2013 Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R Limited Edition Series

11/30/2012 @ 4:10 pm, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

Another model year, and another limited edition Suzuki GSX-R that has been done-up by Yoshimura. We are a little light on official details regard the 2013 Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R Limited Edition series, but from the looks of things the Japanese tuning brand has again slapped on a number of its hard bits to Suzuki’s sport bike line-up, with an appropriately unique paint job as well.

If we were to copy and paste-in the highlights from the 2012 series, which is what its seems Yoshimura has done, it seems we get a good start on the description of what we are seeing here, though it looks like a custom saddle, mirror block-off plates, wave brake discs, OZ wheels, and a rear shock linkage kit have been added to the mix as well as optional items.

If it happens to tickle your fancy, you can contact your local Suzuki dealer, who supposedly knows how to order one of these things. Don’t ask us about price, we don’t even have a PR contact number for American Suzuki right now. So yeah, we are pretty much only bringing you photos and the same press release as last year.

2013 Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R Limited Edition Series Highlights:

  • Fender Eliminator Kit (not D.O.T approved)
  • Case Savers
  • Chassis Protectors
  • Axle Adjuster Blocks
  • Race Stand Stoppers
  • Steering Stem Nut
  • Bar Ends
  • Engine Plug Kit
  • Oil Filler Plug Kit
  • *Rear Shock Linkage
  • *Wave Rotors
  • *Mirror Block-off Plates
  • *OZ Wheels

*Optional Items

Source: Yoshimura R&D

  • geoff

    Gorgeous! Daddy like!

  • sideswipe

    Nice. Tasteful. Apart from the aftermarket bolt on goodies it would be welcome if OEM color schemes were more like this than the usual anime vomit.

  • Superlight

    What a horrible paint scheme! Oh, I have to remember, this is a Japanese sport bike, not an Italian one.

  • alex

    nice try – there is no way any dealer is going to offer a 25K gsxr and get any bites

  • If Suzuki had added Yoshimura parts to bring the bike up to modern standards, e.g. traction control, performance parts to make the bike competitive with at least the very best of the Japanese bikes, etc., then they might have had something.

  • Casey

    iron man colour.. nice

  • Bjorn

    To make this more attractive I suggest a detuned version of the Yoshi motor in the previously featured Fixi Crescent racebike. Tune it for a fatter midrange and top end without turning it into a racer only hand grenade. If I was to pay for a Yoshi enhanced bike, I’d be wanting those internal motor goodies.
    I know this was said last year, but it bears repeating.

  • Elle est très belle , déjà en possession du modèle limité des 25 ans de GSXR 1000 Yoshimura , je voudrais bien savoir quand sera t elle en France et a quel prix . Je suis très intéteressé .

  • pooch

    Beautiful paint job.

    Those who don’t like this need to get glasses/get your glasses checked. So much better than the standard offerrings.

  • Krylov

    Funny thing is that no one comments on the _really_ interesting parts so far –
    the suspension upgrade bits: The Yoshi rear shock linkage is the reason why the big
    Suzuki is doing well on AMA race series and its absence the reason why it
    stinks elsewhere (in WSBK or German IDM race series). Forget about the missing
    traction control – if you _really_ miss it you migth get some aftermarket TC system
    e.g. by Bazzaz – or if you can spend serious money for serious racing – Motec.

    Very nice: The lightweigth wave rotors and the light OZ Wheels (less rotating and
    unsprung mass in the >2kg range!) is like adding ballerina shoes to
    this bike which is surprisingly still one of the ligthest kilo ccm bikes despite its
    visual bulk (~200kg completely with fuel and other fluids).

    While you can argue about the Yoshi-“bling bin bits” and the color scheme (I think
    it is quite tastefully done and nicer than the original color schemes), its those
    suspension parts that make me salivate: As these are “optional”, however, you
    will have to add serious money on top of an already possibly not cheap
    special edition bike. And be aware that this is quite likely to be replaced within
    next years course by something much lighter/powerful/more race track oriented/
    more electronically updated/more hysterical/… iteration of the same.

  • Will

    Yosh case savers don’t save anything…from personal experience.

  • Damo

    Not sure about the black cherry and black paint job, but everything else is pretty tasteful. Less Gundam than usual.

  • Now here’s a Limited edition bike done right. Lots of functional upgrades and additions, which are the first thing real riders do to their bike, already done for you. Very nice ride.

    I especially appreciate that sweet saddle, the Japanese characters and the OZ wheels. Few things are more important than reducing unsprung weight. The combination of lightweight wheels, sprockets and rotors improve handling enormously, like riding a whole different bike. The only thing I’d like to see added are some top quality color matching braided steel brake lines.

    I generally prefer lighter colors, specifically for safety reasons. I’d like to have this paint scheme with a nice warm yellow in place of the maroon, but still, I would buy this bike in a second.

  • Alex

    What about the radiator? Is it simply a stock unit in natural with the Yoshi logo stenciled on?

  • From the source: “Along with the new paint scheme, Yoshimura has added a radiator logo and substantial in-store merchandising support for the latest Limited.”

    Sounds like a stock radiator with paint to me.

  • MikeD

    OK. So…….most of all the real difference making Items are not standard but rather OPTIONAL…lol.

    Good looking bike…other than that…i would rather burn my money on the regular Item…wich most probably will be upgraded by this same time next year (fingers crossed).

  • Jorge

    I don’t think the concept is taken far enough but I assume they are trying to keep this semi affordable. Could you have a Panigale S sitting in the garage for the same price? Probably, but this is a nice option for those of us who grew up dreaming about Ninjas and GSXs but can now afford something a bit more special.