We haven’t seen a good solid stirring of the motorcycle rumormill in a while, but today whispers of a BMW six-cylinder naked bike, a K1600R if you will, have be filtering through the web forums and into our ears. With the rumors centering mostly around the fact that BMW introduced its 1,600cc inline-six motor at EICMA in 2009 by sticking it in a very attractive street-naked motorcycle, speculation has begun as to whether the Bavarian firm would follow that concept up with an actual production model (we always did find it strange that the concept for a touring motorcycle was a street-naked).

In 2009, the answer to that question were a surprising no-way, no-how, as BMW’s thoughts with the six-cylinder lump was to provide a smoother and more comfortable ride that better suited the touring market. In fact, the K1600GT/GTL’s motor makes 13hp less than the K1300R’s four-cylinder engine it would hypothetically oust, which becomes a bigger issue in the sportier category. None of these concerns are deal-breakers that would keep BMW from expanding the K1600 line into its more sporty market segments, but the Germans will likely have to tinker with the motor’s innards to find a few more ponies to convince riders about its move.

We don’t expect to see anything on this at EICMA later this November, but it certainly is an interesting proposition to ponder, and you can bet that there’s at least some discussion about the possibility going on internally in Germany. After all, the more components, especially motors, that motorcycles share, the easier it is for the Motorrad division to be profitable in its two-wheel pursuits. How that internal discussion concludes though, time will have to tell.

Source: Visordown

  • Shawn

    Hmm, I love inline 6s. I’ve had a hankering for a CBX for years, and even the KZ1300 has always made my heart beat a little faster. I’ve considered BMWs in the past, and a “K1600R” would definitely get me into a dealership.

    (PS: This obsession extends to other vehicles too, including BMWs. I’ve owned an F150 with an i6, a 4L Wrangler, and a BMW 325is. I’d give my left nut for mint Australian Ford FPV F6, an R32/R34 GTR, or a Mk4 Supra)

  • ohio

    I like it, but “naked” it is not.

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  • Other Sean

    Hilarious that this is the buzz, right after an interview in Motorcyclist a month or two ago with the BMW Motorrad boss saying that a naked six based on this concept would be too expensive to be marketable.

  • Richard Gozinya

    I have absolutely nothing nice to say about that concept bike. It looks like it was designed by Toyota.

  • 76

    Its a nice design but it does feel quite japanese for some reason. Somethings refined but others areas feel forced and overdone, would love to see if it makes it to production just so I can watch, overall not my kind of bike for purchase.

  • I’d guess that the sales success of the Daivel can’t be lost on them, but this still looks a Katana married to a Mnch Mammoth in a bad way. I’d be interested to ride it, but it woul have to be a lot more attractive for me to buy it.

  • Richard Gozinya

    Andrew, maybe just wait for the Horex VR6?

  • Jimi Hendrix

    This bike is so beautiful!!! I want one.

  • Billy B.Tso

    i personally love the styling, the exh-pipes and the intake make it for me…looks wild yet tame at the same time…if that makes sense, very bmw-esk…