Ben Spies and His Pramac Ducati Livery

01/16/2013 @ 2:55 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS


Along with the unveiling of the Ducati Corse factory team, Ben Spies, Andrea Iannone, and the rest of the Pramac Ducati team were on hand at the 2013 Wrooom event to unveil their factory-supported hardware. Continuing the close relationship between Ducati Corse and Pramac Team Principal Paolo Campinoti, the Pramac Ducati squad will help Ducati develop the Desmosidici race bike during the 2013 MotoGP season.

Though the logos may be sparse, Pramac Ducati sees the addition of Ignite Asset Management to the team’s livery, a New York-based asset management firm. Moving from the factory Yamaha team to the Ducati “junior” squad, Spies will be joined by Moto2 star Iannone, who captivated fans last year with his aggressive riding style and back-end cornering procedures.

“I am excited to be a part of the Ducati family,” said Spies. “This is something I’ve wanted from the beginning of my racing career. My team and I have our work cut out for us and new goals to meet, but we’ll benefit from factory support and Audi coming on board. Ducati has four strong riders with different styles, which should improve the Desmosedici and bring it back up to the top where it belongs.”

“We’re very pleased with the agreement we’ve reached with Ignite Pramac Racing Team for 2013, which has the Francesco Guidotti-run team taking on factory-supported status, with an even closer link to Ducati’s racing department,” said Ducati Corse MotoGP Project Director Paolo Ciabatti.

“This is also demonstrated with the presence for the first time of Pramac Racing Team at Wrooom, the fantastic event taking place in Madonna di Campiglio,” Ciabatti continued. “We’re very confident that Ben Spies will be able to use his talents to help us with the development of the bike and to achieve the results we’re after more quickly, and we thank the sponsor Ignite Asset Management for its support on this project.”



Source: Ducati Corse

  • Ralph

    Excited for Speez, Yamaha never brought him what he seeked in the end.
    Call it unlucky… call it wrong timing.

    I do miss the snot green of the Pramac livery like before.

    Are those Ali frames made by Suter now!?

    Vai Benny, vai…

  • I’m excited to see an American company supporting an American rider in MotoGP. Is it April 21st yet?!?!?!

  • Cpt.Slow

    +1 on what Doug said but moreover, it’s a company outside of the industry.

  • pooch

    Interesting team. Maybe even more than Spies, I’m keen to see how Crazy Joe handles a MotoGP bike. It might actually suit him more than Spies.

  • JoeD

    I really wish Ben the best and hope Yamaha has an abysmal season. They were rude to Ben and I hope the garage explodes with infighting. I like the riders but not enough to erase the bad behavior of the factory. For Ben to state he has wanted this from the beginning is truly inspiring. Hopefully, the Ducati/Audi marriage is up to the task.

  • awesome paint design really hope they get it together and compete for the podium by mid season…

  • Clive

    I put Ben in the Roberts, Spencer, Lawson (something very special) league from the 1st time I saw him ride a superbike. He proved that in WSBK but for one reason or another just hasn’t had the right mix to do it in MotoGP. I really hope this Ducati suits him because for me his style is the closest to Stoner’s out of the four.

  • Halfie30

    To be honest I think Nicky’s style is the closest to Stoners. “Elbows” Spies is very reliant on front end feel. Nicky and Rossi are probably to only two guys who can still steer a bike with the back wheel on a GP bike. That being said, Ben and Dovi’s style will be a huge benefit to Ducati to get that from end feel back.

  • “Nicky and Rossi are probably to only two guys who can still steer a bike with the back wheel on a GP bike.”

    Judging by how crossed-up Stoner would get nearly every time out on the bike, you’d simply have to put him firmly in the steer from the rear camp. Hang it out, stand it up and blast off.

  • Isaac (Spektre76)

    I like this livery waaaaay better than the factory team’s livery!

  • Rndmstrngt

    Spies looks thrilled.. not

  • phs

    I think the loose feeling of the Ducati will be good for Spies. He is better suited to sliding around a Superbike than keeping wheels inline on a GP bike. Maybe his good friend Stoner will share some secrets with him as well regarding how he rode the Ducati so well.

  • sideswipe

    A pig with lipstick. Not you Ben. That sow under you. Ok, new lipstick. Better?

  • LoneStarBR

    I love the idea of seeing Nicky and Ben on my brand. BUT; Nicky never figured out how to go ultrafast with the dead front end feel. Ben , needs front in feel also – so I don’t see him going much better. You guys a talking about driving the back end; those days are simply gone. The Aliens all came from 125 etc…so they ride these big bikes the same; Stoner really does ride like no one else. He gets an extra 1% out of any riding situation by effort that looks more or less like magic to the other riders. He takes extra care to notice and use everything to gain speed. His level of detail is really amazing. He can tell you about every single inch of every track. Amazing focus like all of theses guys but just a tad extra. IF motogp was just about riding something with too much power, the Americans would fair better, but with all the electronics, these bikes can be ridden like 125’s – so I predict more or less the same results. Can’t wait to see it in Austin!! Lets Get it!