Video: Belgian Classic TT

03/11/2013 @ 3:52 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


A video we should probably save for a Throwback Thursday, we bring you this short film by Tim Buys, which features last year’s Belgian TT Classic. A race open to any motorcycle of 40 years age or older, the Clas­sic Racing Motor­cycles Bel­gium (CRMB) holds the Classic TT in Gedinne, Belgium on a short road course that measures 3.15 miles in length.

With 22 proper turns and one chicane, it is interesting that the longest straight on the course is only 200 meters long, still the road course is considered to be quite fast for the vintage bikes that race on it. If you like your race bike older than their racers, and your race courses on public roads then we’ve got a special treat for you after the jump. Happy Monday.

Source: Clas­sic Racing Motor­cycles Bel­gium via derestricted

  • matthew916

    awesome! thanks!

  • Prasenjit

    ** Awesome :) :) **

  • BBQdog

    Could have been a nice video, but I don’t like it when they put crappy music over the motor sound.
    I can’t understand why someone who loves motorcycles would do that.

  • Alan Comfort

    Absolutely stunning. The music is great and there is just enough ambient sound to make it all work. Thank you for sharing it with us. This is an event that I must attend before I shed this mortal coil.
    Alan in Vancouver

  • Bruno

    I’ve attended this event several times and it’s one of the highlights of the summer. As there’s currently 10-20cm of snow outside in Belgium, it couldn’t seem further away at the moment.
    Superb video!

  • That was one helluva nice video. Makes me really want to go there!

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  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    That was awesome! That looks like awesome fun to watch or ride in. I’m a fan now…where can I see something like this in real life in the States?

    Why don’t they do something like that around here (California). …or do something like the modern take on the Miglia Millia (sp) but for bikes. A giant road trip for these classic bikes.

    I disagree with the others about the music. The sound of these bikes is the music! The whole time I watched the video I was like “omg turn that #@!$! music off I want to hear these machines!” If the sound of race bikes isn’t enough and you need some wacky soundtrack to pump you up…?

  • Ken Howell

    Good video crappy soundtrack. Can’t believe that any racing enthusiast would make about vintage motorcycle racing and then spoil it with a music soundtrack. I’d personally want to hear the bikes. Hell that’s half of the enjoyment of vintage racing.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    30 second diatribe–today’s society seems to constantly need to suck everything down a peg in a futile attempt to attact those who otherwise wouldn’t be interested. Don’t like a short movie about vintage bikes? Wait. Don’t turn that dial…we added Fortunate Son by CCR. Now you interested? or, did you happen to go to an NBA basketball game and you don’t know why you’re there because you hate basketball…maybe this will change your mind (cue blaring music).

    It’s Thursday, I need the weekend. The sound of vintage racers would have lifted my spirits.

  • “Why don’t they do something like that around here (California).”

    Because North Americans love to sue whenever something goes wrong.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    I agree Trane.

    The threat of lawsuits has killed the fun in almost everything but I’m only allowed one diatribe. I’ll leave this one to you.

    Although, didn’t Rossi and Ago and some others go for a ride down Hwy1 with a bunch of people a few years back during the Laguna Seca round of MotoGP? nobody rode vintage bikes but it was in a similar spirit of fun.

    Vintage racing looks really fun. I hope something happens to promote it here in the USA.

  • “Vintage racing looks really fun. I hope something happens to promote it here in the USA.”

    There are some clubs that focus exclusively on vintage bikes. The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association comes to mind [ ]. :-)

  • For the short, with more sound:

    The sound was not good enough for me to use in the extended version, didn’t had a soundman or the time.
    New season starts soon…

  • I can remember some kind of vintage bike race at Laguna Seca back in early 80s. They for sure had a race that was only Twins back then.