2014 Suzuki GSV-R Spotted Again

05/02/2013 @ 2:55 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


News that Suzuki plans on returning to the MotoGP Championship in 2014 should be old information for dedicated Asphalt & Rubber readers, and the Japanese company’s inline-four race bike was already spotted doing test laps last year by the eager eyes at Cycle World.

Well the American print-mag has another set of eyebrow-raising high-quality photos of the 2014 Suzuki GSV-R to mull over from the Motegi race track, along with some technical insights provided by the venerable Kevin Cameron.

Head over to Cycleworld.com to read Cameron’s analysis (and see the bevy of great photos the magazine has published), but understand that while the secrets revealed may be fewer than last time’s inline-four revelation, one thing is for certain: Suzuki’s MotoGP package looks to be very well polished in its design.

It is clear that the Japanese manufacturer has clearly taken some notes from the work produced by its fellow countrymen. Expect to see the new Suzuki GSV-R (or whatever the boys at Hamamatsu end up calling it) in a few formal GP tests later this summer, with Randy de Puniet heavily tipped to be Suzuki’s test rider.

Source: Cycle World

  • Coreyvwc

    Why are we still calling it a GS(V)-R when we already know its an inline 4….

  • Anvil

    Corey, my thoughts exactly. “GPX-R” anyone?

  • Norm G.

    re: “with Randy de Puniet heavily tipped to be Suzuki’s test rider.”

    for someone reason, when i first read this i thought… RANDY MAMOLA…? WTF…? :)

  • Gutterslob

    Honestly, I worry for them. They never had much money to begin with (even during the best of times with Kenny Jr winning the 500cc), and here they are supposedly hiring one of the crashiest riders around.

  • TexusTim

    I bet Spies will be on this bike next year……dont care about what any contract might say right now

  • John D

    Spies would be a “feel good” choice, but given budget limitations, Suzuki could probably get an up and coming Moto 2 rider with great skills for far fewer $$$.

  • proudAmerican

    Maybe it’s just that picture, but the rider looks really cramped on that bike.

  • Kenny

    +1 proud
    Either that bike has a ridiculously short wheelbase or MotoGP riders are even smaller than I thought they were.
    Also, are Suzuki running a concentric swing-arm and front sprocket? Or is it just my imagination?

  • smiler

    GPIL4 R would be correct?

  • smiler

    Suzuki have to but the big question is whether Aprilia or BMW will step up to MotoGP.

  • SquidleyMcSquidson

    I know the RG 500 has nothing to do with this bike, but since Suzuki once had a successful bike, they need to bring Kenny back so he can make it all better! See how absurd that sounds, now replace the Suzuki references with Ducati, and Kenny with Stoner. See how absurd that would still sound?

  • MikeD


    Look closer on the other pics, NOPE, it don’t look that way.
    I wonder why anyone else has not bothered in implementing such design ? Does it complicates matters more than it merits it’s use ? Someone has a patent on it ?

    Im glad they stuck to the I-4, after all. . .it’s what they do BEST.
    I can’t wait to see more manufacturers in MotoGP. . . The Honda-Yamaha racing league has gotten old long ago already.


    Indeed, he does looks cramped and bent, like a human Z or Pretzel.

  • RDP? He can’t develop his own breakfast… Somehow I see number 11 on this bike next year. Why don’t they make a frame like letter GAMMA? That would be a nice touch! A nd maybe a PEPSI sponsorship? Yeah, call me nostalgic…

  • Norm G.

    re: “I bet Spies will be on this bike next year”

    you’re on, i’ll take your money…! :)

    re: “Somehow I see number 11 on this bike next year.”

    computer says no.

  • they should put both espargaros on the thing … now that’s a team ;o)