Spotted: 2013 Triumph Daytona 675

10/19/2012 @ 10:39 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

Expected only to get a modest makeover for the new model year, we now have proof that the 2013 Triumph Daytona 675 will bring us mostly only cosmetic upgrades in its new revision. Featuring a frame and updated bodywork, perhaps the most noticeable change to the Triumph Daytona 675 is the absence of an undertail exhaust on the three-cylinder supersport, which has been replaced with a GP-style side exhaust can and routing.

Anticipated to be receiving the same update as we saw with the 2013 Triumph Street Triple, the Daytona 675’s motor has likely been untouched, while the new frame and subframe assemblies benefit from a weight reduction (13 lbs on the Street Triple), and improved handling characteristics. We can likely expect similar gains on the 2013 Triumph Daytona 675, with the GP-style exhaust helping Triumph get past stricter European emissions standards.

Expect to see the official unveiling of the 2013 Triumph Daytona 675 at the EICMA show on November 12th. Two more photos are after the jump.

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  • Afletra

    No more undertail exhaust? Yeah…looks slimmer and better for me, kind of “Panigale” style from the rear.

  • BBQdog

    From the back the tail is not bad, from sideways it looks too long.

  • Ken C.

    In some of the other spy photos I’ve seen, the exhaust does not look like a Panigale exhaust, but more of a traditional can. It’s not ugly, but it’s not as sexy like the Duc.

  • Chris

    Interesting that it didn’t get the new swingarm that the striple has, though it is less rounded than the old one.

    I like the GP style exhaust, mainly from a function point of view, but I think my ’11 is still the better looking bike.

  • Giova

    No matter what they do to the Daytona it will never come close to the beauty of the F3.

  • MikeD


    Not suposed to. The F3 is a PREMIUN offer for riders with deep pockets.
    The Triumph is more like a Corvette ZR1…it can run with most of the “supercars” and yet u don’t have to inherit an OIL FIELD in Saudi Arabia to be able to afford one…(not that owning an oil field wouldn’t help, LOL).

    Now…a little nitpicking.

    New subframe looks like plastic. Old version looked much better.
    What’s with the ridiculous silver strip next to the headligths ? Take it off.
    Front disc’s carriers need to be BLACK. Has the back sprocket always been black ? Good choice.
    I like that rear end view…usually i fall for the thick ones but this anorexic is doing it for me…LMAO.
    That tire/subframe gap makes it look very Panigalish.
    Body work integrated tail lite ? S1000RR. Love the skinny LED blinkers…but the front ones should had been integrated into the mirror’s body(higher more vissable location).
    Same tires as the 1199 ? Pattern looks similar. Could be wrong.

  • MikeD

    P.S: Factory frame sliders ? YES.
    Like the new air intake, less busy-cleaner look. The lite on top of it reminds me the crown of a Gundam’s “Tiara”…LOL.
    Seems there’s no “ABS rings”… so no ABS and/or TC…………yet ?
    I think any further skinning is pointless w/out good quality photos.


    I think the “snout” is longer, the windshield lower and the tail too…..thus the longer “optical illusion” ? Maybe it is longer… (o_O)

  • BBQdog

    @MikeD: compared to an Aprilia RSV4 (tail ends well before end of rear tyre) this one looks very long.
    The RSV4 seat seems to end at rear tyre centre, the 675’s at rear tyres end.
    And the F3 may look nicer, but I think I would prefer the 675 as it seems less peakier and I suspect it to be more reliable. I love the version with Ohlins.

  • jack

    Any comparo I have read, the Daytona blows the doors off the F3, so to speak. Beautiful bike, but you might want to ride it sometime. I would really like to see the new Daytona in person before making any judgrment, but the subframe on the older bike does look a lot better.

  • Rob04

    Nope, it does not come close to the beauty of the F3, that’s because the F3 is in a category of it’s very own, run’s like crap but boy does it look good!

  • Superlight

    Interesting update; some of it I like, some I don’t. The new tail looks much better except for the license plate bracket. I think I’ll like the new exhaust, but I haven’t seen a sideview photo. Instead of spending funds to redesign, Triumph did a makeover – the cover on the fuel tank lower, the “makeup” on the headlights. Why did they highlight that confluence of frame tubes just aft of the fairing – that is a jumbled mess. The front turn signals should be located in the mirrors, as another said.
    You folks who are touting the Daytona’s superiority over the F3 might want to ride one – its a pretty exciting bike to ride, with much more character than the Daytona. I don’t regret for a moment buying an F3. Besides, the areas where the F3 lacks compared to the Triumph can all be fixed versus making the Daytona look as good as the F3 – won’t happen.

  • MikeD


    Your reply is worthless with out pics of your own F3 on it. (^_^)

    Now, let us see her…not some “borrow’d” internet picture.

  • Superlight

    MikeD, why must I have a picture of my bike here to make a comment about the new Triumph? I’ve ridden the current Daytona and like it a lot; in fact, I was planning to but a 675R this Spring, until I saw the F3 in-person at the IMS show. From a design integration standpoint, those two bikes are on different planets. Everything you see on the F3 is so much better executed, The way I see it, the problem areas on the F3 can be fixed, but its almost impossible to make the Daytona look as good as the F3. OBTW, the F3 is but $700 more than the 675R.

  • MikeD

    Nothing personal. I just wanted to see one that’s driven daily( maybe ? ) by a real regular person but in another enviroment other than some fancy motorcycle show under some fancy lites.
    I guess im not as good at manipulating as i thought…LOL.

    I can assure u i don’t own one (would like to). TOO BROKE for dating FRESH and NEW Italian SuperModels…or British for that matter. Im on a USED Bento Box diet…as i was told the other day by someone here. LMAO.