BeOn SXV 450 – Your Pocket Racer

11/12/2010 @ 10:58 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

We don’t know if the whole dirt bike into street bike club racing thing is more than just a fad, but the BeOn SXV 450 sure looks like it would be a blast during our local track day excursions. Based around an Aprilia SXV 4.5 supermotard, BeOn has constructed a body kit that includes roadracing fairings, fuel tank, and seat with rear tail. While the motor and frame remain stock, other amenities include road oriented suspension, wheels, gearing, and single-disc brakes.

This isn’t the first time BeOn has made ready-to-race “450GP” bikes out of cheap dirt bikes, but the use of the Aprilia 450cc v-twin SXV/RXV motor, instead of your typical Japanese single-cylinder, certainly has us intrigued. With the Aprilia lump making 60hp in its stock form (70hp if you use the SXV 5.5 motor), and the whole package by BeOn weighing 130kg (265 lbs), the BeOn SXV 450 would be a barrel a fun for any track day enthusiast, and make up for the Aprilia RSV550 that never materialized (sad trombone).

Kits from BeOn are upwards of €4,000, no word yet on pricing for the woman who looks like she is from New Jersey.


  • Hey now, that “woman who looks like she is from New Jersey” is someone’s daughter. No need to get personal.

  • I foresee a new blogging adventure for you Harry:

  • GeddyT

    The only real downside I see to this is the RIDICULOUS maintenance intervals on those motors–and I’m not just talking the easy stuff. This would be a crazy awesome track day bike, or throw lights and mirrors on it and it would be a blast around town. But the maintenance intervals would have to triple and reliability improve ten-fold before I would even think about it.

  • RSVDan

    The SXV motor is no more maintenance intensive than any other modern 4-Stroke MX motor, less so when it comes to top end refreshes. There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding these bikes from armchair internet experts that have no experience with them. Follow the guidelines for oil changes and valve adjustments, and you are in good shape. The problems that plagued the bikes on early production runs in 2007 have been addressed and sorted. I would have no qualms whatsoever in owning one of these bikes, and hope to have an MXV in my garage at some point.

  • Mickey

    Like most cool kit bikes the problem is price. The 550 might be able to compete against SV650’s in club racing. The 550 making 70hp but weighing so little might be able to run with the SV’s but since you can build a SV making around 80hp race bike for the neighborhood of $6k this exotic toy costing $14k is hard to justify unless you just want something different. If you if you just want to be different you can alway buy a Kawasaki 650 (I did)

  • dantheautomator

    Maybe the spaniards have some good stuff at BeOn but don’t forget the frenchies with the Roadson (same SVX 450 -or is it a 550 ?- engine) which is lighter than any conversion (ok not talking about money)

  • dantheautomator

    the real website (sorry)
    and yes 550…

  • Will

    Nice, would love to see more of each!

  • Damo

    Sounds like it would be fun to take around the local circuit aside from one thing….price!

    I personally could never justify a kit bike that would set me back about $13.5k when I could go buy a left over 2009 Repsol Honda for about $11.8k these days.

  • patron

    I really, really wanted a SXV supermoto when I was shopping around for one. But after a friend bought his (08 or 09 I cant remember) and replaced 3 engines in the first couple weeks of owning it……no thanks. Those bikes make an unbelievable sound when they are working tho.