2014 KTM RC390 Details Drop with Photos

10/25/2013 @ 12:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler37 COMMENTS


The 2014 KTM RC390 has been a long-time coming, as news of the bike has been in circulation since a leaked slide at the KTM North American dealer meeting hit the internet over two years ago. Built off of the KTM 390 Duke street bike, KTM said the RC390 would have “Moto3 inspired” bodywork when it debuted.

We got our first glimpse of the machine earlier this year, when KTM took the covers off the KTM RC390 race bike, a cup-series machine based off the still unreleased street machine. Well now the wait is over, as we have our first glimpse of the new KTM RC390, thanks to a leak on the KTM Canada website.

The differences between the street and track machines are minimal, though we have to say that the underslung exhaust makes a tremendous improvement over the race bike’s traditional side-slung piece. Like on the KTM 1290 Super Duke R, KTM is really popping its frame designs, and exposing the trellis technique even for the rear subframe (actually, the RC390 chassis is one singular trellis frame, unlike the The Beast).

Power is 43hp, while weight without fuel is 147kg (324 lbs). This means the 2014 KTM RC390 is right at the limit of Europe’s A2 tiered-license scheme, though we think American buyers will just like a light and fun attractive sport bike to zip around on. Now we just have to wait and see what the price tag will look like.

Some horrible photos and technical details are below.

2014 KTM RC390 Technical Specificaitons:

Design 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine, water-cooled
Displacement 373.2 cm³
Bore 89 mm
Stroke 60 mm
Performance 32 kW (43 hp)
Starting aid Electric starter
Transmission 6 speed, claw shifted
Engine lubrication Forced oil lubrication with 2 Eaton pumps
Primary gear ratio 30:80
Secondary gear ratio 15:45
Cooling system Liquid cooling system, continuous circulation of cooling liquid with water pump
Clutch Wet multi-disc clutch / mechanically operated
Ignition system Contactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment
Frame Tubular space frame made from steel, powder-coated
Shock absorber WP Monoshock
Suspension travel front 125 mm
Suspension travel rear 150 mm
Brake system Front Disc brake with four-pot brake caliper
Brake system Rear Disc brake with one-pot brake caliper, floating brake discs
Brake discs Front 300 mm
Brake discs Rear 230 mm
Chain 5/8 x 1/4” X‑Ring
Steering head angle 66.5°
Wheel base 1,340±15 mm
Ground clearance (unloaded) 178.5 mm
Seat height (unloaded) 820 mm
Total fuel tank capacity approx. 10 l
Unleaded premium fuel (95 RON)
Weight without fuel approx. 147 kg

Source: Visordown

  • TheSeaward

    I just had the feeling when you fall in love after making eye contact across the room but better. KTM has received a lot of very needy emails from me about this bike and it appears to have paid off. Checkbook is ready gentlemen.

  • Jay

    Tiny fuel tank is probably my biggest complaint. My Ninja 250 holds around 2 gallons more and the range is nice. It is also not as light as I think we all were hoping. The 150 rear is just for looks, and a 140 would suit it better. Overall a nice package; it is probably the nicest bike for a new rider to enter the sportbike world. I just wish it hadn’t been held back by the need to meet A2 licensing requirements. I wonder what KTM is really capable of in this segment.

  • TheSwede

    This American is sold. I’ll take one ASAP

  • Justus

    So gorgeous! Fingers crossed for good pricing.

  • kostritzer

    I know that the Duke 390 has been confirmed for the U.S., but has this bike also been confirmed? I can see this bike being the next big thing in entry level racing.

  • JJ

    What is the maintenance going to run on this little beauty?

    Why can’t Yamaha make something like this?

  • Terrance

    I’m not thrilled with the need for premium fuel and the very small gas tank. It should be like 30 pounds lighter too. I like most of everything else though. I’ll wait for the others and see what happens. I guess I’ll manage with my 1999 CBR F4, but I really want to have a fuel inject bike though.

  • Ray

    Holy crap. That thing is nice.

  • yung

    Love it

  • Nick N

    Really happy to see this. Truly the first premium small displacement sportbike by a European manufacturer, or really any manufacturer. Looks like an awesome track bike!

  • Anvil

    Probably the best looking KTM to come out in years. If the price isn’t too high and you can reasonably squeeze some more horsepower out if it, it’s very tempting. Oh, and hopefully it doesn’t vibrate the fillings from your teeth.

  • meatspin

    i’m hoping early reviews says it sucks so I wont have to buy one.

  • meatspin

    i still dont get the subframe. Is it not modular? that would suck if it isnt

  • duke690

    Now just make a 690 version so I can buy one.

  • kostritzer

    meatspin says:

    i still dont get the subframe. Is it not modular? that would suck if it isnt

    I agree, that’s the one thing I don’t like about the bike. Crash at the track and you have to replace the entire frame? At least the frame is steel, should be easy enough to modify or repair.

  • 2ndclass

    Any word on a release date?

  • I like it. One of the more exciting bikes to come out in a while. It’s great to see something interesting in the smaller displacements.

  • Mike

    Yup they (KTM) are really the only company giving the small displacement fans any hope.
    At least proper suspension and a good shot at lower weight. Now if it were just a twin.
    But still happy to see it & hope price is good.

  • froryde

    Brembo brakes? All I see is “BYBRE”. Probably works just fine, but would like to brand name quality components still.

  • Title photo is now super high-resolution. Enjoy.

  • @froryde:

    ByBre is at least owned by Brembo. Not top drawer, for sure, but at least you can take comfort in ByBre being a part of the Brembo group.

  • Awesome looking motorcycle.

    Sure got me drawn! Now i need to decide between DUKE 390 , RC 390 & GT 650 R :D

  • mxs

    If price is <7K that could be my next track bike.

    I am shocked that this leaked through KTM Canada web site ….. I mean country where there's hardly any KTM presence, especially as far as street bikes are concerned. So this to leak through KTM Canada makes me scratch my head ….

  • Halfie30

    Looks like its time to sell the TL and get a lower horse power bike again… This thing looks tops!!!

  • jackie

    Make it a 690, give it some real suspension and brakes, fix that headlight, and give me a removable subframe.

  • scoop

    My money is ready and waiting but I have contacted several dealerships in the Pacific Northwest and not one said they know if they will be getting this. Some actually said no…???

  • Lars

    Similar specs to the 1972 Kawasaki S2.

  • BBQdog

    95 RON is premium fuel ?? Is the lowest you can get here in Europe anyway.
    And that horrible see-trough plastic cover can be fixed with a paint job.

  • Shawn

    ” BBQdog says: 95 RON is premium fuel ?? Is the lowest you can get here in Europe anyway.
    And that horrible see-trough plastic cover can be fixed with a paint job.”

    91 RON is the highest you can get in California at the pumps. So this could knock/ping/pink or we’ll need a different compression ratio or timing.

  • California pumps are not measured in RON, but instead use the (R+M) /2 rating formula, which is just an averaging of RON and MON. Rule of thumb on RON: Subtract 4-5 octane points and you have close to the US octane rating. No surprise, that’s 91.

  • Shawn

    Ahhh, thanks for clearing that up. So our premium IS ~95 RON.

  • Exactly.

  • kww

    What is the oil change interval on these and is the top end gonna need rebuilds every 5000 mi. like a dirtbike 4s?
    Does a 6′ tall person even stand a chance with the ergos on this bike?

  • Jake

    Looks great and I bet it’ll be a hoot to ride. That said, there are some negatives here that would prevent me from buying it unless it comes in way below my price expectations.

    It’s too heavy, especially with the little motor. This thing needs to be under 300#s
    Would be a lot more practical with a 500-650cc thumper.
    No subframe?? I can think of no reason why they would make the frame and subframe one piece.

  • Wes

    I really wanted one of these when I saw the photos of the RC390 Cup bike…

    Now I really, really want one!!!

  • Yusef

    How did you email them? i want to email them about this bike. Make sure they know there is demand in US for them!

  • If you make the 390 you MUST make a 690 Supermono.. Must…