2014 Yamaha FZ-09 – Three Cylinders of Naked

06/11/2013 @ 6:00 pm, by Jensen Beeler48 COMMENTS


With its European counterpart, the 2014 Yamaha MT-09 dropping earlier today, America too will be getting a 847cc three-cylinder naked bike for the 2014 model year, the 2014 Yamaha FZ-09. Replacing the Yamaha FZ8 in the Japanese company’s line-up, the FZ-09 is the first motorcycle from the tuning fork brand to sport the Yamaha’s new line of three-cylinder engines.

The Yamaha FZ-09 comes about as the MIC is reporting its second-consecutive year of growth in the 751+cc sport bike segment, as well as increase in commuter riding over short-distance sport riding.

With those trends in mind, Yamaha has punched out the displacement on its middleweight naked bike, and focused on giving riders a comfortable, yet stout, motorcycle. Priced at $7,990 MSRP, we think Yamaha hit the nail pretty much on the head with this one.

Perhaps our only real complaint about the new triple is that we don’t love the looks of the 2014 Yamaha FZ-09, but we don’t hate them either. And with only a couple aftermarket bolt-ons, the FZ-09 could really be a lot of things to a lot of riders, and look down right gorgeous.

On a more practical note, the new Yamaha FZ-09 sits the rider more upright than the Yamaha FZ8, which means that the FZ-09 will be more comfortable on longer trips, and its 414 lbs wet weight should be appealing as well — that’s a 53 lbs weight reduction over the FZ8’s wet weight figure — booyah!

Of course, the real star of the Yamaha FZ-09 is its three-cylinder motor. Using the engine configuration to distinguish itself from a sea of Japanese inline-fours, Yamaha’s triple makes 65 lbs•ft (the top of its class) and 113 hp from its fuel-injected 847cc lump.

Using Yamaha’s variable-length intake funnels, the FZ-09 promises to have a good linear throttle response, as well as better power in the low and mid rev ranges. Throttle control is handled by Yamaha’s YCC-T ride-by-wire system, and the FZ-09 comes with Yamaha’s D-Mode throttle mapping as well, allowing a rider to pick the engine map that best suits their current state of riding.

Boasting an all new aluminum chassis, Yamaha has picked four-pot brake calipers up front with 298mm discs (two-pot calipers and a 245mm disc at the rear), which are sprung by 41mm USD forks with 5.4″ of travel (5.1″ of travel in the rear).

Priced $900 cheaper than the Yamaha FZ8 it replaces, the Yamaha FZ-09 seems like quite the bargain, though we would have liked to have seen Yamaha mate fully-adjustable suspension pieces to the machine. Instead, the 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 will come with forks and a rear shock that have preload and rebound adjustments only, which may deter more sport-oriented riders.

Motorcyclists more into long-distance riding might be put off by the somewhat small 3.7 gallon tank size, still at eight-grand it is hard not to like what Yamaha has brought to the naked party (some keys maybe? — hey oh!).

The first of what we expect to be many Yamaha motorcycles with a three-cylinder engine, we like what we see here, and eagerly hope that rumors of a triple R6 or R1 come true.








Source: Yamaha

  • CTK

    Looks like Yami is looking to cash in on the adventure bike trend w/o an actual adventure bike. I really loathe the seat and high riding height. Def curious to see what they do with the triples in the Rs. Hopefully this will push Triumph to make a 1050cc superbike

  • The Yamaha FZ-09 here has nothing to do with adventure-riding. For that, you might want to the Yamaha Super Ténéré…

  • Damo

    Too bad it is so hideous and that the passenger ergos were obviously an after thought.

    The price is right, power/weight ratio looks great, but damn it looks thrown together for the Yamaha parts bin.

  • bemer2six

    Ok so I’ll ck. that off of my want list. Now than any news on the 2014 R1?

  • grr

    NOOOOOOOO! triple r6??? please dont take away the screamer engine, nothing sounds as sweet, and we already have the mv and the triumph with 3 cylinders…

  • Paul McM

    I like the motor and, well… I like the motor. Note to Yamaha — terminate your stylists… with extreme prejudice. This is a machine that could sit at a dealership and absolutely nobody would notice, or even realize that it is a new model. The few features that are distinctive are wickedly ugly — like the headlight assembly, the “afterthought” tail-light/license extension, and the “sh** where can we put it” belly exhaust chamber.

    From a product positioning standpoint I am dumb-founded as to how Yamaha expects to sell this over a 2-year-old, much-better-looking FZ1 still begging for a buyer with a deeply slashed price. And back to styling, esteemed Jensen says: “with only a couple aftermarket bolt-ons, the FZ-09 could really be a lot of things to a lot of riders, and look down right gorgeous.” Ummm… Gorgeous? Cough-cough (roll eyes). NO, as in no way in heck. This model will be a failure commercially… bank on it.

    Why doesn’t Yamaha realize that good styling is important in this market segment? Why would they cobble together a bike that seems like a poor imitation of the CB1000R which itself was a poor seller in America because of some really unpleasant insectizoid styling elements. Jeez, why mimic your competitor’s styling flaws? I guess they feel that at $7990 it will be cheap enough to attract buyers. I’m skeptical.

  • rama krishna


  • James

    I’ll stick to my Triumph Street Triple thanks.

  • paulus – Thailand

    This is a bike styled for world consumption. The aesthetic fits with the target buyer.
    It fits right in with the naked mid-range crowd.

    Many (removable) parts are on there to pass the antiquated legal requirement (rear number hanger, etc).
    I agree with Mr Beeler… remove a few of the standard parts, add a few selected aftermarket, a nice ride to be had.

  • bakeery

    looks yummy

  • JoeD

    Adrian Morton has been very influential. After riding other Trips, I’ll keep the Benelli CR. It’s the disposable aura of the Asian brands that sent me to Europe decades ago. Nice enough bike-where will it be 2 years from now.

  • Starmag

    Change the sport motorcycle world? Wait till you see our dark side? Without the hype this seems like a great bike. 115HP 413LBS wet $7999 Awesome. Not so awesome:
    1) passenger accomodations are a joke
    2) ecto-skeletal insectoid styling. I see a lot of negative styling comments these days. Why do manufacturers continue to insist on pushing this styling trend? It certainly isn’t new or unique anymore. Here’s a clue for stylists- women aren’t shaped like a F-117. Go work for Lockheed.

  • Damo

    “Note to Yamaha — terminate your stylists… with extreme prejudice.” and “passenger accommodations are a joke”

    ~100% agreement

  • YMH

    Realy great bike. the first pic is awsome!!! Yamaha has done an amazing job with this bike. more stylish, more detail, more power, more grund, less money. see the pics…this bike isn’t for passenger’s is for attack mode. few years ago the gsxr1000, R1,l Honda had big seats to. Now look at aprilia with the rsv or fail-i-gale… Nothing.! if you want a passenger to come along buy FJR. This bike looks and is build for FUN!!!! it’s so cheap your Normal passenger can buy 1 too.! :-)

  • Faust

    Im just happy they are finally rolling out the triples. I’m anticipating the new R1 more than any other bike I can remember. If they do deliver with an 1100cc triple superbike, I’ll be first in line for a blue and white one. As for Triumph, there’s no chance they will make a superbike with their existing 1050, which is a heavy, outdated engine. Anyone who’s been on the street and speed triples will tell you that street triple is a masterpiece of a bike in every aspect. The speed triple? Eh, it goes faster in a straight line…..and that’s about it.

  • anders ‘ace’ eliasson

    “women aren’t shaped like a F-117”, LOL, I like that :^) …


  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    It’s a shame Yamaha’s big news is “hey everybody look what we copied.”

    I guess if you’re going to copy something, copy something cool.

  • johnny mars

    Like it but won’t buy it. I WOULD buy the adventure version with the proper mods: bigger gas tank, windshield, Battlewings, spoke wheels, tail rack, proper foot peg placement, etc., for $8500. The main attraction is the triple putting out 114 HP! Take that, Triumph (98 HP)!

    Do like Honda did with the 700 twin: bring out several versions based on the twin motor.

  • YMH

    copied? its a totaly new bike. like the multistrada aint no real GT. this is a mix bike. aint nothing on the market like it. yes look like it is but isn’t. Copied is what triumph does. triumph/bmw the same. this bike looks like the………nothing.! so again great job.

  • James

    Johnny Mars – the street triple makes 105 bhp and is a smaller engine at 675cc. That same engine puts out 120 in the Daytona, so its capable of more. But they are not the same size class. My guess is Yam know the street triple is king in the 600cc class so rathter than compete and lose sales they pitch the class above and have it all to themselves. Nice bike but i prefer the triumphs. Plus i have one ;)

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    @ YMH. This doesn’t have Street Triple written all over it to you? Seriously?

    I don’t even think Yamaha is bashful about it. They’d probably happily tell you this their answer to the Street Triple and in the very next breath explain to you that you should buy “their street triple” because theirs is cheaper and more refined. They will pridefully tell you they built a better Street Triple.

    The point of pride here is supposed to be that they took something that is popular and really great on its own terms and made it better.

  • MIke

    I’d like a white option, but otherwise I plan on buying this very nearly as soon as it’s available. Little worried about teething issues with the engine, new designs aren’t usually rolled out with no improvements (hell, old designs with tweaks can be a problem, for example the oil burning 08 KLR). I don’t think this is a copy so much as it’s a stereotypical naked bike, it looks like most of the other naked bikes. It does have a better headlight than the late model bug eyed Street Triples though, which helps.

  • Paul McM

    Yes, women are not shaped like an F-117! Stylists should have that tatooed to their fore-heads (reversed, so they can read the message in the mirror).

    Forgot to mention. I don’t see any way that a centerstand can be fitted to this bike while retaining the factory exhaust.

    NO CENTERSTAND option will be a TOTAL deal-breaker to many folks, at least in the USA.

  • Grimey Benson

    “if you want a passenger to come along buy FJR”

    Yeah because all us want giant Sport Tourers.

    Passenger accommodations are reasonably critical in the naked sport bike segment. If you are getting a sport naked instead of a full up race replica, you are already a rider that leans towards practicality.

    Personally I like bikes that are fun to whip solo, with a pillion or on 300 miles a day long trips.

  • Damo

    I want YMH to explain to us wtf “fail-i-gale” means.

    As the Panigale is doing quite well last I checked.

  • Singletrack

    Yes!! I just hope it’s narrow through the middle, like a V-twin (or BMW F800) . Hard to tell from the pics.

    This should be a great foundation to build a wide range of versions – ie VFR800 killer.
    I hope Yamaha has thought ahead to a subframe sufficient for a hard top case, hard bags and a full fairing. There looks to be space under the seat for a larger fuel tank too. I can’t be the only one that wants a lightweight sport tourer (with decent passenger space).

  • meatspin

    this bike is awesome. I want one. I dont know why Striple owners are hating it or even comparing the two.

  • YMH

    @ Damo. my fault about the fail-i-gale. (panigale). in all the sbk races it was fighting for the win. so my bad.

  • man… i have no words to describe…

    That’s a real ugly bike.

    Looks like a crossroad between a Bimota and a Street Triple

  • mxs

    Love the design, power/weight figures and price as well.

    I bet it will be a contender …. easily should eat into STR’s market and surely will destroy the overpriced KTM Duke 690.

    For what’s it worth, I like it better then STR, especially the front end. It should put a heat under Triumph, in a ma rket they pretty much have had for themselves.

  • mat

    The seat does homage to the Buell XB-S family. Bike yikes what an ugly bike! They should have copied more Buell parts like the headlight and bikini fairing and exhaust and it would have looked pretty damn good. I swear these artsy-fartsy designers are going to ruin everything with their moronic designs.

    I’m afraid it’s going to be the same sales bomb that the Gladius is (here in USA, not sure about EU). Suzuki had to go and f*#@ with the SV. Idiots! Pry my Gen1 from my cold, dead hands.

  • Interesting bike regarding specs and engine. The design is a little “conservative” for a Yamaha.
    The proportions are “old-school” Yamaha meaning a loooonnggg seat.
    I played around with Photoshop to alter the proportions a little…shorten the seat and handlebars, made a bigger headlight (the current one just seems so small compared to the fueltank) and made the fueltank shape more like a fueltank seen from the side…
    Still seems like Yamaha could have done something more “provoking” like the MT01 and MT03 were but then again it is for a worldwide market so that means you need to be “conservative”

  • Jake F.

    @YMH The Panigale already won at Assen in World Superstock this year and is tied with BMW for #1 in the manufacturer’s championship. This is the Panigale’s first season in WSBK. How well did the BMW S1000RR do in its first year in WSBK? No better than third, if I recall correctly.

  • Gritboy

    Sweet. Looks promising. I’ve been considering a Street/Speed Triple, but will wait to hear the reviews on this. Love a good Triple (the best of all worlds for street riding).

  • Damo

    “destroy the overpriced KTM Duke 690”

    The Duke 690 is a super light, high performance mono, with much higher spec components. Two completely different bikes with completely different target audiences.

  • kww

    The US version of the Duke 690 doesn’t have higher spec components, imo. Further, the added weight of the Yamaha is more than offset by the much better power to weight ratio. Having said that, I would much rather have a Duke 690, a Yamaha MT03, or a 660 Tenere that this thing.

  • the only real triple worth bragging about was built by Kawasaki in the 70s

  • MikeD

    I feel like i was promised a full body massage with HAPPY ENDING by Sara Jay, Vanessa Blue & Lisa Ann covered in baby oil (use Google if you don’t know them) waiting for me at the VIP Room only to find out it was all A LIE…i still haven’t learn to LOWER my expectations when it comes to new bikes unveilings.

    Broken expectations aside, i’m happy there’s another option for us out there and someone else but Triumph building the “SOUNDS LIKE GLORY” I-3.

    @CTK: Dream on buddy… dream… it cost nothing, probably i’ll be a happy owner of the next Gen liquid cooled R1200RT or a swanky K1600GT before Triumph does such thing…and i can’t not even afford buying a new Honda GROM…soooooooooooo, (^_^) LOL.

    @Bemer2six: Motorcyclistonline.com on the FZ-09 article claims that the (2014?) R1 won’t be a TRIPLE but remain what it CURRENTLY IS.

    @PaulMCM, StarMag, Hugo, Mat, Chaz: +1.

    @Faust: I can’t see an 1100cc Triple making current S1000RR Power #’s with out being in some crazy state of tune waiting to grenade itself first chance…Maybe at 1200cc, look at Ducati. (just talking out of my lower back, i’m no engineer).

    @Fred Santos: ROTFLMAO. Thanks, i needed a good laugh.

    Again, really happy the Triples started coming. . . . . NOW, PLEASE. . . WRAP ‘EM in something nicer to the eye.
    Like someone said in another site: U could probably sell Human Feces if it came packed in a Box that looks like a million $$$.
    OH, Yamaha…and all the others for that matter (specially you Triumph with your shitty TIger 800’s), PLEASE , keep it down, tone it down with all the HYPE when it comes to new models, will you ?
    All it does is create too many expectations and later make your product look like SHIT when it doesn’t live up to ALL THE HYPE.

  • MikeD


    I can’t tell on the Motorcycle version (wasn’t born yet)… but the ones that came on their JetSki Watercraft were WICKED POWERFUL, it felt like it wanted to rip my arms off my body.

  • mxs

    @Damo says:
    June 12, 2013 at 3:43 PM

    “destroy the overpriced KTM Duke 690″

    The Duke 690 is a super light, high performance mono, with much higher spec components. Two completely different bikes with completely different target audiences.


    Someone has already pointed out to you, that the more expensive Duke 690 shipped to our shores is not very well equipped bike. For example, suspension is completely non adjustable, and that is how KTM achieved the price (10K in Canada), used to be 11.5K last time around they tried to sell them.

    While I agree with you, that the Duke is lighter more nimble bike, I don’t see where this will give you any sizable benefit running on a street. Its application is very narrow, the moment you hit >100km/h it’s a torture or close to. The LC4 are much better these days than they used to, but I can guarantee you that Yamaha will be silky smooth, like STR. Their application is just so much wider.

    Anyone who doesn’t have extra money burning in their pocket or a real weakness for thumpers will grab the FZ-09 in my opinion …

    Just so you know, I love the KTM singles and have Duke 390 on order … but this one will cost me roughly half of 690 price and it’s meant to be city and short trip bike. So I am not against them, it’s just the price and what you get is not making sense to me as far as 690. If I could make a prediction, I’d say that KTM will move 690 production to India (where other Dukes are made, not only assembled) in the future and the price will come down. it has to, otherwise they will never sell too many of those here …

    Anyway, I digress …

  • Motorcycle Extremist

    The red version looks a bit better for the US, but the grey/graphite version is far far better for Europe! How can anyone in their right mind think that mixing a grey colored body with gold colored fork stanchions, and then for some ungodly reason slapping on a pair of freaking “blue” colored rims is a good idea? It looks absolutely horrendous! Gold forks on a bike not otherwise color matched is as ugly as sin to begin with, but mixing that up with grey and blue is beyond all sense of visual appeal, quite the contrary, it’s plain revolting! Beyond that the “micro” gas tank is a huge mistake, no center-stand, and not even offering the “option” of ABS in the states is unforgivable.

  • MikeD

    @Motorcycle Extremist:

    I like the “ugly colors” Combo… maybe if i see it in person i won’t ? I think it’s makes a heck of a contrast.

    Lack of ABS is not a HUGE deal breaker (we don’t have a mandate that makes it obligatory YET) like EU on 2016?, but it would have been nice if it had been an option at least as in the U.K models, for example.

    Same for the center stand, this is not a TOurer…is a city bike, how hard is it to lube the chain at home where u could have a pair of stands or fix a flat on the city’s streets where an autoparts store in around every corner selling flat tire repair kits ?

    The “shortcomings” you mention are only CLEAR & PRESENT if u try to use this bike the way and on the environment it was not designed to BE used in the first place.
    Would be like me saying the K1600GT sucks cause i can do the Erzberg Rodeo on it.

  • MikeD

    *Can’t do the Erzberg Rodeo on it*.

  • Faust


    Have you not watched an SSTK race at all this year? The Panigale is doing amazing! They are currently second (only one point behind the BMW) and third in the championship, and they are tied at 81 with BMW for the manufacturers title. An 1199 has been on the podium every race this year. Apparently that means failure according to you. I guess a clean sheet design is supposed to be perfect with no race development whatsoever…. Oh wait, that’s not reality. Ducati has won a world championship on every version of their superbike since the 851, and they have more titles than any other manufacturer. Give em a freakin chance. The BMW was horrible when it first came into the series, the Kawi was the same way, the Aprilia needed a year to get it together, and the Honda has yet to win in its current (or previous) generation. The only bike in recent years to be perfect in its first year of a new design is the 09 R1. Watch some races will you!

  • Westward

    I like it. This looks not like a Triumph Street or Speed Triple, Looks more to me like a Brammo Empulse…

    Have a feeling this is he kind of bike that will eat into the electric market; with a similar look, style, performance and half the price…

    Already have ideas for after market upgrades…

    Was looking to get a Zero, but the cost of this bike is probably more my price point…

    @ Faust and YMH

    The Panigale almost won World STK last year, after leading most of the season…

  • Motorcycle Extremist

    The red version looks a bit better for the US, but the grey/graphite version is far far better for Europe! How can anyone in their right mind think that mixing a grey colored body with gold colored fork stanchions, and then for some ungodly reason slapping on a pair of freaking “blue” colored rims is a good idea? It looks absolutely horrendous!

    Gold forks on a bike not otherwise color matched is as ugly as sin to begin with, but mixing that up with grey and blue is beyond all sense of visual appeal, quite the contrary, it’s plain revolting! Beyond that the “micro” gas tank is a huge mistake, no center-stand, and not even offering the “option” of ABS in the states is unforgivable.

  • Scott

    I think ABS will be an option, one article has 414 lbs/418lbs ABS in the specs at the bottom of the page.

  • AG

    I LOVE IT!! The headlight is the only real complaint, but it is nowhere near as ugly as the Triumph rolling bug look. Don’t get me wrong the Triumphs are GREAT bikes but the headlights are the uglist thing on the market.
    Yamaha, thank you for coming out with a bike that is not a wanna be Harely or some plastic wrapped sportsbike that is comfortable for 5 minute rides. Thank you for coming out with a triple at a great price……Next bike..YES!!!