Asphalt & Rubber Turns Three Years Old Today

10/28/2011 @ 1:14 pm, by Jensen Beeler41 COMMENTS

It’s the end of October, and there is a picture of me from a birthday track day, so that could mean only one thing: Asphalt & Rubber has aged another year. Now into our third year of this crazy online motorcycle blog experiment, I pleasantly get to reiterate some of the text from last year’s anniversary announcement, as A&R continues to grow beyond anything that this dyslexic kid, who routinely failed writing classes, could have imagined.

This year has been one marked with notable events, as Asphalt & Rubber has come to you live from a bevy of remote locations for our race and event coverage, such as Qatar, Australia, and the Isle of Man. Storming perhaps the last refuge for motorcycle print journalism, we’ve also become one of only two pure-online publications regularly seen in the MotoGP paddock.

But most impressively this year, Asphalt & Rubber passed the 500,000 reader mark, and fittingly this October is shaping up to be our best month ever in terms of traffic & readership…as was the month before that, and the month before that — with all of that math culminating into the fact that A&R has almost doubled in size since last year’s birthday announcement.

One of the questions I often get in regards to A&R is the use of the royal “we” on the site, and the answer I give is that Asphalt & Rubber wouldn’t be possible without the hard work, encouragement, and support of a very loyal group of people. So, I’d like to give a quick shout out to everyone that helped A&R this past year, with a level of gratitude bordering on indentured servitude to Daniel LloydDustin GibbsPeter Lombardi, Jason Yu, Jessica Pichora, Joanne Donn, Scott Jones, Tim Hoefer, Victoria Reid, and lastly our network of Bothan Spies, who continue to provide us with industry-leading news tips despite their own almost certain peril.

Also a big throttle-full of gratitude goes out to all our friends (you know who you are) and family (thanks Mom for letting me start this whole blogging nonsense in your basement), who for reasons beyond my comprehension continue to support this occasionally profitable endeavor. Lastly and most importantly, thank you to all our readers who make all the work worthwhile. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, or just leave a comment below. See you next year.

  • New Zealand Dan

    Well done guys (and gals if applicable) Thoroughly enjoy the site and content. Keep up the good work!

  • Congrats Jensen, many happy returns

  • Todd

    Great job Jensen! Congrats and see you at the D-Store!

  • Bjorn

    Happy birthday A&R. My first motorcycle fix each day.

  • Kurt

    Congrats Jensen. As an anniversary article… u should publish pix of my customized Benelli. LOL. Best wishes for many more years of successful publishing.

  • Fluffy

    Awesome news! Congratulations on year 3! I hope there are many more as your site is one of my daily stops. Thank you!

    Let’s see the rest of those track day pics!

  • RSVDan

  • Minibull

    Congratulations Jensen, been with you since the start, and I’ll be here for many years to come. Keep up the brilliant work :)

  • John Magnum

    Congrats Jensen quality everyday good reading and always fun in the comments section
    happy b day A&R!

  • Alexontwowheels

    Happy birthday bitches!! :-D

  • Happy B Day A&R From TMCBLog in Indonesia

  • MikeD

    Congrats, Omedeto(in Japanese) and Felicidades(in Spanish)…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…I truly apreciate the freedom of speech AND THEN SOME that we have/ENJOY here(even when we get out of hand)…and then to boot, IS FREE HERE ! No suscription fees B.S.(for now? LOL)

    I recently got BANNED from for calling the “new” Aprilia 850 scooter A Sperm Whale with LipStick…and before that some other “written opinions” erased. Yeah…i guess i had it coming…LMFAO.

    Thanks for the hard work ! Keep it UP ! A daily reader/visitor. MikeD.

  • DarN

    Greetings Boys,
    Happy B-day and keep up the good work!

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  • ChrisD

    Hey Guys! Congrats on getting to the 3Rd year! Its been almost a year since Ive made you my Number 1 Stop for all my motorcycle and racing news.. Definitely my daily read. Thanks for all the great posts! Keep it going!

  • Congrats, guys. A compulsory stop each day.

  • Jack Lange

    Nice work. I visit the site daily.

  • John

    Congratz from Argentina!

    Keep it up!

  • Just wanted to say that I read your blog quite frequently and I’m always amazed at some of the stuff people post here. But keep up the good work, it’s always interesting. See ya,

  • Frod

    congratulations! and keep up the good work from Connecticut, USA

  • irksome

    I’m smooshing a cupcake into my drive even as we speak. I’ll forward it to ya.

    Hope you like chocolate!

  • BBQdog

    Happy birthday A&R and Jensen. Everyday I come by to have a quick look at this site but most of the times I stay longer :-)

  • digfoto

    Congrats! Keep up the great work!!! When I was in Africa a couple weeks ago without any internet access – MISSED reading your daily posts. Glad to be reading them again each and every day.

  • Been following your blog/online motorcycle mecha for years now! Been following it probably since day one which I stumbled upon it by accident! I keep loving it more and more, I love all of your passion for the machines! Please keep it up and I hope to see A&R grow and more machines! More Italian Machines :P hehe

  • PD


    MORE of the same. MORE, MORE of the same.

  • 76

    You get a check from me everyday, great job and continue the success, cheers..

  • Jack

    Great site!!!! I check in at least twice a day.

  • Congratulations, Jensen! I’m proud to be involved, and grateful to all of the A&R readers who support the site with their readership and comments.

  • invisible cities

    Congratulations, Jensen! A shout out to you and the whole A&R team. Your dedication to this site shows! Many happy returns.

  • Paul McM

    Jensen —
    As a fellow Blogger I have some concept of the effort you put into the site. It is my favorite “moto” destination on the web. Best layout, best photos, and often the most current/timely reports. You are to be congratulated on your efforts and the high quality of all the content you deliver, week in and week out. My only suggestion for the future is to put up some videos with real-world gear and bike tests. Most other media sources have so-so credibility.

  • Azhar

    Happy Bday. You guys rock! Your my first choice for the most update date moto info. Keep up the great work guys!!!!!!!!!

  • Damo

    Great site, keep up the good work. became a daily visit for me about a year ago and I have been spreading the word every since!

  • Adrien

    Congrats from China
    it brightens the cloudy days at work,
    Keep it up !

  • Pedro

    Since I discovered this site, not a day goes by without checking it ! Kudos to all of you from Portugal :)

  • AK


  • TonyC

    Congrats A&R! I’ve enjoyed visiting your site every morning this past year. Keep up the good work and I look forward to many more years to come!

  • jimmyo

    You guys are my favorite motorcycle new site. Keep up the good work, clean UI, and minimally intrusive advertisement.

  • Good job, love the site.

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone. Makes it all worthwhile.

  • David Dungan

    Never disappointed with your timely information.
    You guy’s are always on top of it and it is reflected in
    the quality of this site.
    Very well done! Congradulations to all that make it so…..