2014 Honda CBR300R – Small-Displacement Warfare

11/07/2013 @ 5:11 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


The battlefront in the small-displacement motorcycle war is heating up, as Honda has responded to last year’s debut of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 with its own 300cc sport bike, the 2014 Honda CBR300R. Departing from the looks of the Honda CBR250R, the Honda CBR300R instead gets its styling from the Honda CBR500R that debuted last year at this time.

Finally giving us some details since its preview last month, we now know what Honda has added another 37cc to its entry-level spot, as the Honda CBR300R has a 286cc single-cylinder engine, which makes 30hp and 20 lbs•ft of torque.

Honda says the CBR300R has an improved throttle response, and will come with ABS as standard. From the way the Japanese are talking, the Honda CBR300R is set to replace the Honda CBR250R worldwide, which means we will see this bike in the United States.

Stroking out the CBR250R motor to get its 286cc displacement, the Honda CBR300R also has a stronger balancing shaft, as well as stiffer engine mounts — all of which mean a smoother motorcycle, with fewer vibrations on the roadway.

Honda says that acceleration on the Honda CBR300R has been greatly improved over the Honda CBR250R, thanks mostly to the larger capacity; and for the top-end, the CBR300R’s six-speed gearbox has a final drive ratio that has been lengthened for more efficient highway speed cruising.

No word on pricing or availability yet in the USA, but expect it to be competitive with the Kawasaki Ninja 300.









Source: Honda

  • TexusTim

    nice !! glad to see this will replace the cbr250 world wide.

  • Cpt.Slow

    This should have been what Honda had released to contend with the (2 cylinder) 250 Ninja in the first place.

  • BBQdog

    Owned a CBR250R before switching to a Duke 390.
    The CBR is not a bad bike, would like to have that cockpit with large rev counter on my KTM.
    On this 300 styling had been improved. The CBR 500 is way too heavy.

  • Lucas

    The only issue I see with this is all the 14 year olds who will have one fewer option for a new sub 250cc bike. (in most states in the US you can get a “scooter permit” at 14 that allows you to ride anything sub 250cc) Now the Ninja AND CBR250 are bumped above that threshold.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    I hope more manufactures can get in on this and in the future we can see a World 300 Series…. Just dreamin’ but it’d be nice.

  • Westward

    “Oh Yamaha, Oh Yamaha, where art thou’ Yamaha…”

  • paulus

    “Oh Yamaha, Oh Yamaha, where art thou’ Yamaha…”

    … 5 years behind, when they are absolutely, positively sure that Honda sold enough of them :(

  • jack

    between this and the rc390,the answer is pretty obvious…wish honda could stop screwing around and make a very nice bike…it’s a step up from the ‘vfr’ 250 but just not exciting enough…

    available worldwide? not in mine i guess. kawasaki still gonna rule the road in this part of the world

  • MikeD

    300 replacing the 250 worldwide ? That can’t be . . . isn’t there a lot countries were anything bigger than a 250 is seen, priced and penalized (taxed) like having a Hayabusa, etc ?

    I’m glad they ditched the Shamu looks for a more CBRish one, it fits better with the whole sport bike theme.

    She could probably be sold on a “looks” basis alone.

    I like Shamu but she’s in a whole different segment.

    Standard ABS . . . ABOUT TIME. Sorry Haters, lol.

    Smoother, stronger engine, longer top gear(s), less revs, less vibes, higher MPG . . . sweet.

    Too bad they couldn’t bother themselves with making standard the aluminium swing arm from the CRF250L .

    The steel ones looks CHEAP and short handed.