Listen to Attack Kawasaki’s Crossplane CRT Bike

02/01/2013 @ 10:52 am, by Jensen Beeler36 COMMENTS


The 2013 MotoGP Championship season is rapidly approaching us, and while many of the teams are now making their way to Sepang, Malaysia for their first test since the winter ban period, Attack Kawasaki and rider Blake Young were out in the California desert, putting laps in on Rich Stanboli’s new crossplane-enginged Kawasaki CRT bike at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.

Only time will tell on how Attack’s racing package performs at its three MotoGP wildcard events (Austin, Laguna Seca, and Indianapolis), but so far the project is music to our ears. The only Kawasaki with a crossplane crankshaft that we can think of, enjoy the video posted by RM Racing after the jump. And remember, it’s Friday, so no one at work would judge you if you bumped up the speakers.

Source: RM Racing (Facebook)

  • Ken C.

    That’s pretty cool. It should be interesting to see what Blake Young can do on this thing.

  • fantastic. can’t wait to see Blake in action in Austin!

  • BBQdog

    Went to the Assen TT this year and I love the sound of the Yamaha.
    At low rev’s it is very nice and deep. The sound of the RC213V was really
    dirty and hurts the ears. The Ducati also sounded nice but a bit sluggish.

  • Afletra

    “Listen” to Attack Kawasaki’s Crossplane CRT Bike…
    Pardon me, is crossplane crankshaft most notable by it’s (unique) sound?

  • Afletra, a crossplane cranked four-cylinder does make a unique sound, when compared to standard bike. The real benefit though is smoother power delivery and decreased fuel-economy.

  • Sweet!!!

  • Laurençio

    I’m rooting for these guys. More wildcards please!

  • I got judged…. :-(

    Silly coworkers don’t know what they’re missing out on!

  • Edward K

    Sounds great… But I thought CRT bikes were to use production based engines in prototype chassis?… What production Kawasaki has a crossplane crank?


  • mikelew65

    @Edward K “Production based” is the catch-all used to allow bikes with various and cheaper production parts, i.e. cases, but still allow heavy mods such as a crossplane cranks. This was to address the Harris-WCM problem from a few years ago when what was essentially a prototype bike (and a quick one at that) was DQ’d because it had production cases and other minor bits. So CRT, unlike say WSBK, can make pretty heavy mods legally. At least that’s my understanding.

  • Jon


    “smoother power delivery and decreased fuel-economy…..”

    Isn’t decreased fuel economy a bad thing ;)

  • So Jon, I guess you see what I did there… ;)

  • Yes, Jensen, it is Friday. I know this to be true because every Friday I crank up that wonderful Friday song from Youtube to torture my employees.

  • You’re a bad man Mr. X.

  • Edward, ZX-10R motor with a modified crank. All perfectly legal according to the rules.

  • jet057

    Oh,,what was that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,An earthquake or my wALLS JUST SHUTTERING FROM THAT BAD-ASS KAWI………..LOL,,,,Its friday beotches,,,,,,,,,,,feeling good cause were riding tomorrow,,,,,,,,oh yeah..

  • Matty

    You have the wrong crank in that picture…….. Seriously.

  • CTK

    I don’t think this is a crossplane. Call me crazy, but it sounds like a parallel twin. Given the ZX-RR Big Bang of 2005, and the link back to Kawi’s parallel twin bikes, it makes a lot of sense. Pulling off, it sounded a LOT like the hollow ATV like gurgle of my Ninja 650R, and really nothing like the V8 burble of a V4 or the crossplane R1. Interesting choice Kawi, VERY interesting. Still hoping for the return of the ZX-RR

  • It’s a crossplane.

  • Matty, that’s the correct photo, and it’s from Yamaha.

  • Crossplain have un even firing order causing pulses in engine power thus increasing traction and a smoother power delivery. A virtual V engine in an inline format. Attack made the crank cause Kawi doesn’t currently make one.

  • Dr. Gellar

    I really hope these guys do well this year. If Blake Young can ride that machine anything like he rode the Yoshimura Suzuki at Road Atlanta this last season, he may surprise a few people.

  • Vince

    Didn’t Kawasaki have a big bang inline four in 2009 that Marco Melandri rode ( to one podium) in MotoGP?Kawasaki actually pulled out of MotoGP and stopped develpoment but Hayate ran the the one bike team. It sounded like the Yamaha M1.

  • Paulo

    Sounds ALMOST as sweet as an R1………just almost :)

  • BBQdog

    @Matty: I don’t think this is a crossplane

    That’s what I thought too ….

  • BBQdog
  • BBQdog


    “Crossplane cranks can be combined with big-bang firing order for improved power delivery.”

    So a crossplane crank hasn’t to be bigbang ….

  • Slow Rider

    Cool! Good luck for them!

  • “The real benefit though is smoother power delivery and decreased fuel-economy.”

    Jensen? ;)

  • Yes Jim?

  • Faust

    I think Jim is trying to say that “decreased fuel-economy” is not a benefit.

  • Sweet!

  • And I’m trying to say it’s this crazy thing called humor, tongue-in-cheek style.

  • Interesting that someone builds their own Cross plain these days when 5 years ago it was not a conceived idea for production and barely race bikes…

    Should be interesting for sure… :)

  • ScreaminBigBang

    hummm…. so it’s better to build a ZX10 with a custom crossplane crank than it is to modify an existing +09 R1 engine to be competitive as a CRT engine?

    Without it being race proved the idea in itself is awesome and hopefully inspiring to the other CRT teams to think outside the box a little bit. :)

    If it works decent I’m sure Colin Edwards II will be the first in line to buy one for his Kawi-FTR. :)

  • moto4

    BBQ- a cross plane crank will, by definition be a big bang engine…surely??