BMW HP4 Mega Gallery + Video

09/10/2012 @ 12:12 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

The international launch of the 2013 BMW HP4 is now over, and while we may not have been in Spain to bring you our thoughts on the pepped-up S1000RR, BMW was at least kind enough to provide A&R with some more photos of its winky-faced superbike. More than just an updated BMW S1000RR, the BMW HP4 features the German brand’s Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) system, a semi-active suspension system that fine-tunes the HP4’s suspension settings on the fly for the road and riding conditions.

Initial reports on the HP4 appear to be very favorable, though expect the pricing here in the United States to be as extreme as the Bavarian motorcycle’s tech specs. BMW hopes that with the DDC and bevy of aftermarket parts, the HP4 will more than justify its expected $20k+ price tag. Will it be enough to persuade riders away from the Aprilia/Ducati/KTM of their choosing? Check out the 126 photos and two videos after the jump and let us know.

Source: BMW

  • Bellini

    Awesome! Thanks for the porn… :)

  • David

    At least BMW doesn’t have to boost sales by having seductive panty wearing males pose with their bikes.

  • Lone Wolf

    SWEET but BMW should decide which headlight to go with on the S1000RR, the circular shape or tear-drop shape!

  • Keet

    what good is the mega gallery if we cant DL them to use as wallpaper?

  • Shawn

    I love the asymmetrical headlights that BMW use. And like BMW says, they each have different tasks, why force them to look alike? Besides personal taste that is, for those people who don’t like asymmetry, but even then there’s no guarantee of consensus (a la the Street Triple’s dual round versus dual bug-eye.)

  • smiler

    Ensuring that they squeeze any last drop of character and involvement out of the bike by the fanatical application of more technology.
    Give me an analogue bike anytime.
    Well done BMW.

  • Gonzo


    Spoken like someone who does not own, nor ever ridden, an S1KRR! As the proud owner of a 2011 model, this bike has PLENTY of character and involvement! DTC will not save you from throwing the front away, and slick mode will still let you toss it on it’s(and your) head!

  • David

    Love my Beemer, great power awesome handling, quirky looks, excellent safety and it’s a BMW. Also it’s probably the smoothest bike I have ever ridden.ove this bike. Proud owner of a 2012 Black S1000RR.

  • Westward

    I like the asymmetrical headlights myself, easier for me to identify as it’s approaching…

  • MikeD

    Thanks for the Pictorial…too bad my laptop is not big enough to fully apreciate such resolution and quality… (-_-)

    That Akra system is a frigging masterpiece. Delicious…(^_^)

  • JHB1984


    just “right click” on the thumbnail and choose “open link in new …” ;o)


  • I definitely don’t agree with the policy of building liter bikes that can’t accommodate a passenger. At the very least manufacturers should offer this as an option, I wonder if the subframe on this bike has the capacity to handle a rider?

    After all the best thing about having one of these bikes, aside from handling and speed, is the ability to put some hot mama on the back, and take her to the beach on a sunny day, or pick her up and take her home with you. That is the ultimate goal of all REAL Riders anyway, isn’t it. :-)

  • Joe

    Love the fact that it still comes with heated grips….

  • MikeD


    My good Sr., the only girl(s) willing to occupy the passenger seat w/o the previous use of narcotics will be Hard-Core Masochists or Shrimp Size Midgets/Lolys.

    Nothing wrong with that…they are lots of fun if u know how to act according to their needs…LMAO.

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