Aprilia 5.5 Street by Luca Bar Design

11/17/2010 @ 11:56 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

If you liked the BeOn SXV 450 (and we know you did from the comments and traffic the article got), then you’ll love Luca Bar‘s take on the SXV platform as a more purposeful street bike. Based around the peppier SXV 5.5, the 550cc Aprilia motor and its 70hp of pony power should be more than enough “umpf” to get you into trouble on this svelte frame and body.

While we are suckers for a v-twin (especially in a dirt bike frame), what really catches our attention is the styling Bar has done to the bike. Showing off the motor with a minimalist fairing, and then slinging the exhaust underneath gives that streetfighter/naked look you’re looking for, while the minimalist lines are simple and refined. We’d add one to our garage if it ever left fiction and became reality. Simply delicious.

Source: Luca Bar (blog)

  • JR

    That is pretty fantastic.

  • duke

    Not sure about the exhaust, but the rest looks good.

  • Lloyd


  • froryde

    Reminds me very much of the Yamaha MT-03, especially that headlight…

  • Carbonbigfoot

    I dig it. Great around town bike!

  • patron

    Never know, the whole “no rear brake” thing may catch on.

  • Ian

    The new KTM 125 meets Aprilia SXV. Meh.

  • Invisible Cities

    c’est le pied!

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  • pwnzor

    100% stolen ideas from a 10 year old Buell playbook. Original, it is not.

  • MikeD

    I dig it.
    Now all it needs is for Aprilia to make the 450/550 engine able to go 15K miles betwin valve checks and 3-6K miles betwin oil changes…even if it means detuning the little monsters a little.

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  • Very nice
    and Luca, if you read this and want a real clay model instead of a (nicely) photoshoped one,
    feel free to contact me.