Behind the Scenes of the 2013 Pirelli Calendar

12/14/2012 @ 2:01 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

As far as calendars go, the Pirelli annual is probably the most well-regarded worldwide. Featuring the very best photographers, shooting the very best models, and traveling to the most picturesque locations, Pirelli’s calendar is an exclusive item, with only a handful given to VIP Pirelli customers and celebrities.

A mixture of high-fashion, nudes, and art, names like Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bündchen, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Milla Jovovich, Heidi Klum, Sophia Loren, and Penélope Cruz have graced the pages of the this pin-up style publication.

For 2013 though, the Pirelli calendar is going to look a bit different. For starters, the photographs were taken not by one of the fashion industry’s greats, but instead renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry, who is perhaps best known for his photo “Afghan Girl” that made the cover of National Geographic back in June 1985.

A stark contrast to the earlier versions from Pirelli, there is nary a nude photo in the calendar’s pages, which instead focuses on models who are involved in humanitarian efforts around the world.

Using the gritty urban backdrop afforded by Rio de Janeiro, McCurry’s work will certainly standout from his predecessors’, though it will be interesting to see how the calendar is received by die-hard fans. A behind-the-scenes look of the photo shoot is in the video below.

Source: Pirelli Calendar

  • just awesome thanks for sharing I’m in to photography and watching this work was fantastic…

  • Jim

    and not a blond in the bunch nor pneumatic implants. refreshing.

  • MikeD

    Well………..this is different from the everyday grind. Not bad, not bad.
    I can apreciate good photos even when motorcycles are not the main ingredient.

    #11,16,17 & 18 got the best of me. Love the background of #20.

    The Afghan Girl is an unforgettable classic…those eyes, THOSE EYES…are to die for…(ok, maybe not but u get my drift)…LOL.
    She was what is often called a Diamond on the rough.RAW-Natural- Un-altered beauty…just waiting to be cut, polished and glow brigther.


    ROTFLMAO, Thanks………..i truly needed a cracking LOL.

  • smiler

    Pneumatic impants. Classic. Great piece of work as ever.

  • 76

    Am I missing something? looks like pictures for a brochure from the caribbean… High end stock photos here we come.. honestly I think its horrible. And no, its not due to the lack of triple D’s.. but those always have their place too.

  • Bruce

    A nice direction for the calendar to take. Thanks for posting.

  • L2C

    Seems like he should have trusted the models more.

    With the exception of the last photo, the work seems to have been very much about control – instead of relaxed and natural, which seems to have been the objective. The last photo achieves the objective and then some. It captures the subjects actively engaged in something interesting, within a seductive setting. There is plenty to look at and focus on. Also, the subjects appear to be unaware of the camera and the photographer. This last photo should have been the template for the rest. It is the only one that holds my attention.

  • Phil Deetlefs

    Hmmm, not so sure… Pregnant chicks and no nude nipples on the P-Calendar? WTF?

  • Tim MacPherson

    Hmm…. I prefer the shapely curves of motorcycle bodywork to those in this calendar.
    This will be prolly the worst selling Pirelli Calendar of all time. Pregnant calendar models? Uh… no

  • Tim MacPherson

    Oh… my mistake…. it isn’t for sale.

  • Mark L.

    This looks like a photo essay for a high school photography class on HDR camera work.


    Mark L.

  • 1198freak

    This is supposed to be a Pirelli calendar? This is far from the previous editions.. boring pictures, no semi nude models, just really not that interesting looking in general. Not my cup of tea..

  • 1198freak

    Newsflash- models in calendars like this generally are not pregnant..

  • Joshua Winn

    I like it. Better than the dime-a-dozen pinup shots that everyone wants to see but are all too quick to forget.