Aprilia Tuono V4 Street by Paris-Nord Moto

04/27/2011 @ 7:06 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

On paper the Aprilia Tuono V4 R is a monster, boasting the most horsepower in its class, and coming armed with a sophisticated electronics package to help hook-up the 162hp on the tarmac. While all the early ride reports are positive about the new true-blooded streetfighter, and we’re sure the slightly watered-down naked RSV4 would paint a silly grin on our face, it’s the headshot of this bike that makes us cringe just a little bit — the RSV4 headlight just doesn’t work without the accompanying bodywork.

While your mileage may vary, at least one dealership in France appears to agree with us, and has taken matters into its own hands. Putting together what it calls an Aprilia Tuono V4 Street, Paris-Nord Moto has created its own special version of the Aprilia Tuono V4 R with a new headlight and half-fairing design.

Beyond the major aesthetic changes, the Aprilia Tuono V4 Street comes with a Zard exhaust, and various bits and pieces from Rizoma, rounding-out the Tuono’s appearance. Helping the Aprilia breathe is a RAM air system, you know…because the Tuono V4 needs more power.

Facelifts aren’t cheap, and neither is the Aprilia Tuono V4 Street. Tacking on an additional €5,000 to the Tuono V4 R’s MSRP, French riders can expect to pay €19,999 + VAT for this dealer custom.

Source: Paris-Nord Moto via Moto Revue

  • Shaman

    …. I’m really not feeling it. This doesn’t appear to be better in any tangible way.

  • Ah… Vive la France!

    When I lived there (late 2002-early ’04) I was struck by the way they were naturally drawn to big naked bikes. V-Maxes seemed as common there as Harleys do here. And as with our Harley cult, everything’s customized or at least accessorized to the point where the rider can feel it’s his own individual expression of moto-ego. Several big shops over there (Paris-Nord is one of the biggest, though it’s nowhere near the physical size of a Top-100 dealer in the U.S.) contract with aftermarket bodywork suppliers to come up with their own models.

    The whole French scene is under-reported over here. For the last few years, I’ve been trying to get funding together for a documentary about it, highlighting the strong American connection to Rock n Roll, hot rod culture… If I’m ever successful, you’ll see a feature length film called, The Monsters of the Salt.

  • duxBros

    It’s definitely a better face than the Tuono although the runners make for a beak that I’m not crazy about, but reshaping them would probably affect the horsepower. Speaking of which, isn’t there a 106 horsepower maximum for motos in France? If so, how do they drop 60+/- horsepower from the RSV4?

    @MG: Would certainly love to see your documentary dream realized! Assuming you’re the guy that rode the IOM TT, if you can do that, you can do anything!

  • I don’t know, but don’t fall for the baguette in the tailpipe gag.

  • Other Sean

    Just goes to show beauty is in the eye….I much prefer the stock cowl to this. The stocker looks like an owl, but this looks like a vulture.

  • Sam Adams

    When I first glanced at it I thought it was a Honda Crossrunner with Aprilia stickers on it.

    Hate it. it looks bloated. No continuity in the lines of the bodywork.

  • Damo

    I would settle for the stock Tuono and do a Buell mono-headlight swap. The bug front is the only thing that I don’t dig.

  • RSVDan

    You don’t have to look at the bike when riding it and giggling like an Asian school girl in your helmet.

  • RSVDan

    I’ll take the stocker over this. I’m really not seeing any improvement. I actually think the stock bike has better proportions and flows better. This definitely looks like a traditional “streetfight”; meaning a sport bike that has been written off, the plastics torn off, and an Acerbis off-road headlight zip-tied on to the triple clamps. Not very elegant.

  • Nobody

    Suzuki B King Headlight on an RSV4. Soo sexy—NOT!

  • luke

    that has definitely NOT got any better. Looks much more…common / cheaper?
    The factory versions lamps look a bit unique, even if it’s not everyones cup of tea. I suspect it will be a bike that is one you have to see in the metal to really decide. I was excited when I saw the pics post launch, lots of controversy usually means a bike that becomes a bit of an icon (one way or another). Lots of nasty stuff was bandied around when the honda cbr1000rr came out all bug faced, same with the streetfighter, diavel and so on… all iconic bikes of our times now.

    I think the only bikes that have truly gone wide of the mark recently are the 2011 speed triple and the 09 buell 1125cr. *dons flame suit.

  • ohio


    With all that plastic, why not just throw the upper triple and handlebar from the Tuono on an RSV4? That one is at least good looking (plus has full power).

  • MikeD

    I would dig it only with the new headlight and im not even that keen on it.
    All the other “tacked on” plastics just add nothing but weight and look out of place .
    And whats with the stupid beaks now a days ?

  • Isaac Chavira

    Kill it with fire!

  • Kirsten

    So much potential…and then they do that.

  • Hugh Lyonsack

    That is uglier than the original by a long way – ouch – you gotta be kidding.