Video: A Whole New Meaning to Passing on the Inside

02/02/2013 @ 2:12 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


Helping promote World Superbike’s stop at Britain’s Silverstone circuit, stunt driver Paul Swift has climbed behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo Mito (the pace car of WSBK), and collaborated with Chris Walker, of Kawasaki Ninja British Superbike fame, and created a little promotional clip. What starts out seemingly as a trite marketing video, rapidly turns into something pretty spectacular, and we wouldn’t recommend trying it at home (or elsewhere).

What we would recommend is for other racing venues to take note of what is going on with the Silverstone circuit and the marketing that surrounds it. Cleverly promoting World Superbike with this event, along with the body-painting of Leon Haslam, Silverstone also distinguishes itself by playing host to Riders for Health’s Day of Champions fundraising event, and has been featured on Google Streetview with a very unique entry. It pays to be media friendly.

Source: Alfa Romeo UK (YouTube)

  • Paul McMenamin

    OK… stunt accomplished (in one corner) with help of ramp. How is this supposed to sell Alfa-Romeos or WSBK race tickets? I’d rather see Chris Walker put a leather-clad brolley girl on pillon and take her around the track a race speed, scaring the silicone out of her…

  • Ken C.


  • CBRbie

    didn’t even drag his elbow ha

  • official *cough* safety *cough-cough* car of WSBK. *cough*

  • smiler

    Likely the only way driving a car would be remotely as interesting as riding a bike

  • mudgun

    No fair! Mito was only using two wheels. RIGGED!