Benchmark by Walz Hardcore Cycles

01/01/2013 @ 11:46 am, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS

Regular readers will know that I am not a big chopper guy, but every now and then one comes along that tugs enough on this sportbiker’s heart strings that I feel compelled to post about it. Such is the case with the Benchmark by Walz Hardcore Cycles, whose close proximity to the F1 course in Hockenheim, Germany certainly must play a factor.

I am fairly confident that the Öhlins superbike suspension, carbon fiber wheels, carbon/ceramic disc brakes, and debadged Akrapovic exhaust can aren’t going to really make the difference on this low-slung S&S-powered motorcycle, but they certainly do add to the bike’s sporty lines.

The streamlined sporty-chopper look has always worked well on me, and the Benchmark is no different with its brushed aluminum metal bodywork and carbon fiber accent pieces. I can’t say that I am a fan of the Ducati Monster headlight though, a design element that kills the donor machine for me.

With pricing that starts at €124,900 (€149,900 for the bike shown here), there is a hefty dose of sticker shock that comes with the Benchmark as well. So, we doubt one will find its way into your garage anytime soon, but for now it is something nice to look at, even if the chopper thing isn’t your bag of two-wheeled fun.

Source: Walz Hardcore Cycles

  • RGR

    What a waste of some nice parts and pieces…

  • dagoof

    Fugly and unrideable…

  • NOCHnoch

    Nobody who buys a bike like this will ride it, but that has more to do with the frame than the cost.

  • Never has been and never will be my bag. It just baffles me why some body would put that kinda money in to a bike like that but then its what you want I guess…

  • TexusTim

    I like alot of the work done, although choppers and cruisers are not for me, but the can tacked on to the end of the u bend looks wrong it should start lower and have an upswept angle to the can….just that part makes it look fumbled together when the rest looks well thought out. sorry but this is what we have in the off season…it will get better.

  • Wayne

    It may not be very practical but it is a work of art. Beautiful!

  • MotoSoup

    It hurts my lower back just to look at it.

  • That lower triple clamping surface is downright terrifying. Art is great and all, but human safety should come first on something that may actually roll down a highway someday.

  • meatspin

    looks cool but I’m still trying to visualize how I would sit on this bike and be able to operate all the controls.

  • Paul McMenamin

    Nice metal work. But come on… €149,900 so I can burn my leg on the right side exhaust? A front “spoiler” that will bash into the first obstacle on the road. This is a styling exercise (and an ergonomic nightmare — unless you have arms like an orangutan.) I’d rather have a Mule Motors custom at 1/10th the cost!!

  • Yeah… this is beautiful, but just impractical for riding if I had the $$$. That said, today’s BPF (forks) that come on sport bikes would be plenty on this ride since you won’t even hardly use the forks and then it has to be raised up or you will rip that chin fairing right off… at least where I live you will.

    But for BLING purposes.. VERY nice lines – WOW!

  • H.P.

    I want to meet the douchebag who can afford £149k for a bike this ridiculous, punch him, and then take his money. He might as well get robbed from someone who could teach him the idiom, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  • Krylov

    What a caricature of a motorcycle – and ridiculously overpriced at that!

    Shame that this unridable contraption is such a waste of top-notch
    suspension equipment….
    To me this “bike”(?) just represents all that is oh so wrong with
    the so called “custom builder scene” and their possible customers.

  • adam

    like a solid gold toilet. a complete mismatch of materials/components vs intended usage.


  • BBQdog

    In detail some of the finish looks a bit crude ….

  • hoyt

    Have you heard of BTR Moto?
    Among the R6-powered hill climb bikes & trackday singles, they build a sportbike using an HD Twin Cam motor.

    The hot rodding capabilities of the big twin (vs. the air-cooled Buell motor) can yield 120+ ft lbs. of torque. Even more if someone wanted to use a Jim’s 130 c.i. motor.

    Anyway, here’s a video of the builder explaining the chassis & his own transmission, which allowed him to build the bike with a geometry that is the same as the current 4-cylinder liter sportbikes. The weight is comparable too. The bottom link is footage at Thunderhill.

    Jensen – I bet he would be willing to let you ride it at the next track day for a ride review if you’re interested. He is in the east bay.

  • John

    I like all kinds of bikes, but I really do not get this mess at all. Clearly unrideable. As a design exercise it makes to sense to me either.

  • David

    Almost $200k and the welds look like a blind 6 year old did them.

  • Ben

    You would need arm like a monkey to hold the handle bar. Must look so funny! Or maybe the seat is for the co-pilot :-D