2013 Triumph Speed Triple SE

03/01/2013 @ 3:01 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


The second bike getting Hinckley’s special edition treatment, the 2013 Triumph Speed Triple SE is as you would expect: the British brand’s venerable full-figured streetfighter machine, with revised paint and parts. Getting a distinct blue frame and swingarm, the Triumph Speed Triple SE also sports a “matte graphite” paint job with blue decals.

Other changes include a bevy of carbon fiber parts (mudguard, side pods, tank cover panel, and inner radiator panels), along with color-matched fly screen, belly pan, and seat cowl. Triumph also saw it fit to add a clear taillight assembly, as well as new covers for the clutch, alternator, and front sprocket.

With loads of other detail-finishes, you can get your first look at the 2013 Triumph Speed Triple SE on May 1st at your local Triumph dealer, but you better bring $13,399 with you if you want to take the bike home with you.


Source: Triumph

  • Sixty7

    I think Triumph have a 6 yr old working in their design department another horrible paint job…and that blue frame and swingarm..yuk

  • TheOtherMikeD

    Love it!

  • Gutterslob

    Doesn’t look too bad, though I still prefer the standard black model.

    They could’ve at least given a model with the SE badge the Arrow short stub side exhaust from their aftermarket catalogue (I hate the obese underseat ones) and a cowling/cover for the pillion seat, but then I suppose the price would have to be hiked even higher.

    I miss the older design, to be honest. It’s so hard to find a sport-oriented bike with proper old-skool round lights these days. They’ve all become insects now :(

  • brad west

    That bike would look so much better with a 4-5 inch longer tail section.

  • Anvil

    Well, this is possibly the strongest sign yet that there’s a new Speed Triple coming next year. There had been some faint rumors but this gives them some weight. Building SE versions is a good way to clear out old stock. Same with the Bonneville (although a new one next year is a near certainty given the test mule that’s been spied out and about).

    Incidentally, the Matte Graphite paint used here does not show well in studio photographs. It’s actually quite stunning in person. I’ve never been keen about the blue frames and swingarms on the Daytona 675 SE models, but it might just work here. Have to see for myself.

  • paulus – Thailand

    definately the best of the recent ‘specials’.
    the carbon looks awesome on the real thing!

  • smiler

    Not far away will be the possibility to configure your bike before production, using a configurator, hopefully.
    So the Germans can have yellow & purple & pink carbon
    Brits red, white & blue with diamond studded carbon
    Brathialians yellow and completely naked except for a bikini fairing.
    Americans the stars & stripes & leather look carbon with chrome.

    Might make resale more difficult but that is the way it will go. Great.

  • As expected, more evolutionary model for 2013. Still improvements on a good bike likely will make it even better! Looking forward to the 2014 model already. :)

  • MikeD

    I’ll take one…as A GIFT(as in wouldn’t pay off my own pocket for it). IMHO previous ST SE paint scheme looked far better…although i have been accused of bad taste before…LMAO.
    I love the looks of the solid Red base model.
    Maybe is one of those paint jobs that make u change your opinion after seen live ? Who knows…


    +1k on your last sentence.

    @Brad West: Agreed, only if the swinger grew by the same amount…but by then it would have transformed itself into a whole different kind of bike and ruined what makes it The Speed Triple.

    @Anvil: Fingers crossed my good man, i can only hope the have a new one on the wings ready for EICMA this year….W/O THAT DAMN 1050 ANCIENT LUMP and sporting the 1200 from the Xplorer and the stubby low mount xhaust from the new Street and ‘Tona 675.
    Although the Triumph guy (Simon something) said “1200 lump on ST” it won’t happen i never loose hope…Hell, i still dream of a “Modern Big Bore” Daytona.

    I would like to see something else made from the Rocket III…something more along the lines of a Vmax or Diavel…current shape looks TOO damn cruiser-ISH (tractor size front tire, weight and proportions).

  • JKH

    Beautiful paint scheme! Looks like I might just hold off on my purchase until May now.

  • TimC

    Well if this is the due to the efforts of six year old , he gets my vote. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder i guess but this picture was enough for me to ring my dealer and cancel my order for a diamond black version and go for this instead. I know, mass centralisation, blah, blah, but i prefer the underseat exhausts. The Arrow Slip on cans would look and sound stunning on this. Cant wait.

  • awesome bike……..!!!