Bimota BB2 – Where Retro Meets the BMW S1000RR

11/14/2012 @ 2:34 pm, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS

Our favorite news from the 2012 EICMA motorcycle show has to be the one where Bimota announced that it has entered an agreement with BMW Motorrad to use the BMW S1000RR motor in its rolling pieces of moto-art.

Using an almost exclusive diet of Ducati motors for its most recent creations, it only takes a quick look at the Bimota DB7, DB8, DB9, & DB11 to see that the boutique Italian bike builder has hit a bit of rut with its design inspiration. Our hope was that the partnership with BMW would change that.

Getting our first glimpse of the Bimota BB2, courtesy of sak_art design, the folks behind the machine, we can see our prayers haven’t gone unanswered. A clear homage to the Bimota BB1, the BB2 has some of the now-retro lines that distinguished Bimota so well in the early 1990’s.

Perhaps it is not the obscene hyperbike some were expecting when the S1000RR was tapped for duty, but there is an interesting blend of new and old in the Bimota BB2. Photos after the jump.

Source: sak_art design (Facebook)

  • 2ndclass

    I’d say it’s got more of the latter SB and YB models DNA (particularly the SB8, sans the V-twin obviously) than the BB1.

  • Motogpdr

    Please explain how this pays homage to bb1? I own both a bb1 mono and biposto and I fail to see any resemblance . Maybe I’m missing something? Lovely machine but I fail to see bb1 in it.

  • Motogpdr

    Now that my knee jerk reaction is over and I’ve looked more closely at the photos I am thinking how boring this is. It’s likely the first bimota that I have thought is boring since the mantra. Should have /could have been an extreme sport hyper bike. What a shame……

  • froryde

    Or could’ve been something like this:

    Bimota seriously needs a new designer – this SAK Design stuff is doing the brand injustice!

  • Motogpdr

    As the owner of 27 bimotas I feel I am humbly qualified to say that I agree w froryde…….SAK sucks if this is what they produce. My plain Jane BMW s 1000 is miles ahead of this ugly duckling. Bimota used to be something that we all knew ultimately was no better of a bike than most of the donor engine models, yet was pure eye candy. This machine ends that notion for this bimotisti of thirty years. And btw A and R is by far the finest EICMA coverage anywhere….thanks Jensen!

  • Thanks! I’ve got a buddy in Australia I need to introduce you to…

  • Ted

    What is that red gem in the 4th photo down!?

  • Ted

    Red gem on the left…

  • Jake F.

    I like it…a lot actually. I’d need to see it in person but so far it pushes all the right buttons. When is pricing information released on all these exotics?

  • L2C

    Seriously, if I could choose between the HP4 and this, the BB2, I’d choose the BB2! There’s no way I’d reject this bike! Not one infinitesimally, thinly sliced sliver of a chance exists in the known universe that would be at odds with me choosing this machine.

    Ah, man, it is so damned retro-futuristic and it reminds us that we still have yet to witness that future it anticipates. When do we get that future? Bimota appears to say that we can begin to experience it right now.

    What a heartbreakingly beautiful machine that BB2 is. Man…

  • L2C

    And I thought Honda’s 2013 CBR600RR gave a nice nod to old, yet futuristic designs. This BB2 however… Jeez. It really is heavenly.

  • L2C

    And to Sak_Art Design, please continue to do more of what you’re doing. Your Syd Mead influenced designs are very much appreciated by me. More, please!

  • RGR

    Personally I really like it. It’s a truly beautiful sport bike. Maybe not what Bimota is typically known for (hence all the ruffled feathers among the Bimota guys), but if you take a step back and just look at it as a motorcycle, it really is gorgeous. I would never buy the S1000RR because of its looks (well…maybe the HP4…) but I’d buy this in a heart beat.

    Bimota, please give a raise and a promotion to whomever designed that paint job. Beautiful!

  • John

    27 Bimotas? I want your life, Motogpdr…

  • Slow Rider

    A S1000RR engine to a bike like that? Are they kidding? I was expecting a new Superbike to replace the outdated DB7-DB8.

    Unfortunately, maybe because they are facing economic problems in the last years, Bimota has been specialized to built “franksteins”. They are creating new bikes mixing parts from the current models and adding some details to disguise that.

    It’s a real pity for a motorcycle company with a beautiful history.

  • Tim M

    Count me among the disappointed. Way too busy, with the black, red, and white elements crisscrossing all over. I’m not a fan of the asymmetrical lights on the BMW but this headlight design is not a whole lot better. They need to enlist the design skills of the “TA” in Bimota. However, I’m sure it’ll have Bimota’s impeccable handling and engineering expertise.

  • sburns2421

    BB2 looks far better than the other bike that has that engine in it.

    But then again, the S1000RR is possibly the ugliest bike available today if you don’t count several Kawasakis.

  • Clay

    that tail unit looks borrowed from a zx10