I Love the Nightlife. I’ve Come to Boogie.

01/25/2012 @ 5:11 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Us Danes, we’re a strange breed. From the culture that taught you how to rape and pillage, Scandinavia is making yet another contribution to the motorcycling world with this latest video. Featuring Danish Supermoto Champion Andreas Mikkelsen, we get a RoToR camera-esque perspective (this rig is actually home made) on the Dane’s practice session at the Als Supermotard Club in Denmark. It’s videos like this that are slowly eroding my will-power to resist getting into supermotard riding. Also, I don’t know who was in charge of the music selection on this thing, but my hat is off to him/her. I love the nightlife. I’ve come to boogie.

Source: Supermotard Denmark via Motorcycle Photo of the Day

  • Mad fun, love it!!

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  • BBQdog

    Mini moto ?? :-)

  • jeff_williams

    Everyone needs to ride sumo at least once in their life. An urban hooligan ride can’t be beat.

  • Patron

    RUN!!, dont walk to get yourself an SM. I added a juiced DRZ400 to my collection a couple years ago for my poser racing fix and loved it so much I replaced my Buell with a KTM 950SMR as my full size ride. If you have the opportunity, I highly recomend it. They are so choice.

  • Patron

    And there is just something about being able to lean your bike up against the garage wall when your dont with it.

  • mxs

    So true, about just leaning my bike against the wall all the time … LOL

    BTW, I hate this roto camera or whatever it’s called. If they shot it with normal camera it would be miles better. I can see how someone would think this is mini moto series or something ….

    Sumo rules though!

  • MikeD

    Looked like fun (doesn’t always? LMAO). I have always been on the closet about SUMO…i guess i’ll give it a chance someday…but i doubt it, no space/budget for more than one bike…and most of my riding is Highway anways…not this beast’s preferred enviroment.

  • buellracerx

    haha title is classic. sexy tunage

    cheapest form of mc road racing – total ridiculous fun. release your inner hooligan

  • WP CycleBum

    Stupid camera angle, but 2 thumbs up for SuMo. Love my 510 Husky.