The 2014 Yamaha YZR-M1 Breaks Cover in Indonesia

01/17/2014 @ 9:32 am, by David Emmett18 COMMENTS


Yamaha today launched their 2014 MotoGP livery in Jakarta Indonesia. Both Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi were present at the launch, along with Yamaha racing boss Lin Jarvis and the MotoGP group leader Kouichi Tsuji.

The new livery resembles both the 2013 and 2012 color schemes very closely, with this year’s color scheme featuring a lot more white. Conspicuous by their absence were any new sponsor names, though Lin Jarvis assured Indonesian motorcycling blog TMCBlog that more sponsors would be announced before the season started. Earlier reports that a deal with Adidas was close appear not to have had much truth in them.

The reports yesterday that Jorge Lorenzo had reached a pre-agreement with Ducati for 2015 were also denied, by both Lin Jarvis to TMCBlog and in the press release itself, by Jorge Lorenzo. Jarvis told TMCBlog “I don’t think Jorge has signed any deal with Ducati. Will ducati make him a proposal? Maybe, but right now there is no truth of this rumour and hopely Jorge will be stay with us in the future.”

In the press release, Lorenzo is quoted as saying “I have to clarify that there is no truth in the rumours that there is a contract with another manufacturer and I would like to start negotiating as soon as possible for my future with Yamaha. My dream is to retire after my career as a Yamaha rider.”

The choice of Jakarta for Yamaha’s launch underlines the importance of the region for Yamaha. The launch took place at a large dealer meeting in Indonesia, and with the Indonesian distributor being one of the main sponsors behind Yamaha’s MotoGP project, the Japanese factory is keen to expand in the region.

Lin Jarvis has spoken repeatedly and publicly of the need to go back to racing in Indonesia, or at least expanding the number of races in the region. The problem for Indonesia at the moment is the lack of a suitable facility, with the Sentul track not up to current safety standards. However, it seems inevitable that more races are likely to be added in South East Asia in the next few years.












Source: Yamaha Racing

  • Norm G.

    photochop me some white wheels please. thank you.

  • L2C

    It would look like a rally car then. But not a bad idea!

  • One could argue for consistent branding or a conservative corporate theme….sure, OK.
    MotoGP, however, ain’t golf.
    I’m not asking for a return of the pink and gold Vance and Hines bikes, but geez, a little flash would be nice.

  • These have to be the most unprofessional debut photos I’ve ever seen. It looks like they didn’t even go through post, just straight from the card to the media website. I know Yamaha’s PR machine lost a lot of steam last year, but I didn’t think things had gotten this bad!

    Meanwhile, here’s 20 photos of a poorly lit bike in what looks like a broom closet in Indonesia.

  • L2C

    Yeah, JB, I agree. I noticed the same thing, but it doesn’t matter that we noticed. If it did, they wouldn’t have been released in the first place.

    And, yeah, they don’t tell a good story for Yamaha. Or the riders, for that matter.

    Contrary to Rossi’s positive outlook on the season, the photos seem to be saying that both he and Lorenzo will be scraping the bottom of the barrel for upgrades throughout the year. Hope that’s not true!

  • L2C

    Another thing I noticed is that nearly all of the press shots used in the media reporting this story only showed Lorenzo. Some others showed Rossi chopped off on the side of the picture, or in his leathers looking away from the camera. And those shots were ass too. It seemed very odd.

    Only on this site (+Motomatters, just a second ago) have I seen full pictures of Rossi and his bike.

  • Norm G.

    re: “here’s 20 photos of a poorly lit bike in what looks like a broom closet in Indonesia.”

    I was thinking sub-basement, but it’s Indonesia. whaddaya gon’ do…? grass roots, time to cut the lil’ people in on the action. let ’em have their fun. they can save the pomp and circumstance for something important, like be named host city for a Summer Olympics.

  • paulus

    The fact that the launch took place in Indonesia shows that MotoGP real fans, money and backers are not US/European.

    A main sponsor of Yamaha MotoGP effort is Yamaha Indonesia. These are not the little people… they are the 800 pound gorilla of Yamaha’s GP efforts.

  • does everybody jealous here? why Yamaha MotoGP team launched their livery on Indonesia

  • taikebo

    hahaha…. too many jealous people here. Accept it, Indonesia is the most important market for Yamaha. Who cares about closet broom. Lorenzo & Rossi love the fans from Indonesia.
    BTW, it’s not a photo studio. There are many better studios here. Who gives a flying f**k to closet broom?

  • chris

    i expect better pictures to eventually be in an “official” official intro press intro. perhaps with additional sposorship? it wouldn’t be fair to new sponsors to not be included. remember when ducati didn’t have a new bike to introduce? you should… it keeps happening.

  • Norm G.

    re: “These are not the little people… they are the 800 pound gorilla of Yamaha’s GP efforts…”

    …who after all these years still don’t have a race. interesting.

    how big are they again…?

  • reffy

    no more wonder if there’s no japs or asian rider succed in this racing show :-/

  • reffy

    I mean failed to succed

  • Now I really can’t understand anymore why they complainedso much about this photo!

  • Trend-setter. Be sure to send them a bill for your artistic talents.

  • taikebo

    @ reffy

    no more wonder if there’s no japs or asian rider succed in this racing show :-/
    yeah, because Asians build bikes & smartphones.

  • paulus

    @ Norm G

    re: how big are they again…?

    Indonesia had 7 million units sold in 2012/2013… they ARE the 800 pound Gorilla.
    They are also Big enough to pay to give you “Yamaha viewing pleasure” :) …. otherwise there might be an empty pit where the Yamaha team should be.