The Perfect Lap with Andrea Dovizioso at 1,000 fps

07/21/2011 @ 8:44 pm, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

After showing us Casey Stoner at 40x slower than normal, the folks at Red Bull have taken their high-speed cameras to work on another Red Bull sponsored rider: Andrea Dovizioso. Filming the Italian also at the Catalan GP, Red Bull shows us a man at his craft with every gritty detail exposed.¬†It’s really quite interesting to see all the movement that occurs on Dovi’s motorcycle as the camera zooms in on his front wheel.

Imagining how small that contact patch is, and contrast that with Andrea explaining the perfect lap and what cornering a MotoGP machine is like, and you have another compelling clip from the drink that gives you wings. Enough hyperbole, watch Andrea Dovizioso at 1,000 frames per second after the jump. Thanks for the tip Craig!

Source: Red Bull (YouTube)

  • Sam


    If you’re referring to the shot at about 0:34 with regards to the incredible amount of movement on the bike…

    That looks to me like noise on the camera. Maybe via frame blending or anti vibration (it seems redundant at 1000 frames per second), but it just didn’t look like fairings flexing to me.

    Of course, I could be (and probably am) entirely mistaken.

    Great site, keep it up.


  • GSR

    or maybe just the heat coming from the track

  • Tom

    Corkscrew at Laguna in slow – motion ? Yes please Redbull