Officially Official: Ducati 1199 Superleggera

10/22/2013 @ 2:18 am, by Jensen Beeler57 COMMENTS


Well it looks like all the leaks and speculation are now over, as Ducati has finally released photos and information about the 2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera — the company’s “super light” limited edition superbike. A halo bike for Borgo Panigale, the new Superleggera slots into Ducati’s lineup above the homologation-purposed Ducati 1199 Panigale R.

Only 500 Ducatisti worldwide will have the chance to own a Ducati 1199 Superleggera, and that ownership will mean having a superbike with a dry weight of only 155kg (341.7lbs) — 177kg (390.2lb) at the curb with at least a tank that is 90% full. Ducati officially rates the power at “over 200hp” as the Superleggera revs an extra 500 rpm’s off its modified motor.

To make these weight savings, Ducati has used a good portion of the periodic table to find the lightest components possible. As such, the Superleggera features a magnesium monocoque frame and forged Marchesini magnesium wheels, a carbon fiber rear sub-frame and bodywork (with integrated R-spec aero-kit), a lithium-ion battery, a full titanium exhaust system with stainless steel headers, and many of the bolts and fasteners on both engine and chassis are also made from titanium.

On the performance side of things, Ducati has included the lightweight Öhlins FL916 forks for front suspension duties, which are mated with CNC’d aluminum fork bottoms. At the rear, an Öhlins TTX36 rear shock is present with a titanium spring. Braking is done by Brembo M50 monobloc calipers, while a racing-style MCS 19-21 master cylinder and remote adjuster are at the handlebars.

Even the final drive on the Ducati 1199 Superleggera has been altered for weight, as an Ergal rear sprocket and WSBK-spec 520 drive chain have been fitted. We hear that with the stock gearing, the 2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera can clear the 200 mph mark…if you can find a road long enough, and nerves to match.

Inside the Superleggera’s Superquadro engine, a bevy of enhancements have also been made. The 1,198cc v-twin engine uses titanium for the con-rods, inlet valves, now the exhaust valves as well. The pistons have also been modified for a two-ring setup, for less internal drag and weight savings.

Ducati  says that in order to further increase engine performance, the combustion chamber has been modified to WSBK specs, specifically with a new piston crown that increases the Superquadro’s compression ratio. The crankshaft has also been lightened, and tungsten inserts have been used to balance the crank.

Helping control that power is Ducati’s most advanced electronics system to date, which features a new anti-wheelie system: Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC). The DWC system, along with Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and Engine Brake Control (EBC), features an automatic calibration of the Superleggera’s rear-tire size and final transmission ratio, leaving owners free to change gearing and tires sizes to fit their riding needs.

The Ducati Data Analysis+ (DDA+) system has also been updated, and now adds an additional sensor and software channel to record and display vehicle lean angles. All of these systems (DTS, DWC, and EBC) can now be accessed via a handlebar-mounted control button layout, which is a huge boon for anyone who has tried to navigate through Ducati’s dash menu system.

If all of that doesn’t sound like a enough, Ducati is shipping the Superleggera with a “Race Kit” that includes a titanium Akrapovic racing exhaust, racing windscreen, front and rear paddock stands, machined mirror fill-caps, removal kits for the registration plate holder, and sidestand.

The kit is said to drop 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) from the already anorexic machine, while adding an additional 5hp to the Ducati 1199 Superleggera’s peak horsepower figure. Pricing in the US will be $65,000, with priority said to be given to Desmosedici RR, Panigale R, and Panigale S Tricolore owners, in that order.





















Source: Ducati

  • Max

    Well….. clean underwear is overrated anyway.

  • S.R

    This bike is way overrated!!! For $65K, one would expect some billet parts, better and different brake rotors, and better master cylinders. I bet they make at least $40K in profit per each unit they sell to the wealthy, not very knowledgeable- write a check public! Just but a plain base model and I will guarantee you that spending additional $25k on it will make the bike so much more exotic, faster and more complexly detailed than this overpriced rich-boy/girl toy here!!! I don’t doubt that SuperLeggera being a magnificent machine that it is, but then again, “Dollars and sense” wouldn’t allow me this mental offense!! Here is the list of what I’d do with the $25K and not everything has to be new either!!!
    Corse Brake Rotors, CF Wheels, All Carbon Body including the fuel tank and sub-frame. Akropovic Full Ti System, Billet Rear-sets, CF Clip-Ons, FGR00 SBK Forks and Billet Triple Clamps to fit it, Billet 108mm calipers plus Rear Billet Caliper and lines, TTX MK II Shock, All Titanium Hardware(Bolts), Brembo Race Radial Master Cylinders, Headwork and all Ti Valves, Tuning and more tuning thereafter! Other Misc Billet bits and pieces, Quick Change Sprockets and Flange Cover…… and and and…..! Don’t forget that you’d be getting some money from selling your O.E.M stuff that you are replacing as well. Give and take $25K budget and you’ll have a beast. Remember, as I said earlier, you don’t have to buy all these parts new since there are some near new parts that you can find for substantial lower price than buying new. OK, I’m tired of typing!!!!!

  • S.R

    Sorry for typos as I was typing fast and being frustrated didn’t help the matter either. I meant to say –
    “Just buy” a plain base model!! ;)

  • Assuming you’re right S.R., all that work and you still wouldn’t have what is in the last photo…and I think for most Superleggera buyers, that’s the most important part.

  • damn

    i think that the most important part of the bike is. A FRAME. but it doesnt have one. so it wil still perform bad. this just a sbk superbike spec bike. and we all know how duc is doing in wsbk. nuf said

  • Matt A

    S.R. – “billet” is a word that describes a larged hunk of forged material from which things can be machined. It doesn’t determine the material, and hence, the weight. “Billet” is not a panacea and doesn’t make parts magically lighter. The major advantage is that you get more control over the final part’s material strength and stress. So you can conceivably make a part out of less of the same material than if it were cast directly in its final shape.

    That said, you can put a Ferrari boy kit on an MR2 all day long but you still won’t have a Ferrari when you’re done. Some people appreciate the cachet, and to them it is not a waste.

  • Matt A

    That should’ve said “Ferrari BODY kit”…*facepalm*

  • There’s an epic photoshop in that typo somewhere…

  • Frenchie

    Awesome machine, still amazed by the frameless design…but no match with the first speculations from 3 weeks ago:
    “to drop its curb weight by an additional 40 lbs” (18 kg)
    “the engineers at Bologna […] somehow finding a way to shoehorn 220hp into the Ducati 1199 Panigale R Superleggera.”
    Under promise and over deliver are always better than the other way around.

    With a curb weight of 189 kg (417 lb) for the Panigale R, they still dropped 12 kg (27 lb) which is not bad but only 2/3 of the rumored spec.
    Then to turn a 195 hp bike into “over 200 hp” (instead of 220 hp) is not saying much. Yeah I’ll expect at least 5 more hp for an iteration that costs over twice the price!

    Still, with a dry weight of 155 kg, adding a few liters of oil, coolant and brake fluid it’s basically on par with MotoGP bikes (160 kg with empty fuel tank) which is not that bad.
    And they didn’t lose a client since as most of you I wasn’t gonna buy one anyway, I’m just erratically expressing myself on the web!

  • IronBeard

    Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous bike. Spectacular photography, too. Thanks Asphalt dudes.

    Rant – I love the comments and the guys that want to jump all over the perceived flaws in this motorcycle. It’s jealousy and envy, pure and simple, cause you can’t have one. If you could afford a $65k bike you wouldn’t be saying the bike was overrated. You’d have one in the garage. Would you turn down an evening with Allesandra Ambrosio because she had a hangnail?

    So much easier to sit back and enjoy the bike porn.

    God, I hate comments. And the internet. I’m gonna go ride now.

  • zootcadillac

    Well written post jensen, thanks.

    I never understand the excitement some people have for billet alloy parts. A billet is an ingot of metal, usually an alloy which is then machined / water jetted into the final part.
    What gives people that the alloy parts on this bike are not from the same process?

    I think someone is a little confused as to what ‘billet’ means.

    Anyway, can’t wait to throw a leg over it.


    EngineType : Superquadro: L-twin cylinder, 4 titanium valves per cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled, titanium con-rods
    Displacement : 1198cc
    Bore x Stroke : 112 x 60.8mm
    Compression Ratio : 13.2:1
    Power : >200hp (149kw) @ 11,500rpm
    Torque : 98.8lb-ft (134Nm) @ 10,200rpm
    Fuel injection : Mitsubishi electronic fuel injection system.Twin injectors per cylinder.Full ride-by-wire elliptical throttle bodies.
    Exhaust : 2-1-2 system in titanium with catalytic converter and 2 lambda probes
    Emissions : Euro 3
    Transmission Gearbox : 6 speed
    Ratio : 1=37/15 2=30/16 3=27/18 4=25/20 5=24/22 6=23/24
    Primary drive : Straight cut gears, Ratio 1.77:1
    Final drive : Chain 520; Front sprocket 15; Rear sprocket 41
    Clutch : Slipper and self-servo wet multiplate clutch with hydraulic control
    Frame : Magnesium monocoque
    Front suspension : Öhlins FL916 43mm with TiN, fully adjustable usd fork.
    Front wheel travel : 120mm (4.72in)
    Front wheel : 3-spoke forged in magnesium 3.50″ x 17″
    Front tyre : 120/70 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP
    Rear suspension : Fully adjustable Ohlins TTX36 unit with titanium spring.Adjustable linkage: Progressive/flat.Aluminum single-sided swingarm.4-point adjustable pivot.
    Rear wheel travel : 130mm (5.12in)
    Rear wheel : 3 spoke forged in magnesium 6.00″ x 17″
    Rear tyre : 200/55 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP
    Front brake : 2 x 330mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted BremboMonobloc M50 4-piston callipers with 19-21 MCS pump. Bosch 9ME ABS
    Rear brake : 245mm disc, 2-piston calliper
    Fuel tank capacity : 17l (4.5 gallon US)
    Dry weight : 155kg (341.7lb)
    *Wet weight : 177kg (390.2lb)
    Seat height : 830mm (32.48in)
    Max height : 1100mm (43.31in)
    Max length : 2075mm (81.69in)
    Instrumentation : TFT
    Ducati electronics : DDA+, DTC, DQS, DWC, EBC, LIB, Riding Modes
    Warranty : 2 years unlimited mileage
    Versions : Dual
    Additional equipment : Full race, titanium exhaust system by Akrapovič, dedicated dust cover, front & rear paddock stands, machined mirror fill-caps, removal kits for registration plate holder, sidestand.

  • zootcadillac

    typo: intended sentence was “what gives people the notion that the alloy parts…!

  • Coreyvwc

    Jeez, so much anger over this. Wish my ex girlfriend could have met some of you guys, suddenly I wouldn’t seem like such a hateful person after all…

  • andrewinuk

    mmmm brand new ready to race 1199 with all the best factory bits, with or without the magnesium, is going to cost a lot more than this new Superlira, sorry Superleggera. And going from WSB as a benchmark, will still get beaten by a 1098. Not so bad in WSS i guess…..

    But is this just lipstick on a pig (hog)?

    Maybe ducati should focus on making a bike that earns its place on a race podium rather than a bike porn podiun.

    Rant (from a Ducati owner) over!

  • EV

    New plan! Imma buy an 899 panigale and find someone to give it this red/white paint job.

  • Daniel Croft

    Interesting that it doesn’t have “Panigale” on the body work anywhere.

    This has to be the first entry into the “Production Special for WSBK racing” category, no? Soon to be followed by the RCV1000RR?

  • FranktheTank

    Is it me or does anyone else think think this is what the Panigale R SHOULD have been. I’m sure ducati could have got the price down if they would produced a few thousand units instead of just 500. The 1098 R sold for 45k right? I think Ducati could have put this in that ballpark. But what do I know maybe the market just wasn’t there.

  • zootcadillac

    @Frank. This is what Ducati consider a ‘halo’ bike. It’s an exercise in what can be done. It’s not competing with any other bike in the range.

    Just like the Desmo it will lose money but it will raise profile.

    The ‘R’ could never be like this because that bike is homologated and has to sell xxxx units in a certain period. If Ducati made 3000 of these so they could race them do you think that the price would be much less? And then do you think that people would buy them?

    R versions are homologated specials, they sell at a decent price point. This is not a bike to be compared with that just as the D16RR was not a bike to be compared with anything else in the range. This is a bike for those who see the exclusivity in it and don’t have to concern themselves with the cost.

  • Bosco

    Ok, I have ridden and tracked the the S and the R and currently own a Desmosedici.

    The S is pretty cool. The R is a smidge cooler to ride than the S. I suspect that this SL is a smidge cooler to ride than the R. Same dish, but stronger flavor. Mind you, I suspect that an S model with a suitcase full of cash applied would almost be as interesting to ride, but will likely never know.

    I still like my Desmosedici and maybe can understand its original price as it is still kind of unique, even if this thing mighty be quicker (and with the TC definitely easier to ride).

    So. When is the Honda wsb special coming out?

  • FranktheTank

    I totally get what your saying. I think ultimately a lot of people (that I’ve personally have talked to) think the the 1199R was a little underwhelming. IMO I just don’t think it has the pizzazz that the 1098R did when it was released. Just wished it was a little more like this SL. Either way its still great bike porn.

  • Ian

    It would be very cool for one of the manufacturers to come out with another bike similar to the Desmosedici. The 1199 SL is not it. When the Desmo came out it blew people’s minds because of it’s exotic nature. You couldn’t buy anything that remotely compared to it. The 1199 SL is just a nicer version of the 1199 R, which is a nicer version of the 1199 Tri, which is a nicer version of the 1199 S, which is a nicer version of the 1199.

    Even though the Desmo has older technology and slower lap times then several newer bikes, it is still THE best bike any manufacturer has brought to the public. It is the one and only Moto GP replica. It is the one bike I would love to own if I ever rode on the street. I have seen a few go down at various tracks and even my stomach hurt a little bit. I can’t even imagine throwing one I owned away.

    The Desmo is from the pre-recession anything is possible days. The 1199 SL is not the ultimate example of what Ducati can produce for the street. If it were, it would be the new version of the Desmo.

  • zootcadillac
  • sideswipeasaurus

    A very nice bike indeed I’m sure. Can’t sling any hate towards it. Yes I’m sure a motivated individual could build a special from a base model that does this one better with change left over but that’s not the point here. Those that would plonk down the dosh for this probably aren’t going to be getting their hands dirty or obsessing on a performance for value ratio. It’s a complete factory limited edition. 20 years from now that will still mean something.

    I still love the pics of this thing with the bodywork off and makes me think a special of this bike that is naked exposing the “floating” engine and airbox with only a minimal tank/airbox on top and a tidy light/instrument cluster would be very nice. That would be an interesting special.

    Only chin scratcher with this thing is it’s Superleggera nomenclature. With all that carbon, Ti, and Magnesium it’s not all that light. It’s only claimed 1kg lighter than my bone stock CBR600RR dry weight with it’s very non exotic materials. Ok, it’s got twice the motor and X times the technology but super light it isn’t.

  • sideswipeasaurus

    @Ian. I agree. That other manufacturer should be Honda in a year or so with their RC212V derived homologation special. I expect to see those pics here and equally expect that I won’t be affording it but drooling all the same.

  • DucatiChile

    The bike is awesome. Only 500 units (like the D16RR) and all the technology. Again Ducati is one step ahead.
    What d you think?

  • Ian


    That just made my stomach hurt a little….again! Lol!

  • zootcadillac

    @ian. pretty sure I’d swap the stomach discomfort for the wallet reduction ;)

  • John Mith

    Critical = Jealous

    Brilliant. Only in America!

    Some of us are not really impressed that you have the credit to finance an expensive bike. Please try again to get the attention and admiration that you are seeking.

  • Tanker Man

    As I said before, for that price it should have semi-active suspension. And for all you posers out there, it doesn’t do well in WSBK because of the restrictor plates Dorna’s rules force Ducati to use; NOT because of the frameless design.

  • Not Impressed

    Wow so original!! It’s a little brother to the Desmosedici RR!! Same paintjob and sone CF and magnesium bits. This is just another Lamborghini Veneno Roadster equivalent.

  • Amadeo

    Aaargh! I saw the photos with the tank off and thought it was a Ducati naked bike that weighs 340 lbs and makes over 200HP. That I would buy!!

  • My understanding on the fork suspension choice was that it came down to the design brief: Ducati wanted the lightest motorcycle possible.

    Öhlins FGR forks weigh more than the FR series, and the standard suspension pieces still work better than the Ducati Skyhook system.

  • Richard Gozinya

    Meh, CR700P, that new rotary engine bike, is way cooler. Same power and torque, but a lot lighter, and way, way, way more exclusive. Could also go the NCR M16 route, if you just had to keep it Italian.

  • sburns2421

    Not sure how this bike will be allowed to be the basis for the WSBK racer if it is only made in 500 units, isn’t homologation required to be 2000 minimum?

    Anyway, I would think what we really are looking at is more or less the 2015 1199 in base, S & R trims. Three model years from its introduction and it will be time for a mild redo of the models. Maybe not as much magnesium and titanium, but the basic improvements will be incorporated into the lower-spec bikes.

    I had read the frame/airbox was changed to increase volume and help power, but didn’t see that mentioned in the article.

    Anyway, very nice bike that hopefully owners flog to within an inch of its life.

  • Norm G.

    re: “I bet they make at least $40K in profit per each unit they sell to the wealthy”


    i love motorcycles, but at the same time i begrudge manufacturers the ability to make a profit. i am the embodiment of confusion and inner turmoil.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Not sure how this bike will be allowed to be the basis for the WSBK racer if it is only made in 500 units, isn’t homologation required to be 2000 minimum?”

    correct, it won’t. we’ve already had this discussion. people are just living out fantasy on the net. it’s an escape from the harshness of the real world.

  • Norm G.

    re: “This has to be the first entry into the “Production Special for WSBK racing” category, no? Soon to be followed by the RCV1000RR?”

    re: “When is the Honda wsb special coming out?”

    re: “That other manufacturer should be Honda in a year or so with their RC212V derived homologation special.”

    guys, let go the dream… there will be no homologation special. you will get an improved blade and like it.

  • Norm G.

    re: “And for all you posers out there, it doesn’t do well in WSBK because of the restrictor plates Dorna’s rules force Ducati to use; NOT because of the frameless design.”

    POSER ALERT…!!! someone’s just revealed themselves to be “baby young” to watching WSBK.

    fyi, WSBK and Ducati are 2 of the WORST categories for laymen to try and posture in with someone like me around. please make a note of it.

  • Per mr S.R comments, this bike is a joke, but i am sure will appeal to some rich idiota with lots o money laying around!
    A $70k Panettone?
    At least a desmosedici is a unique bike!
    This is no desmosedici, so what’s the big deal!
    To take a GSXR and spend $50k and call it Gixxeralli is no great feat!
    Any one can take $50k, go to the store and buy a bunch of parts and slap it on any bike!
    But for those with love deficiency I am sure this will do short term therapy!


  • There is a German company who offer a carbon monoseat (saving 2.5kg’s):
    A carbon fueltank:
    They also made a carbon frame which they don’t offer in the shop:
    The Sigl Ducati weighs 171.5 kg’s fueled up…so probably if you use the magnesium engine parts, the shock, etc. the weight can come down even more

  • Sick looking bike hopefully buyers actually ride them on street and track. Nothing worse than letting on of these machines get old sitting in the garage.

  • smiler

    Ducati have to be careful with this. Unless they improve the racing results then this sort of activity will attract more criticism than praise. However Ducati have expanded the range of bikes they sell considerably in the past few years. You cannot do this without using $$$. The racing programme has clearly suffered. I am sure that is why they entered the 1199 in Superstocks first. However now zee Germans have the cheque book you can already see the changes coming.
    The original GP bike from 03 was a CRT bike and not really a proper prototype. But as usual and with middling riders they did pretty well and they have seen off many other companies in MotoGP.
    The WSBK effort has bee nhelf herated but now they have poached a very capable team manager then I think prospoects will improve. The rules are not in their favour when they stole a march on WSBK with the 916. So it will be harder.
    They have produced a superbike for the road with what is liekyl to be the same horses as the V4 DR16.
    It will attract enough attention to highlight the 1199 and I would think they would only do this if certain of future results. The exotic finger food Canepa qualified very well at Laguna, so that looks good.
    I think they will announce a full factory team next yr with Canepa replacing Checa (over the hill even last year) and one other.
    They know damn well they need to produce a proper prototype bike, not another CRT bike and use whatever tech required to win without it needing to be sold as well. That is the financial security VW will provide.
    As for the Super, then no amount of money spent on a base model will bring the same effect. However for us mere mortal, s second hand 1199s with some $$ spent on it will bring it close enough to be proud of and scare the living daylights out of most of us.
    The R bikes are still a bargain a few years down the road, most of the 500 will never be raced (what else should you do with it). However more and more DR16’s, as they get older are being used / raced.
    With the new range established Ducati get get back to racing but as the new ranges is much bigger then their racing heritage is not as important either. You don’t buy a Multidoodle or Hypermoratro because they are doing well in MotoGP.
    Hinda have been an embarrassment in context. They have won 2 titles in MotoGP since Rossi left but spent by far the most in MotoGP. The Balde has been hopelss in WSBK for the past few years and the replacement on the cards / delayed / changes several times. The PRoduction racer Stoner tracked will be no quicker than the CRT bike. they cannot aford it to be faster than either the satelite of factory bikes. Their previous 2 efforts in the V4 disappointing (RC45 and NR750).
    Interesing times

  • Anybody who says they can build a better GSXR with $30K just doesn’t get it.

  • DFR

    Well, that (above) all being said ..makes for an interesting read. At the least, very entertaining!! Thank you one and all. I will get to the least important aspect of this $65K ride. The paint scheme… sweet!
    Frankly speaking, I have yet to see a Panigale I didn’t like (design and color)!! This is the best as of late. Nice job Ducati.

  • sburns2421

    Smiler: “The original GP bike from 03 was a CRT bike and not really a proper prototype”

    Not sure what series you were watching in 2013 but the original desmosedici was the embodiment of pure prototype and absolutely within the spirit of the rules. The engine was alien to anything Ducati ever sold or raced by a large measure. The frame construction as well was considerably different than any superbike Ducati raced at that point.

    Not sure I would count Capirossi at the time as a middling rider at the time. He was on a two-stroke for much of 2002, but was the last two-stroke podium ever in MotoGP. Six races into the season of 2003, he had Ducati’s maiden win.

  • sburns2421

    that should be 2003, not 2013…facepalm

  • sideswipeasaurus

    @Norm G.

    So we’re to believe a nobody internet poster over Honda announcing at the Honda wide corporate meeting that the new RC production bike as corporate halo project is a pipe dream? I have more faith in HRC to buoy their entry for production series with a production special than jaded internet boffins.

  • Norm G.

    re: “So we’re to believe a nobody internet poster”

    you’re assuming i’m nobody. mistake #1.

    re: “Honda announcing at the Honda wide corporate meeting that the new RC production bike as corporate halo project is a pipe dream?”

    no, you are to smarten up and stop reading stuff that isn’t there. Honda never said they were homologating this bike for racing. they only said they were building it. full stop.

    re: “I have more faith in HRC to buoy their entry for production series with a production special than jaded internet boffins.”

    sucks to be you kid, ’cause this boffin just so happens to be correct. ya know, like I am with the other 96% of the stuff I say.

  • db

    Interesting to read all of the above and from the sidelines over the last few weeks definitely feels like the majority are ‘unhappy’ with this Limited Edition 1199SL.

    I’ve been to the factory and seen it in the flesh and had the story of development from the people that have developed it…I’ve poured over every inch of it, held the components in my hand, sat on it yadda yadda..

    I was prepared to be sceptical, but it is a stunning piece of engineering (possibly more so it helps if you are a Ducati fan) which I won’t go into every detail here (the pistons, the tungsten inclusions on the internals, rotating mass etc) and I think you appreciate the ability to bring superbike power, WSB/MotoGP weight and not having to have the motor rebuilt every 900KM’s or you don’t..Which is cool btw..not judging.

    The long and short of it. is this..if you do get to see one in the flesh, as a fan of motorcycles, I’m sure you wont help but be impressed – even if it is because you still have USD 65K/£58K still in your pocket.

    P.S. BTW what Im not sure has been clarified here (although a relatively small point, I concede) is that the red is the MotoGp ‘flourescent’ red (almost orange) which is incredible in the flesh, truly stand out and unique…it is the same paint code as the moto gp bikes…and while people seem to be unhappy that this is a Desmo RR paint job…for me its a now iconic Ducati Corse paint scheme…look at the Pikes Peak Multi Strada… the same way Yamaha has its dynamic rectangles/block pattern.


  • John Mith


    Those who typically claim to be “somebody” and spend their time responding 4 times in a row to internet comments typically are living out an internet fantasy. If you really are as important as you claim to be should you not be doing something more productive with your time? Let the “posers” chat amongst themselves. It won’t affect you after all if you as important as you claim to be.

  • Gabe

    Meh. It’s no EBR 1190RX.

  • S.R

    Matt A,
    I thought we were somewhat mature audience in the school of thought of motorcycling universe and had already familiarized ourselves with the lingoes of such!!! If I had to explain to you as what I meant by using the term “Billet” and for what it means among us motorcyclist, then I guess I’m in the wrong forum and barking up the wrong tree, and better yet, you should come off your high horse of wanting to show how knowledgeable you are. I guess this Ducati is a perfect bike for you in this case! And by the way, how can you possibly call highly customization of a Ducati is comparable with putting a Ferrari body-kit on a Toyota MR2? Well…… I rest my case. Enough said!!

  • Norm G.

    re: “Those who typically claim to be “somebody”

    re: “If you really are as important as you claim to be”

    stop embellishing.

    re: “should you not be doing something more productive with your time?”

    zuckerberg (and beeler) beg to differ. based on what do you claim communicating via the internet and social media is not productive or important…?

    figure out that question, and you’ll have taken your first steps (albeit baby ones) to figuring out the method.

  • John Mith

    @Norm G.

    It’s ok Norm. We all really do think you are as important as you claim. At least to yourself. :)

  • Norm G.

    re: “It’s ok Norm. We all really do think you are as important as you claim. At least to yourself. :)”

    time for new material innit…?

  • John Mith

    @Norm G.

    Perhaps you could benefit from that as well? Your “i’m better than you” commentary is getting a bit tiresome. We don’t really care about you Norm. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • well, go do that and see if it as well-tuned as this.
    i do agree that it is way overpriced, but its magnificent abilities make it a fair enough trade off for a fanboy like me. all in all, i’d like to see how your build would compare to this factory racer.