MotoGP Signs Austin GP with a 10-Year Contract

04/13/2011 @ 12:57 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

The rumors finally came true today, as Dorna has signed on the Circuit of the Americas, the new world class facility being built outside of Austin, Texas, for a 10-year contract to host MotoGP racing. Like the Indianapolis GP, and unlike Laguna Seca, the Austin GP (unofficial name) will host all three GP classes on its race weekend, and will begin hosting MotoGP starting with the 2013 season.

This is surely good news for American race fans, as it adds another venue to the roster, which could see three stops in the USA for MotoGP racing. Rumored to possibly be replacing the Indianapolis GP, it was interesting enough to see that the famous mid-west track issued its own statement about the event, putting its full support behind the Texan venue entering the calendars, and what it could mean for American GP racing.

Much of the Austin GP’s announcement is in-fact really about the Indy GP. With the Brickyard on a year-to-year renewal basis regarding its contract with Dorna, the situation around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been tenuous these past couple of years. As details emerged about the Circuit of the Americas, questions began to be raised as to what would happen to the Indy GP once the Austin track was completed.

Riders have long complained about the surface and track conditions at Indianapolis, but the track’s professional facilities, historic name, and proximity to the east coast have so far secured its contract renewal. While the Austin GP cannot do anything about the latter part of that offering, the venue is of world class caliber, and has also snared a contract to Formula 1 as well, which only adds to its prestige.

For Dorna the Austin GP seems like a smart hedging of their bets with Indy, and puts the company in a position where they can effective walk away from the Indiana venue if changes are not made. This puts the Spanish media company in a strong position to demand that modifications be made to the IMS infield, without jeopardizing a two-stop affair in one of the motorcycling’s largest markets. Of course three races in the United States, one in each major region, would be icing on the cake of Dorna and MotoGP, and the optimal outcome of this situation. Time will tell how this negotiation pans out, but judging from the tone set by IMS, things are looking good.

Source: MotoGP & Indianapolis Motor Speedway; Photo: © 2011 Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Rob

    sweet, living in new orleans, I’ll finally be able to attend a GP event!

  • 76

    I’m wondering if there is a new job in Ausin for me. I wouldnt mind that being my home track, yearround

  • Keith

    considering the issues with indy…consider me not surprised. America is great untapped area for MotoGp.

  • Jack

    It would be a real shame if MotoGP left Indy. The Attendance has been falling, but is still almost twice as big as California. The area hotels are more than reasonable not the rip-offs like around Mazda. The town is totally receptive and the police couldn’t be nicer. Leaving after the races takes 5 min. to get to a major highway, something that has been perfected over the last 100 years. Then as a major plus, there is the Indy mile for the flat track fans. Living in NJ, Indy is an easy ride, not so much Texas. It will be interesting to see how the big influx of bikes will be treated in Austin with hotel rates and the police. Weather could be another issue. The heat could be overwelming. Most of the people I know who live in Texas put their bikes away for the summer.

  • BBQdog

    No too bad. Put some clip-on’s on the bike, remove this ugly little spoiler and you have got a naked version of de RSV4. Says one that is still dreaming of an 145kg dry RSV 550 …..

  • BBQdog

    (ups, post in wrong item, sorry)

  • DS

    Austin is a fairly easy plane ride for the fans to the south so the attendance should be large.

  • Philip

    This is so awesome, I can finally ride to a GP from Houston!

  • Jack

    What kind of rider flys???????

  • Damo


    The ones that live in New England. I am not even sure my RSV Mille could make the trip. She only has about a 98 mile range in between fuel stops. I know there are some desolate highways out west.