With the news breaking last week that Attack Performance had been given permission to run a wild card entry at both MotoGP in the United States, the American team has confirmed their entry, and that AMA Superbike rider Steve Rapp will race a Kawasaki-powered CRT race bike. Well-known in the AMA paddock, Attack Performance will build its own all-aluminum custom chassis for the CRT effort, and will house a heavily modified Kawasaki ZX-10R engine

“I’ve wanted to design my own chassis for 10 years,” said Attack Performance Team Owner Richard Stanboli, “so this new class structure, essentially a Superbike engine housed in a prototype chassis, has provided an ideal opportunity for me. We have a great deal of work to do before the first event at Laguna Seca, but I’m no stranger to 20-hour days.”

Though Rapp has extensive experience racing at both Laguna Seca and Indianapolis, the American rider will have his work cutout for him, as he only has a few months to prepare for his MotoGP debut. Equally daunting for the team will be bringing their bike up to speed, as it does not sound like its development is very far along.

While Attack Performance has considerable experience working with the Kawasaki ZX-10R, and can learn from some of the progress made by BQR’s Kawasaki CRT entry, the team will have a hard time developing the necessary electronic package to be competitive in motorcycling premier racing class in such a short amount of time.

If the well-developed BMW/Suter bike raced by NGM Forward is any indication of how hard that task can be, developing electronics for CRTs from scratch can be a nearly year-long ordeal. We wish Attack Performance and Steve Rapp the best of luck with this project, and hope they can make a good showing at the two American Grand Prix.

Source: Attack Performance

  • john

    good for steve.

    let’s also hope that josh hayes gets a ride in the two US rounds as well. i am not wishing for any of the yamaha teams to have injuries that would open a slot for josh … just hoping they can manage to get him in somehow … if even on a CRT team.

  • 76

    Best of luck for Steve and Attack, its not going to be easy. Even though flatout HP might no be a huge factor at laguna, a good chassis will be. Lets hope Attack has a Ace up their sleeve cause they are going to need it.

  • Rob

    Not really a huge fan of the CRT business in a prototype class, but if there is any upside it’s that companies like Attack can field a machine and really show their engineering prowess to the world. Even if they’re only “fast among the slow” so to speak.

  • Cpt.Slow

    Hat’s off to everyone at Attack and Co. Give em hell!

  • Cpt.Slow

    If moto gp is to become (w)sbk +, then I see wsbk level of tune taken out of the heavens and back down to earth… basically AMA rules (bar some of it’s negative traits) and I actually agree with this!

  • 76

    “AMA rules (bar some of it’s negative traits) ”

    Lets start with the HP limiting Sunoco Stock Car Gas for one…

  • Toss Rapp get Joey Pascarella on that thing at then they might have a chance

  • 76

    Rapp is fast and can ride anything, and remeber, he did win the very same race that makes Pascarella such the name at the moment. (not taking anything away from Pascarella)

    If I was faced with getting an American Rider to Wildcard a GP race it would be:

    1)Josh Hayes, lets remember the GP race he ran at Valencia he place 6th in tough conditions where Rossi, Hayden, Bautista and De Puniet DNF’d

    2) Tommy Hayden, would get alot of airplay that the brothers would be racing each other

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  • Singletrack

    What’s the thinking behind (American) MotoGP wildcard rider entries?

    Is it a reward for a past-his-prime rider that has paid his dues (ie Bostrom, Rapp et al.)?

    I think the wild card should be a reward for the current local champion (ie fastest guy – Hayes), or a rising star that can be catapulted into the big leagues – (Pascarella, Young).

    Although in reality, I guess it goes to whoever is available without a current contract prohibiting this sort of thing. ;)