We wouldn’t call it a new model from Yamaha, but one of the new releases from the tuning fork brand at the 2013 EICMA show is the 2014 Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally.

A collection of bolt-on pieces for your Yamaha MT-09 (that’s the Yamaha FZ-09 for us Americans), the Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally started life as dealer-made bike in Europe, but Yamaha liked it so much it has become an official option when buying the new three-cylinder street bike.

A pretty aggressive working over on the otherwise conservative MT-09, the Street Rally includes new fuel tank shrouds, side number plates, and fork covers, which give the MT-09 a more supermotard look.

The Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally is also trimmed in a “Tech Graphite” paint scheme; and lastly, headlight covers, knuckle guards, along with wider footrests and a slimmer seat complete the package.

The 2014 Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally debuted with Valentino Rossi himself straddling the machine, and Yamaha filmed the bike’s promo reel at The Doctor’s motorcycle ranch outside Tavullia, Italy — which is a fun piece of trivia for MotoGP fans.

A fun and spirited treatment to the already popular MT-09, Yamaha is starting to show some personality with its machines. No word on price, or if the model variation will even be available in the United States — those euros seem to get all the fun toys.








Source: Yamaha

  • meatspin

    I know its just a few bits of plastic but I really like the look of this bike now.

  • JoeD

    I like it.

  • Why did they hang the pipes down so low on the bike like this, it certainly wasn’t necessary look at all that wasted space. First large speed bump you go over or serious hump on a dirt road and you’re going to have an instant set of restrictor pipes. Is that a banana in your tail pipe stalling your bike out, or are your headers mashed flat as a pancake?

  • Anvil

    Well, that’s fairly hideous.

    The “number plates” and tank shrouds/fork covers might work if they were color-matched better. Or maybe if they used the red bike as the base. As it is now, it looks to me like they bolted on some unpainted aftermarket plastic.

    The flyscreen/hand guard thingy is pretty ugly. The flyscreen alone would be okay.

    Sorry to dissent from the generally positive comments. I think they made a benignly unattractive bike noticeably uglier.

  • paulus

    The fly screen is bizzare. Other upgrades dont bother me so much.

  • sigsegv

    I’m with Anvil. The small mudguard and the hanguards are welcomed addition, but they seems really cheap and share nothing with the original design of the bike.

    They should have kept the original exhaust too, which seems to provide better ground clearance.

  • Jimbo

    Still not a Street Triple ;)

  • “Well, that’s fairly hideous. ”

    Boy, isn’t it just? Bleah.

  • Sentinel

    This thing looks absolutely disgusting!

  • Gary

    Making me rethink the Hypermotard.

  • MikeD

    I like it better than the original one. Don’t know why but looks better, Cheesy plastics and all. LOL.
    I concur with the others, that exhaust looks pretty darn low for piece of mind.
    How come no one is saying anything about THE BEAK ? LMAO.

    We should consider ourselves lucky we got the MT-09 here.

  • KSW

    Aaron B. Brown,

    On the exhaust. Remember, those cans exit very short just behind the pegs and you have to have a certain amount of air flow when it comes to engine tuning. Often times, in order to get the engine tuned to it’s finest
    it’s one of those compromises. Go black and it will disappear.