Speaking of triples at INTERMOT, Triumph is debuting the 2013 Triumph Street Triple R at the international bike show in Cologne. Using the same 105hp 675cc three-cylinder motor that we know and love, Triumph has revised the Street Triple’s chassis for better handling, and in the process dropped up to 13 lbs off the machine (403 lbs, fueled up and ready to ride).

While the motor remains untouched, Triumph did re-work the exhaust system, reportedly to help meet noise and emissions standard, but the design also helps the Triumph Speed Triple with its mass-centralization. Besides looking the business, the 2013 Triumph Street Triple R comes with switchable ABS as a standard item, as well as an engine immobilizer (also standard). Rounding out the package is a two-year unlimited mileage warranty.

While both the 2013 Triumph Street Triple and the 2013 Triumph Street Triple R benefit from the revised chassis and exhaust package, the Triumph Street Triple R gets the benefit of fully adjustable 41mm forks up front, while its rear shock has adjustable pre-load and rebound settings. The front brake rotors are 310mm, with radial Nissin calipers doing the clamping.¬†A revised geometry of 23.4o / 95.0mm completes the picture.¬†Visually, the R model adds a red rear subframe, red pinstripe to the wheels, and a red-detailed radiator shroud featuring an “R” logo.

Source: Triumph

  • Seb

    What’s with Triumph’s trend with putting more and more plastic on their naked bikes?

  • Sixty7

    Another bike F**ked up by Triumph……well done….ffs

  • meatspin

    i think it looks more cleaner and the seat has a better flow into the tank. The seat also looks more kampfy. I still dont get the shroud over the lower run of exhaust but i’m glad the underseat pipes are gone.

  • Skuzzy

    The Street Triple R is giving me good hopes for the Daytona 675r. Now just impatiently waiting pictures of that

  • JoeD

    Looks more like my 07 Benelli from the side. The old underseat muff set up was visually bulkish. A single muffler tucked in looks better IMO. Again, see Benelli. The new exhaust is butt ugly. It looks as though it was lifted from Japanschrott. Wasn’t that an early estimation when Triumph was re-introduced? Too Japanese?

  • Gary

    Gentlemen, please, prove to the world you’re not as out-of-touch as some other brands. Do something about the friggin headlights!!!

  • Gary

    …and that muffler!

  • Afletra

    I will modified it immediately once I get it from the dealer’s truck

  • Gritboy

    The “R” model looks sexy as hell!!! I just wish they’d be a little more creative with the flyscreen look and paint job or give us several different looking flyscreens.

  • Michael

    I really don’t like that frame, or that shitty side mount exhaust.
    I do however like the tail unit! Bring back underseat cans.

  • MikeD

    I think is alright but I wouldn’t buy this with my hard earned $$$. I guess that says it all.
    Still daydreaming of a MODERN full size Daytona/Speed Triple 1200.

    @Seb: +1.

  • “Do something about the friggin headlights!!!”

    Gary nails it. WTF is up with the bug eyes already? The rest of the bike looks pretty nice. The eyes ruin it for me completely.

  • Dean

    I personally like the look of this bike. There are only a couple of things I would change,

    1. Those butt ugly head lights.
    2. Kill off the option to have that front faring at all! It looks down right stupid.
    3. Kill off that damn exhaust. Go back to under seat exhausts. Can’t stand side exhausts ever since I got my Daytona.

    Besides that, awesome looking bike! Keep up the good work Triumph but at the same time, listen to your fans!

  • Imagine this bike with 150 hp = fun

  • Mikey

    It looks amazing from the side without the exhaust…then the other side is completely ruined by the pipe.

  • Paul McM

    Dear Triumph stylists: Stop taking clues from bad Japanese designs. Remember BKing = BAD, Original Street Triple = GOOD. Your Speed Triple and Street Triple created this category. They should NOT look like a Jap sport bike with the front fairing removed. Oh, and whoever came up with the headlights should reimburse the company for the 50% reduction in Street Triples Sold. Your lights design = Edsel grill. Everybody I know says “Can’t get past the headlights… would never buy one. Next.”

  • Mark F

    I actually like the look of the bike, even the lights and exhaust. Guess there’s no accounting for taste! I will be looking to test one when they hit the UK.

  • I agree with with Mark F. I actually really like the new R, but only in white. In fact I could see myself having to buy it. Bold and risky decisions to change those Noddy Car round lights which I’ve always liked, but in the end you’ve got to move on or become a cliche. Well done Triumph and you’ve kept me as a customer still after 13 years and 10 Triumph models.

  • pints are supposed to make ugly stuff look lot better…ive alrwady had 12 and still when i look at those ugly headlights i get depressed ….. how many should i drink ????

  • burger

    Hmm looks like they have ABS sensors on the front and back brake discs….

  • casper

    What a great bike, ridden an earlier model. The bug eye headlights are just beautifully different to the boring circular/round common ones. Think about it. Everyone who owns one loves it. I want one also.