2013 KTM 690 Duke R – Please Come to America

11/13/2012 @ 5:38 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Considering that the base model KTM 690 Duke didn’t come to the USA, we don’t have high hopes for the higher-spec KTM 690 Duke R making it out our way…but that doesn’t keep us from dreaming. Breaking cover today at the EICMA show, the KTM 690 Duke R defines its with fully adjustable WP suspension pieces, which includes a four-way adjustable rear shock.

Brembo M50 monoblocs also make their way onto the KTM 690 Duke R, as the new more rigid calipers are 6% lighter than the previous top-spec Brembos. KTM has added a dual-channel Bosch ABS system, which has an anti-roll over mode (read: a Max Biaggi setting) for those who let their wheelies get away from them. The ABS system also has a “supermoto” mode, which lets a rider lock-up the rear wheel. Yeah, we thought you’d like that.

Other changes include an Akrapovic exhaust, new footpegs, handlebars, crash bars, and various orange colored pieces. At 69hp and 330lbs at the curb (without fuel), the 2013 KTM 690 Duke R is on our short-list for reasons why we should move to Europe…just behind Scandinavian women (and maybe the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Prototype). Photos after the jump.

Source: KTM

  • Brian

    I’ve wanted one of these ever since I saw the first teaser pictures of the 2012 690. I hope we get this in America soon.

  • jackie

    I’m with you Brian, and all the other R spec road going singles they’ve put out. Wish they’d finally bring one here.

  • 76

    Wow that bike looks good… I’m still more of a sucker for the Superduke they just dropped as a concept.. I would love the chance to take out some SV’s come raceday with this badboy

  • Jayson

    I wonder how reliable this would be to commute 80 miles a day 5 days a week…

    one more thing, i hope they updated the dash, like the one that is on the duke 200. that dash is all digital, but more importantly it has a fuel gauge, not just an idiot light.

  • If this thing will hoist the front with just the throttle, sign me up. It looks like loads of fun!

  • Paul McM

    Oh, man… yes, yes and double yes. Looks like wicked fun, and at 330 lbs it’s lighter that a DR650se. OK, I’m drooling over the 1290 Super Duke but that’s just over the top. This looks like just about the perfect short hop bike for city, canyons, blasting around.