome exhaust. The idiots at BMW apparently learned NOTHING from the failure of the R12R Classic.
    They want to make an anniversary model? They could have simply cleaned up the aesthetics on the R12R – the best motorcycle no one knows about.

  • Can we please stop using 100 pound spoke wheels? ANYBODY?…. Sigh. I don’t care how “retro” they look they are horrible for performance.. Unless these are magically lighter than all other spoke wheels… *prays*

    Now let us see the MSRP… should come in under 12K, no?

  • American Iron

    OMG — Fuh-Guh-Lee…. Just say “NO” to invasive species.

  • birch

    More Roland Sands, less BMW please… this doesn’t work at all. Concept90 was minimalistic and awesome, this is not…

  • lux aureole

    While this looks OK, I think they have missed a trick not putting the Concept 90 bike into production, even if limited. That was such an interesting bike, absolutely BMW yet exciting and fresh too. This, well, it isn’t.

  • pooch

    A bit boring looking. Doesn’t seem to know what or who it wants to be. Meh.

  • k1200R rider

    I love it! would make a great addition to my K1200R, got to sell my zx10r and start putting away money for when it hits the market! i am sold!!

  • I like it…I don’t love it. Maybe with a full fairing it’ll change but its a great platform to start with. I’ll stick with my R1200s any day though.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    Aesthetics seem impossible to judge, except to say–if a design gets a reaction then you might be on the right path. …or the path may lead to a cliff.

    I think I like it because I don’t know what to make of it. It’s more interesting than it is boring. But it’s more subtle than it is flashy. It is modern with retro cues but it isn’t mimicking anything…maybe a monster.

    I wonder what the bike would be for-long rides? urban? something in between? sporty cruiser maybe?

    Funny how the Italians can get the form but occasionally miss on the function and the Germans are the other way around.

  • Damo

    Not a bad looking bike overall.

    As others have said though, I will ONLY run spoke wheels on an offroad bike. You are leaving way too much weight on the table for asphalt.

  • Dewey

    MrDefo says: I love the low-maintenance of shaft drives

    That’s a good one. Have you owned a BMW with “low-maintenance” shaft drive?

  • kww

    When I think R90, I think of an S model. This is a warmed over R12R. The R was a nice, yet standard bike. This version looks like a piece of shit.

  • paulus – Thailand

    spoked wheels look cool. Nothing wrong with them…. give it the retro-vibe

  • Paul McM

    I like the big forks and… well the forks are nice. Cafe racer tail-piece with an afterthought extension sticking way out for the plate — major fail. V-shaped thingy below the seat — really ugly. Plastic side-cover under the tank — design band-aid that makes the bike look junky. Does this thing have a center-stand? Wouldn’t buy a Beemer without one. Overall this bike falls into my “terminate the stylist now — with extreme prejudice” category. Anybody remember the BMW R1200C? This NineT gives that homely pig a run for its money: http://bimmerin.net/pics/moto/r1200c/BMW-R1200C-Classic-2003.jpg

    @ Birch. More Roland Sands? God forbid. The guy is really giving us some phenomenally ugly and impractical designs of late. If I never seen another RS project I’ll be delighted.

  • MikeD

    Let see here . . .

    Cafe Racer wannabe looks , ugly (heavy looking and probably is) shotgun exhaust, silly high mount exhaust, long silly looking tank, spoked wheels, regular forks with a bit too much rake, friggin huge poorly integrated headlite . . . (o_O)’

    (checks the situation inside his pants) . . . NOPE, THAT’S A NO GO.

    This thing is doing NOTHING FOR ME.

    NEXT ! ! !

    Shout at me if they ever build a K1600R or bring over the K1300R.

  • MikeD

    @ Paul McM:

    The R1200C ? I sure do. Wouldn’t buy one with my own money but would sure ride the wheels off of it if given to me.

    +1 on RSD, that guy is practically molesting, raping stock good looking motorcycles and turning them into transvestites that if they had a mind of it’s own would probably jump from the top of Mount Everest to put an end to their misery.

  • Bicho

    This bike is meant to be the perfect bmw(boxer)platform for customising!!!.forks are now standard items(interchangeable with aftermarket items)and it looks like the seat-subframe could come off easily,so you can make a new tail-seat(tank)combination,no cutting to the frame needed….!And the stunt with RSD was made for a good reason…

  • Norm G.

    ok, how can I put this…? either build something as close as possible to Roland’s bike or don’t bother.

  • EPF

    Please, no more RSD builds. EVER.

  • MikeD