First Photos of the KTM RC125 & KTM RC200

10/27/2013 @ 1:40 am, by Jensen Beeler34 COMMENTS


If it is connected by a series of tubes, we will find it; and thus here are photos of the still unreleased KTM RC125 & KTM RC200 street bikes — the kid-siblings to the recently leaked KTM RC390. Like the RC390, the RC125 & RC200 are visually similar, and share a common vein in their Made-in-India single-cylinder engines.

No word on specs, but we foresee the 125cc and 200cc iterations sharing similar technical listings as their Duke counterparts. We should know more at EICMA, where all three of these street bikes are expect to debut. More photos after the jump.

As we can see from the leaked photos, KTM has a variety of fetching color schemes available for the three models, though we have to say that we enjoy the race livery the most (we think we would forgo the Akrapovic exhaust though, and rock the stock underslung unit instead).

All the models are pillion ready, though look best with the solo-cowl on them. If long distances on a small-displacement machine are your thing, KTM has even included a tail travel bag in its power parts catalog.

Price will be key with the KTM RC125 & KTM RC200, though we think the Austrian brand’s partnership with Bajaj should help in that regard, not to mention the boat-load of units KTM stands to sell in India and Southeast Asia. Volume is king. Hail to the King baby.














Source: Bothan Spies

  • BBQdog

    Deeply disappointed by the front. And surfing the internet I don’t seem to
    be the only one. Seemed they changed it at the last moment.
    I hoped it would have been as on this prototype:

  • Yeah, I feel like I’ve seen this headlight before…and didn’t go over well the first time.

  • monkeyfumi

    They could have just made it look like the moto3 bike, and it would have been beautiful.
    Instead, they give us this, and it’s bag-of-dicks ugly.

  • Lovard

    I thought this and the RC390 looked amazing before BBQdog’s post which showed how much better the front could have looked…. Could they not get the prototype headlight to work well? did it cost too much? it just doesn’t make sense, unless these leaks are intended to create a controversy ahead of the real release which’ll look just like the prototype.

    BTW, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those headlights on a 50cc Yamaha scooter from a few years ago?

    I do like the idea of a tailpack option designed to suit, not necessarily for touring rather commuting, I just dislike wearing a backpack on the bike, but so many tailpacks just don’t seem to work well on specific bikes. Having a GPS mount does indicate KTM think it’s capable of touring..
    The indicators are well done into the mirrors too.

    Looks like some of the picks show an accessory rider seat, but no pics with the pillion seat, same with the 390 pics?

  • BBQdog

    >> ….unless these leaks are intended to create a controversy ahead of the real release which’ll look just like the prototype.

    I REALLY hope so. I intended to buy this bike but KTM doesn’t make is easy with the added weight (compared with the Duke 390), the headlight and the transparent plastic front.

  • RL

    I’m pretty sure the headlight design was inspired by Crow from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  • RL

    I’m pretty sure the headlight design was inspired by Crow on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  • TheSeaward

    I’m fine with budget headlights and the like but the supposedly integrated subframe is worrisome.

  • Mxs

    Absolutely stunning best looking bikes in a long time. Throw a low price on the top and you have a winning formula. I donq’t think Ktm has to worry about your comments regarding headlight or a frame.

  • TheSeaward

    I’ll probably buy a 390 regardless of the uni-frame, but it would be nice if it was detachable to make it cheaper and easier to repair after a crash. Personally if it reviews as well as I hope it will there will be one in my garage for track only duty.

  • SBPilot

    Um….this looks so strange. Dual sport ADV front end on a sport bike. What the hell were they thinking it looks hideous.

  • Nick N

    Hideous headlights!

  • TexusTim

    I just dont get all the wierd displacments…125 I get that but 200 and then 390 ?…what gives ? isnt 125,300,600,1000cc were its all going in class racing ? most why make these displacmenst in between?

  • Stop thinking like an American.

  • I much prefer the look with the Akrapovic can. It looks like a ‘real bike’. (Yeah, old-school dinosaur here. No apologies for that.) :)

  • Justus

    The “prototype” image linked to by BBQdog is not a prototype at all, that was just a photoshop mockup done by a fan using an image of the race bike and a headlight from the RC8. I doubt this bike was ever going to look like that.

    I really don’t mind this look at all.

  • Looter

    The headlights are a miss but the rest of the bike is a hit. Still won’t deter me from adding one to the stable.

  • Jaybond

    Why can’t Ducati make something like this?

  • “Why can’t Ducati make something like this?”

    I think it’s more a case of won’t than can’t.

  • Some_people_call_me Maurice’

    Funny I thought the same thing about Ducati when I see their new 1201 project
    I thought big deal another of the same or maybe yet another limited edition to be parked in some rich guys collection?

    Nah KTM is doing it & other should have been doing it for awhile now. Get back to some root level fun twisty road bikes.

    Something affordable but done right with decent suspension/brakes & low weight.
    Add a decent HP level & get a good power to weight level & let the grins begin

    That is what it was always about. Sure the liter bikes are great & I enjoyed mine.
    But not as much as my 600 & the 600 not as much as the 250/125 race bikes I have owned.

    You can get a lot of fun out of these & corner speed is as good or better than the bigger bikes.
    Economical to ride … find some tight twisty mountain roads …so much fun there.

    Kawasaki has been knocking on the door for years but just cannot take the final step to a better frame/suspension
    Honda? Forget it they have completely lost the plot & now build sensible commuters in this size range trying instead to keep the sales on the costly stuff up.

    So go ahead KTM fill that void. Ducati? a nice 400 will sell if your interested.
    Kawasaki give the ninja 300 some legs in front & better brakes, Honda?? Come on man you folks use to rule this class on the streets I know you still do on many tracks or will again next year in Moto3
    But KTM waxed you in Moto3 now they do the same on the streets get with it.

  • MikeD

    IF i hear ANYONE complaint about the LACK of SMALL Motorcycles available on the market i swear i’m going to CHOKE A BITCH. (+_+)

    As of now, even if we only get the 390 version i think it will be a huge positive step towards smaller YET more capable, somewhat affordable bikes.

    Thanks KTM, on behalf of the others because personally i have no use for a sport bike, big or small (roads here are all flat and straight).

    DANG IT JENSEN, u beat me to it with the Bimota look alike headlites comment. LOL. I say is not the prettiest front end solution they could have slapped on it but i could live with it.

  • BBQdog

    @Trane Francks: Why can’t Ducati make something like this?”

    And what about Aprilia ?? They once started with building bikes in the small segment.
    RS 125 and RS 250. Remember ??

    I hope KTM has woken up other manufacturers and we get a nice competition.
    Ducati promised us a street SuperMono 20 years ago. Gilera tested their aluminium
    framed Saturno Piuma 40.000 km on the street. We didn’t see them.

  • @BBQdog: “I hope KTM has woken up other manufacturers and we get a nice competition.”

    Agreed. To date, my old ’79 RD400F Daytona Special has been my favourite ride. I would love to find something as light, nimble and giggle-inspiring as that old RD. Every ride with that thing was EPIC.

  • Any idea about pricing in India of RC390 ?

  • Mike

    Javed says:
    “Any idea about pricing in India of RC390 ?”

    Quite cheap actually & cheaper than a Ninja 300 there.
    They run roughly 215,000 + 6000 register in Rupees
    or $3810.USD

  • Great work Jensen! Kudos!

    KTM is really making motorcycles the way Market needs em.

    As for the pricing, BAJAJ will ensure the price is bare minimum.

    Heck, I’m now left to ponder and chose between 390 DUKE, RC 390 & GT 650 R.
    The RC 390 seems will win.
    My brother will be getting a 200 DUKE for his birthday. So, an RC or GT would be a good buy •_•

  • mak lampir

    from the front view, its look very very ugly..

    but from other side, left, right& above view, its look very nice, compare to cbr 250 and others

  • Jaybond

    “And what about Aprilia ?? They once started with building bikes in the small segment.
    RS 125 and RS 250. Remember ??”

    Actually, Aprilia already produced the RS4 125 , but they should start building bigger variants maybe RS4 250 or RS4 500. And one more thing, Piaggio Group should also look into introducing a proper entry level sportbike for the Gilera brand worldwide. This brand has some great racing heritage (more recently 250cc GP) but sad to see they are just building scooters these days. Gilera brand certainly has the potential and should be given the chance to produce at least entry level sportbike models.

  • Paul McM

    Do I detect KTM allowing some continuous curves in that fairing, and a bit of roundness on the sides/back of the tank? I like that. It would be nice to see a 1000cc KTM that doesn’t look like an origami project. I wonder what these small-displacement RCs will sell for…

  • Team Ramrod

    I felt compelled to leave my first comment ever to show my appreciation for opening with a Ted Stevens joke and closing with Army Of Darkness.

    Well done.

  • KTM

    An other sad proof from KTM design dep faling appart as KTM hiself.
    The design is old not fresh, legendary very low level graphic is killing all the good form on the sides but all in all it looks like GSXR from the 90ties and ZX10 cheap copy. It just just very sad and started from the new EXC series which where just shocking as new Adventure, new rally etc. Looking new steps from Japan it’s difficult to see how they will continue if the level ain’t going to rise right now. Technically are some models are just massively behind the industry standard specially on open race bikes segment. Year by year using not tested products in production and ready to race is just a big laugh if the engines can not be taken out from the frames even without taking the whole thing apart till swing ain’t acceptable. Race dep is guiding the whole company away from the real work, dealers are leaving, constant situation is where seasons will be cut away as you can’t get the parts even during the season basically. This company really needs more leadership and less party and better hiring system to reach to the real people who actually know what they are doing. Children ain’t going to make anything usable in this industry.

  • Jaybond

    ” from the front view, its look very very ugly..”

    This is also the same case with the BMW S1000RR but it still sells well!

  • I’d like to have RC390 chassis with a 450cc two stroke engine in it.

  • paulus

    I can’t understand any of those comments.
    I run every week with guys with 390EXC’s. Engine is strong and no spare parts issues.

    The EXC is a strong and stable engine platform. I have a 2013 model 500EXC 6-day, which I imported new. I can get spares online (with a little creative magic), the bike has a hard life and is reliable and needs absolutely no money spent to take it to race level. It truly is ‘ready to race’.

    I hear comments about KTM’s and how unreliable they are from non-owners. The models from a few generations ago had some issues, but KTM has been strong for at least the last 2-3 generations of EXC models.

    To prove a point I have ridden my brand new 500EXC hard. I change oil and filters, but that is it. Every ride, when the engine is hottest, I take out the kickstart and kick it. It starts within 2 kicks… no need to check the valves.
    It is now at over 250 hours, it is still on the original clutch. So far it has just needed rear wheel bearings and the usual consumables (brake pads, chains and sprockets). I will rebuild it over Christmas… because it deserves it… then it will be good for at least another year. I will then buy the 2015 model KTM/Husqvarna, because they have proven how good and tough they are.

    KTM know what they are doing when they build models they know will take abuse.