New Colors Only for the 2013 Yamaha YZF-R1

09/12/2012 @ 5:16 pm, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS

Unless Yamaha has some Steve Jobs-esque “one more thing” trick up its sleeve for its 2013 sport bike line, fans of the tuning fork brand should prepare themselves for a color and graphics package-only update to the 2013 Yamaha YZF-R1 & 2013 Yamaha YZF-R6.

Simply stating that the “2013 YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 come back in a variety of new and exciting colors,” Yamaha’s press release is void of any mentioning of an update to the R1 or R6’s electronics package or other technical add-ons, let alone any revision to the major components of the machines.

With Honda already showing us its re-styled Honda CBR1000RR for 2012, and Kawasaki and Suzuki expected to stay the course with their liter-bike models, it would seem the only guaranteed change in sport bike offerings from the Big 4 for 2013 is the revamped Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, which sees the same chassis outfitted with a 636cc motor and new bodywork. Humpf.

What is perhaps more interesting is that there appears to be no movement from Yamaha or Suzuki in bringing a 250cc class sport bike to the American market — thus leaving all the quarter-liter fun to Honda and Kawasaki. Photos of the 2013 Yamaha YZF-R1 are after the jump.

Source: Yamaha USA

  • Ken C.


  • whiskthecat

    The Honda link is to a post from September of last year, 2011. I am pretty sure that it is not at all related to a 2013 model.

  • Spektre76

    Yet another disappointment from Yamaha. I guess tired old men really are afraid of change. New decals don’t make it a new bike. Just call it a 2009.4 model.

  • To be fair, the recession was one big pause button for the Japanese manufacturers when it came to their new-model road maps.

  • Gutterslob

    The first R1 of this style (meaning first R1 with underseat pipe) was a stunner. The styling changes made after they went cross-crank made it less so. Now, next to the lithe Fireblade and ZX10R, this thing just looks obese.

  • MikeD

    Hurray Yamaha……….NEIN.

    I guess we’ll have to make do with this until 2014 , when we’ll get the Rossi developed next Gen R1 ? LOL.

    LOL, yeah, but u can’t blame them with the state of the economy……..then again, if they already have a new R1 and haven’t released it yet for economic related fears…I would hang all of them by the Sack.

    What’s the point on letting a possible good tomatoe ROT in the field instead of giving it a fighting chance at the Supermarket’s stand ?

    SAME THING goes for the R6.

    Amen Brother…im a fan of the 04-06 Generation…the 07 refresh started the tilting towards ” The Fugly Side”.

    YUP, she’s as wide as a barn. LMAO. Whe should call her Bettsy.

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  • Damo

    I have always lover R1’s, but despite being a bit on the heavy side the bike feels so tiny to me when I ride one. I am 6’2″, 200lbs and when I took a friends R1 out I looked like a Great Dane humping a toy Poodle.

    The ergos felt way cramped for me. A pity too, because it is the best sounding I4 on the market.

  • AC


    Interesting that the recession caused pause for the Japanese makes while the Euros doubled-down and are seeing stellar numbers. I don’t have proof, but I’d say the Euro bikes are selling because the manufacturers are actually putting out new and interesting product.

  • Damo


    The earthquake didn’t help them any either.

  • smiler

    Practically every other nation can still produce great and innovative bikes except the Japs.
    The UK is in a huge recession. Yet Triumph can. And are oping a factory in India.
    Buell was spat out by Hog but bounced back.
    Ducati are in a country svaged by Bellusconni for the past x years. They can. Same for MV and Aprillllla. Christ even though MV were spat out by Hog and as usual shot themselves in the foot they build a triple.

    No one to copy anymore? Formula run out of interest, more horses, less weight, less fairing, different colours?
    Yamahahahahahaha. At least Rossi is going back there then.
    How about an M1 for the road?????

  • meatspin

    i dont get the hate. The R1 is still an awesome bike with a stellar racing pedigree as well.

    is the crossplane crank not innovative? There is nothing else like it from the other manufacturers. Over the years they’ve added TCS, slipper clutch YCC.

    people must have some short memories. I guess if they came out with some true limited edition models like the OW-O1 and the R7 then peoples perceptions might change.

  • Gutterslob

    You guys seem to forget that the R1 is still the top selling 1000cc bike in the US (where many of you are posting from, I believe). It’s probably got something to do with the Graves team winning in AMA SBK (or DMG or whatever they call it these days).

    Problem for Yamaha is;
    They a much bigger company than most of the European marques, so selling a few more units than the EU rivals each month isn’t quite enough to sustain profitability.

    But I do agree that taking risks in times of financial uncertainty does pay dividends if done right. Best examples being Triumph and Ducati, I suppose. Yamaha are playing it way too safe/conservative for their own good.

  • I miss my 2004 R1….

  • Damo


    I agree, all the liter bikes on the markets these days are pretty awesome and extremely high performance.

    These days it really comes down to preference. I still think the R1 is the best looking (and sounding) Japanese liter bike on the market. I personally just prefer torquey twins and roomy ergos.

  • calvin

    I totaly agree with you Damo and meatspin is right to.
    The R1 realy is the best looking japanese bike and by far the best sound.
    Yamaha is the italian under the japanese.
    but im sure that the new R1 wil be the best bike ever.

  • kuncoro

    truuzzz gua mesti bilang waw gitu…

  • B Whittaker

    I hear folks saying there is no change.
    I have also seen on the Yamaha site that the ’13 has 16 valves, vs. previous year’s 20 valves.
    Notwithstanding, they claim the same horsepower and weight.
    Where is the truth hiding???