2014 BMW K1600GT Sport – Familiar, But Different

07/11/2013 @ 8:15 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


BMW Motorrad has just released a bevy of minor changes to its 2014 motorcycle line, and amongst the facelifts and feature changes comes a “new” motorcycle from zie Germans. Unsurprisingly, the 2014 BMW K1600GT Sport is a take on the company’s flagship tourer, the K1600GT, but with a sportier, baggier, feel.

To be honest, we can’t help but think that the folks at BMW Motorrad saw the positive response that Honda had with the Honda Gold Wing F6B bagger conversion, and figured the same would work for them. If you can’t beat them, join them, eh? BMW junkies, we’ll want to hear your thoughts on this one.

BMW lists the changes to the 2014 BMW K1600GT Sport from its paterfamilias as follows, making this strictly a minor derivative of the current K-bike:

  • Two-colour paint finish in Sakhir orange metallic/ Black storm metallic including decor
  • Black gloss coated wheels
  • Low windshield
  • Seat in sporty design



Source: BMW Motorrad

  • Gonzo

    I have an S1000rr, but this intrigues me. Too bad it doesn’t come in blue…

  • Chris

    Still waiting for the naked, hooligan version. Akropovic ? Yes, please.

  • Alex

    @ Gonzo
    2013 comes in a really nice blue, really nice in person. FYI I have a 2012.

    I think we might see the naked S1000 this November, didn’t see any plans for a naked K16..but it would be SIIICK :O)

  • DWolvin

    Seconded that a naked would be Sick…. (daydream)

  • Shawn

    I don’t get it. A K1600GT Sport is a K1600GT with… different color paint, a short windshield, and a different seat?

    No doubt there will be a premium price on it, and the Beemerphiliacs will glom right onto it.

    Not sure how this merits a new model designation, rather than just a variation of the spec sheet checklist.

  • BrianZ

    BMW doesn’t normally play the Honda game, so why start now?

  • meatspin

    i kinda see design elements taken from the new Vstrom.

  • KSW

    As a K1600GTL owner I’ll say it’s really just some color choices. We’d all like color choices but making them available as options at order time would be better than one year this one year that.

    I don’t get the comparison to the F6B unless by that you mean painted rims, barely visible lower shield and two tone paint. The K1600GT/GTL/or Sport can all be fully loaded or naked.

    As an owner I think it needs a K Button much like the coveted M Button in the cars not painted rims and a shield I could lower on my own in the shop in 45 minutes all in off to back on. Think about that BMW, a K button that disables all the electronics like we can do now if we want to go into the menu and do it after stopping. Not enough
    time at a red light for that.

    Now, create a rear trunk for the solo rider that is bigger and comes at least half way over the passenger seat with the tail lights wrapping around the corner of the trunk for visibility.


  • “Think about that BMW, a K button that disables all the electronics like we can do now if we want to go into the menu and do it after stopping.”

    Yes, because what everybody needs is a bloated touring-bagger with insane-sport mode.

  • KSW


    Actually, take all the bags off for that and loose some weight. Wheel up over rises in the road is a good thing right? Unless you turn it off manually each time you turn the key it’s all on which is good unless you want to go naked and have fun. I’ll take a simple button with a K on it.

  • paulus

    Target market = USA
    black wheels and 2 tone 70’s colours paint…
    Is this the Roland Sands special US edition?… LOL

  • MikeD

    I’m still day dreaming that BMW will surprise us with a mighty K1600R or K1600S.
    C’mon BMW, pull that broom stick out of your lowest back and do something like “Just ’cause we can” like you did with the S1000RR.

    Personally, i can’t see myself choosing this one over the already sporty GT.

    LMAO, whoever can’t connect the dots and see that BMW is trying to pull an F6B here needs badly a brain tune up.

    @Paulus: The RS paint job comment was spot on.

    @KSW: U Sir are a Mad Man, LOL.

  • Paul McM

    I wonder if the lower windscreen is a no-man’s land mistake. Meaning not low enough to allow clear airflow, not high enough (even when raised to full height) that you get still air w/o turbulence. But the real question is how much weight is saved over the K1600gtl which is listed as 797 pounds with fuel. OK, let’s just call it 800 lbs to be simple — that’s 0.4 TONS boys and girls. IMHO anyone willing to toss that kind of poundage around is just going to get a Goldwing. Better seating, better wind protection, better reliability, WAY better passenger accommodations.

    When I sat on the K1600gtl at the Long Beach show I couldn’t believe how massively tall, wide, and thick in the middle the thing seemed. And it was scary top-heavy. I think BMW has jumped the shark on this one. How about giving us a compact 3 cylinder 1300cc powerplant, belt drive, combined with modern long-travel suspension and those kewl headlights — all at around 600 lbs and under $16K. I’m just really not sure how many customers BMW will find for a $25,000 800-lb motorcycle. The “wingers” grown accustomed to bulletproof Honda reliability aren’t going to switch brands.

  • Stiggleton

    ‘Go faster stripes’ do not make a vehicle…er… go faster! The K1600GT Sport does not appear to have any mechanical changes that might warrant the nomenclature of ‘Sport’.

    What’s more is that the K1300GT (with no fantastical V6 engine) had a better power to weight ratio than the K1600GT and a much sportier feel.

    I wish rather than fool a few people with some orange paint, a less protective windshield and a badge with sport written on it they had just done a limited edition run of the K1300GT again :-(

  • MikeD


    Yup, a lot of people saying the same about killing the 4cyl GT. Why they had to go and kill a good bike (specially at a time when almost all of the bugs had been fixed and all the “wrinkles” ironed out) . . . but that’s BMW for you, always doing crazy if not unthinkable shit.
    I hope they slap that 6cyl jewel in other models in the “not too distant future” (next 2 years or so).