AMA Supermoto National Championship Series Formed

02/05/2014 @ 11:31 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


Just last week we were lamenting the lack of popularity of supermoto racing in the United States, and this week we hear that the American Motorcyclist Association has thrown its weight behind the folks at USA Supermoto.

Forming the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series, supermoto racing now has a nationwide pro series at its disposal, with six races on its inaugural calendar. We are pretty pumped to here supermoto racing process to the National level in the USA. We highly recommend you attend a race if one is by you in 2014.

“Supermoto is an amazing sport to watch and an even more amazing sport to compete in,” said AMA Vice President of Operations Jeff Massey. “Since the beginning, supermoto has needed a true grass-roots network U.S. [sic] to help sustain the top level of competition. This series will help accomplish that goal by giving today’s amateur and sportsman-level competitors a place to race, feeding the sport with expert-level talent going forward, and providing a showcase for sponsors and teams active in the discipline.”

“We had a great inaugural season in 2013, and we’re excited to step up our program for the new season as an AMA National Championship Series,” said Matt Stewart, President of USA Supermoto, the AMA’s promoting partner for the series. “We have been working with the AMA for some time to strengthen supermoto racing in the United States, and everything has been positive. We’re looking forward to watching our racers compete for AMA national No. 1 plates in 2014.”

2014 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series Calendar:

  • March 7: Las Vegas, Nev. Caesars Palace, in conjunction with Stadium Super Trucks*
  • April 19-20: Lake Havasu City, Ariz., SARA Park
  • May 30-June 1: Elkhart Lake, Wis., in conjunction with AMA Pro Racing Road Race Championship Series
  • July 5-6: Denver, Colo., in conjunction with NASCAR event
  • July 26-27: Salt Lake City, Utah, during Bike Jam at Miller Motorsports Park
  • Sept. 13-14: Sturgis, S.D., downtown street race

* Open and 250 class only.

Source: AMA; Photo: © 2007 Aleix Llovet Vidal / Creative Commons – Attribute Share Alike 3.0

  • Chaz

    I’d like to check this out. Under this racing format do they race only on tarmac or do they have a dirt section with jumps too? (like the ABC wide world of sports event).

    I’d really like to see dirt track racing. The kind Nicky Hayden $ Bros were doing. Is there a league and schedule for that?

  • The courses are a mixture of dirt and road, complete with jumps and powerslides.

  • Chaz

    Very cool!

  • John D’Orazio

    This has some real potential. A racing series that promises excitement on equipment that is not expensive. Now, if we can only watch it on TV.

  • David

    Yes there is finally something in Colorado!! Count me in.

  • Elton Alwine

    Hopefully it’s only a western United States championship for the short-term. I’m excited to see it, but I was thinking this should be a feeder into AMA Flat Track and Superbike. So why not piggyback it onto those event dates?

    There is simply no event close to the East Coast.

  • chris

    umm… the “inaugural season” was in 2003.

  • SteveR

    AMA???? you mean the 6 event club races scheduled for 2014 & sporadically seen on TV…. are they still around? I thought they died off…

    you mean the AMA that advocated motorcyclists policing themselves when it comes to loud exhausts?… the same AMA that advocated local towns write new, motorcycle specific exhaust loudness laws even though 99% of all towns have noise ordinaces….. that AMA??….. the same AMA that advocated not wearing a helmet is ok, but a performance exhaust is not????

    the AMA that sold off the only real thing of value.. AMA PRORacing… to the stinkin nascar bozos who ruined competitive roadracing in the US…that AMA???

    The AMA that gave us John Rock Page

  • jimboecv

    One of the best races I’ve seen was supermoto in downtown Reno, about 2006 I believe. I would love to catch Sturges for the street aspect alone. Problem is IMO there’s too little money in it now for most riders to drive around the country, and too little reason for sponsors to support (tv, big crowds? Not likely)
    I hope it works this time!

  • Singletrack

    On paper, in photos and super slo-mo, Supermoto has it all. Color, cool slides, bar-to-bar action and more. A major selling feature is that you can bring the show just about anywhere with enough pavement and some dirt. Well suited to cities. But I’ve watched a few Supermoto races over the years, and usually come away with the same impression. “Meh.”

    None of the speed of road racing, and none of the intense, high flying action of Supercross. I think people prefer to watch specialists at work. That’s why the 100m sprint and the Marathoners get the attention. The middle distance runners may be just as fit and talented, but fall through the attention gaps.

  • Doctor Jelly

    F-YEAH!!! It’s coming to my little city!!11!!!1!11!!

  • andrewinoc

    The “inaugural” race of the season has already been rescheduled. Was set to run with the Robbie Gordon SST’s in Las Vegas. Is this a sign of the future??