Helping cultivate road racing’s future talent, KTM has teamed up with ADAS to bring you the “ADAC Junior Cup powered by KTM” series. Along the same vein as the Red Bull Rookies Cup for MotoGP, and the European Junior Cup for World Superbike, the ADAC Junior Cup is a spec-bike series aimed at developing young riders — good stuff, but not exactly a new concept.

What is exciting though is the “powered by KTM” part because zie Austrians have basically just unwrapped their new small-displacment street bike that is based off the KTM 390 Duke, you know it as the KTM RC390, and for the ADAC series, we know it as the 2014 KTM RC390 Cup Racer. Missing only a headlight, signals, and a license plate, the cup race bike is essentially what KTM will debut at EICMA in a few months’ time. We like.

Making a modest 37.5 hp from its 373.2cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, the KTM RC390 isn’t exactly blowing the doors off the competition in the horsepower department (the Kawasaki Ninja 300 makes nigh 40hp in stock form), though it is positively anorexic with its 286 lbs claimed curb weight figure (sans gas).

“We developed a pure GP racing machine for the Moto3 World Championship. In contrast, the RC 390 Cup is based on a series model project,” says KTM CEO Stefan Pierer. “Both of these two projects were given the highest priority because the development of lower displacement, high quality street bikes are among our core activities. The new KTM RC 390, which will be available for sale in 2014 will meet a big demand for affordable, quality sport bikes for the lower displacement class.”

“Since 1993, ADAC has achieved a great deal with excellent work with up-and-coming riders in the Junior Cup,” added Pierer. “The promotion and support of young talent is also a very important aspect for KTM. We are happy to put a lot of energy into this because we actively engage in the promotion of young riders both in off-road sports and on asphalt. We are honestly thrilled that we will be able to support the ADAC Junior Cup as the KTM 390 Cup with all KTM bikes. Also because with ADAC we have a committed, reliable and strong partner in which everyone involved is a professional.”





2014 KTM RC390 Cup Race Bike Technical Specifications:

Engine type single-cylinder, four-stroke
Displacement 373.2 cc
Power 38 PS (37.48 hp)
Fuel System Bosch EFI (throttle valve 46 mm)
Control 4 V / DOHC
Engine Lubrication Wet sump system
Cooling system Liquid
Clutch Mechanical multi-disc clutch in oil bath
Engine management Bosch EMS
Frame Steel tube frame, powder coated
Front suspension WP-USD Ø 43 mm
Rear suspension WP-Monoshock
Brake system front Four-piston brake caliper, radially symmetric sealed-off rim brake, brake disc Ø 300 mm
Rear brake Single-piston brake caliper, floating caliper brake, brake disc Ø 230 mm
Wheels front / rear Cast aluminum wheels 3.00 x 17 “, 4.00 x 17″
Front / rear tires 110/70 ZR 17, 150/60 ZR 17
Silencers Akrapovic titanium silencer with regulated catalytic converter
Steering head angle 66.5 °
Wheelbase 1340 + / -15 mm
Seat Height 850 mm (33.5 inches)
Fuel tank capacity 9.5 liters (2.51 gallons)
Weight 130 kg (286.6 lbs.)

Source: KTM & ADAC; Photos: KTM

  • This is a fabulous designed machine.
    Don’t know why they have detuned the power though.
    Looking forward to the RC 390 at Milan.

  • ted

    Until I see a 390 on the showroom floor KTM can suck lemons… KTM talks a big game but their outreach to street riders in N. America is a joke.

  • BBQdog

    Just ordered one :-)

  • As much as I wish, I don’t see this exact bike being sold here. It’s going to be severally watered down. Even with the addition lights and plate holder. But I’m waiting to be provened wrong.

  • BBQdog

    Why watered down ?? Cup bikes like these are highly based on street machines to keep them affordable.
    So I don’t see it much watered down. Would like to know what the street version will weight.
    I would have expected such a bike from Aprilia but they seem to have been sleeping.

  • Westward

    If the Kawasaki Ninja 300cc gets 40 ponies, why doesn’t this get closer to 50 ?

    I guess that’s for the crew chief dad to tweak it out of it…

  • BBQdog

    The Kawa is a twin, this is a single cylinder. And the Kawa is a fat cow compared to this.

  • TheSeaward

    I’d rather have the low weight and nice suspension than a screaming engine.

  • coreyvwc

    That will be one hell of a trackday weapon in the right hands!

  • Halfie30

    I really hope this happens, and is affordable. If they can hit around the $6,500 mark I’m in.

  • Norm G.

    hey audi, I dare you to look at this kit and tell me your neighbors to the south don’t know the value of a full trellis…? :) there’s enough tubing here for 2 desmos with some left over to build a push bike for spies. LOL

  • jackie

    Cant wait. Looks like a fun little scalpel of a bike.

  • ADG

    Yeah, the sub-frame looks a little over-kill.

    This would be real nice with a 690 shoved in it.

  • JoeD

    HP is RPM controlled. A twin will rev higher than a same size single. Assume both have the same torque, the twin will “make” more HP because of math. HP=Tq X RPM/5252. Geared long and tall. a torquer wins with manners for me coming off the apex and “putin’ the spurs to her”.

  • JoeD

    Oh, and ask Peter Williams about “adding lightness” along with “a solid connection from steering head to swingarm”.

  • TheSwede

    If the road bike looks anything like this I’m so down to get one

  • MikeD

    I’m glad for those people that want something like this. The specs look pretty decent, nothing to write a book about but not bad at all.
    I think getting 37hp out of 370cc is nothing to scoff about…you could always squeeze more out of it but then what about longevity and reliability ? Even more so on the “future street version”.

    @Norm G: ROTFLMAO.

    @ADG: On this race bike ? Absolutely over-built. On the street version ? Looks right.
    I do find that Akra canister more out of place (disproportionate) than anything else, like something taken from a Concours 14 or K1300S. It would have looked better with an under belly a la RC8.

  • Mitch

    Yeah, the Duke 390’s underbelly exhaust looks better than this thing, however we must remember that Euro5 emissions and sound standards are so tight that bike makers are having trouble including all the space they need in the exhaust. The size of this can probably means the cat and muffler are all one piece (versus many sportbikes that seperate the two, modern 600RR, S1000RR, R6, 675, etc.)

  • paulus

    Great looking cup bike.
    KTM know how to build a tractable motor… their EXC engines pull like trains.
    It looks like the subframe is a solid weldment to the frame… expensive to replace in the inevitable crashes of racing.
    Other than that… it’s all good!

  • MikeD


    It does seem to have a box (pre-muffler ? Catalytic converter ? Both ?) in front of the rear tire.
    Maybe the muffler is just being a muffler and nothing else ? /(o_O)\ Go figure.

  • TexusTim

    ever since the kawi 300 came out I have been wondering what is going to happen to the 250 class in club racing, this makes me wonder even more my guess is that the displacment, piston configuration will have to change in light of the 250s giving way to larger displacment bikes..wonder what honda is going to do? there 250 is only 2 years old, but to me a 350 4 srtoke twin with nikosill treated cylinders would be perfect that would keep it narrow,light and high reving.

  • BBQdog

    Seat is a bit high at 85 cm …..

  • RJ

    That really should have been a detachable subframe. This wont crash well, and they will be crashing a butt load of these things…. A lot.

    Would have much prefered a true Moto3 replica…

  • Hi-Res photos now added to the article.

  • Jk

    I want a moto3 replica with cheaper parts as in built to price. We have a new road track in New Orleans and this would be a starter bike. I was hopeful but this is just a duke with clip ons and different plastic. I don’t want a street bike that I have to convert to a track bike. I’m new to this but who builds track bikes in the 250 spec class in the USA for under 10k?

  • BBQdog

    @Jensen: thnx for high res picts. This bike has my interrest.

  • BBQdog

    I don’t like the handlebars fixed in the same way as on the Kawa Ninja 250 and the CBR 250 R.
    Would prefer clip-on’s.